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[Drama 2021] Sisyphus: The Myth, 시지프스: the myth

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Photos that were viewed and saved before
Not these days. About early May, when the filming was in the beginning
The circle is somehow like the West Sea


Around this time, eyewitness accounts of the redevelopment area had come out (not the same filming)
In some sightings, I saw a filming running on the roof...
(I don't know if the West Sea ran on the roof)







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JTBC Drama Sisyphus: The Myth Network: JTBC Genre: Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi Episodes: 16 Airdate: February 17th, 2021 - Airtime: Wed & Thu @ 21:00 KST Write

Whoa...we’re 2 eps in and we’re already solving it all.   Go us!  

@LingLing_Wannabe Like I comment earlier, the premise is still interesting and there are lots of questions I am interested in knowing and learning. However, I have to agree with that it is too unreali

[Exclusive] Corona Confirmation'Bossam' Assistant Performer,'Sisyphus' also appeared "Stop shooting"

Input 2020.11.23 5:09 PMEdit 2020.11.23 5:15 PM

According to broadcast officials on the 23rd, an assistant performer who appeared in JTBC's new drama ``SiJips: the myth'' (tentative title) was confirmed by the Corona 19 test.

JTBC drama '#SisyphusTheMyth' starring #ParkShinHye and #ChoSeungWoo had to stop filming due to one staff is positive of Covid-19. All actors and staff that was in same place are currently testing for Covid-19.


Salt Entertainment: “#ParkShinHye doesn’t have the same slot with the person affected but still did the test for Covid-19 for safety reason.”


(Source: Joynews24 http://m.joynews24.com/v/1319828)









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'Sisyphus' side "Confirmed secondary actors appearing in'Bossam' → sequential inspection of actors" [Official]

Boyoung Kim Input 2020.11.23. 18:22

(From left) Seung-woo Jo and Shin-hye Park.  (Photo = E-Daily DB)
(From left) Seung-woo Jo and Shin-hye Park. (Photo = E-Daily DB)


Park Shin-hye's side, "There is no moving line with the confirmed patient.. Waiting for the test result"


[E-Daily Star in Reporter Kim Bo-young]


When it became known that the assistant performer of the drama'Sisyphus', who was with the filming site of'Bossam' where the corona19 confirmed, had been tested positive after the Corona 19 test, the 'Sisyphus ' side also stopped all shooting.

On the 23rd, an official from JTBC's'Sisyphus : the myth' (tentative title) told E-Daily on the 23rd, “One of the assistant cast members of ' Sisyphus' who was at the filming site of'Bossam' where a corona19 confirmed case was confirmed today. The full-scale shooting has been stopped.” He added that "the actors and staff who were at the same site as the confirmed patient are also being tested for Corona 19 in sequence."

Jo Seung-woo and Park Shin-hye, the leading actors of ``Sisyphus,'' are known to have undergone a Corona 19 test in preparation for a possible situation, although the paths between the confirmed patients did not overlap.


An official from Salt Entertainment, Park Shin-hye's agency, told E-Daily, "Actor Park Shin-hye did not overlap with the assistant contributor of 'Sisyphus ' who was confirmed confirmed, but in order to prepare for it, the test was conducted today (23rd) and is currently waiting for the test result."


Earlier today (23rd), the assistant performer of'Cyprus' was also appearing in the drama 'Bossam' starring Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri. On this day, a confirmed case occurred among the assistant performers of the drama'Bossam-Steal Destiny', and in the aftermath, sparks sprang up in'Cyprus' as well. In particular, in the case of auxiliary performers, a large number of people move together and often appear in multiple dramas simultaneously, so each drama filming site is in an emergency situation.

On this day, the assistant performers of SBS'Chosungu Masa' were also tested for overlapping movements with the assistant actors of'Bossam' and'Cyprus', and as a result, they were positive. Accordingly, all the actors and staff, including the leading actors Gam Woo-sung, Jang Dong-yoon, and Park Seong-hoon, who were appearing in'Chosun-gu Massa', stopped filming and entered self-isolation.

Boyoung Kim (kby5848@edaily.co.kr)

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[Exclusive] Park Shin-Hye, corona test negative ..'Call' schedule proceeds normally

Reporter Hyunghwa Jeon / Input: 2020.11.24 10:05 / Views: 177




Actress Park Shin-hye receives a negative test result from the Corona 19 test and digests the scheduled interview schedule.

According to an official on the 24th, Park Shin-hye was tested for Corona 19 on the 23rd and was negative on the day.


Previously, Park Shin-hye stopped filming and was urgently tested for Corona 19 as assistant performer A, who appeared in the JTBC drama 'Sisyphus: The Myth,' which was being filmed, was confirmed as Corona 19. 


Park Shin-hye is said to have undergone an examination in case A and the line did not overlap.

Park Shin-hye is scheduled for an online interview with'Call' to be released as a Netflix movie on the 24th. Therefore, the corona 19 test result was a great concern for the people involved.

Park Shin-hye plans to directly convey his impressions regarding the negative Corona 19 test during an interview that day.

On the other hand,'Call' is a mystery thriller depicting a maddening obsession that begins when two women in different time periods connected by a single phone change their fates. Park Shin-hye and Jeon Jong-seo played the lead roles. 'Call', which was scheduled to be released earlier this year, was pushed back due to Corona 19, and it was finally released on November 27 through Netflix.


cr: https://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2020112409565976787&outlink=2&SVEC=


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Posted by germainej   21 minutes ago

Actress Park Shin Hye to continue filming 'Sisyphus: The Myth' after testing negative for COVID-19

Actress Park Shin Hye will continue filming 'Sisyphus: The Myth' after testing negative for COVID-19.

On November 24, Salt Entertainment confirmed the actress would be continuing on with her filming schedule. The label stated, "Park Shin Hye plans to carry out her schedule normally after testing negative for COVID-19 on the 24th."

Previously, Park Shin Hye underwent testing after a cast member of the JTBC drama 'Sisyphus: The Myth' was confirmed to have the coronavirus. 

In other news, Park Shin Hye is starring in the upcoming mystery thriller 'Call', which premieres on Netflix on November 27 KST.
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Park Shin-hye "Corona 19 voice, the result comes out quickly... It wasn't long to sleep"

Input 2020.11.24 3:16 PM




Park Shin-hye said, "Last week, I wasn't at the set. But, because I met the staff the next day, I was tested for Corona 19." I got it because I wanted to, but fortunately, the results came out quickly, and the time to settle down wasn't long,” she said.



When asked about his next work, she said, "I am currently filming 'Sisyphus'. I prepared it from last March and started filming from May. There are about 5 episodes left."


She said, "There is a small wish that'Call' will be loved on Netflix all the time until February, so it would be good to continue the airing of 'Sisyphus '.


" There is a similar setting. I hope that you will also pay a lot of attention,” she said.


(Source: Joynews24 http://m.joynews24.com/v/1320155 The Bell http://m.thebell.co.kr/m/newsview.asp?svccode=00&newskey=202011101351480640104894)

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시지프스 작가님들이 아역배우들에게 준비한 손편지 너무 대박적...
The handwritten letter prepared by the Sisyphus writers for the child actors is so amazing...




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Park Shin Hye expressed her expectation for #Sisyphus, "The work itself will be something I haven't shown you before." If you want to see Park Shin-hye's big emotional act, you can watch TheCall, and if you want to see action and dynamism, you can watch SisyphusTheMyth


cr. https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/20201125174508161

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] Sisyphus: The Myth, 시지프스: the myth - Park Shin Hye & Cho Seung Woo - Premieres on February 10th

오잉...? 시지프스 로고??? 저게 공식 로고면 진짜 개멋있는건데... Omg..


Oh...? Sisyphus logo???
If that's the official logo, it's really cool...


google translate






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I saw the cathedral during the Sisyphus filming today, but when I wondered where it was, it's Gongseri Cathedral in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do.
It's a little bit like the Alhambra because it was filmed in a cathedral


Although it was inside the cathedral, what kind of film did it take? I wonder... I'm so curious... 
What kind of scene was Park Shin-hye Seohae...
It seemed to have been filmed in Namyangju today, but it is still full of unpredictable sightings.. 



google translate


credit tthe owner







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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2021] Sisyphus: The Myth, 시지프스: the myth

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