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[Drama 2021] Sisyphus: The Myth, 시지프스: the myth

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JTBC Drama Sisyphus: The Myth Network: JTBC Genre: Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi Episodes: 16 Airdate: February 17th, 2021 - Airtime: Wed & Thu @ 21:00 KST Write

Whoa...we’re 2 eps in and we’re already solving it all.   Go us!  

@LingLing_Wannabe Like I comment earlier, the premise is still interesting and there are lots of questions I am interested in knowing and learning. However, I have to agree with that it is too unreali

Earlier a JTBC news PD shared this photo on her Instagram (eileen.insta). This is one of the elevators in the JTBC building!




cr.  Cr : https://instagram.com/p/CKdtwoNH4Ed/


출근하자마자 맞이한 얼굴
#210125 #월요일 #시지프스 #울스튜디오촬영한다길래 #설렜구요 #낚시였구요 #본방사수한다 #조승우



A face greeted as soon as I went to work
#210125 #Monday #Sisyphus  #Because I was shooting at Wool Studio #I was excited #I was fishing #I'm shooting this #Cho Seung-woo




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Please Like, Comment  the original accounts

링크 https://facebook.com/72838353062898


Puede ser una imagen de 1 persona, sentado y lentes de sol


Puede ser una imagen de 1 persona, de pie y traje


Puede ser una imagen de 1 persona



시지프스 과몰입 책임질 완벽 드림팀
벌써부터 심장이 반응한다구요

하나의 세계, 두 개의 미래 <시지프스: the myth>
02.17 |수| 밤 9시 첫 방송
#JTBC #ComingSoonJTBC #10주년특별기획 #시지프스 #sisyphus #themyth


One world, two futures <Syprus: the myth>
02.17 |Wed| First broadcast at 9 PM
#JTBC #ComingSoonJTBC #10th Anniversary Special #Sisyphus #sisyphus #themyth


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Sports Seoul

Cho Seung-woo x Park Shin-hye's new work'Syprus', what is the connection with Greek Roman mythology?



What is the connection between the Greek and Roman mythology, Sisyphus,

with the fate of'one world, two futures' between Seung-woo Cho and Shin-hye Park?

JTBC's 10th anniversary special drama' Sisyphus: the myth' (hereinafter'Si Jip's') is a genius engineer Han Tae-Sul (Jo Seung-woo) and a savior Kang Seo-Hae (Park Shin-hye) who has been trying to uncover the existence of a hidden identity in our world. ) Is a fantasy mystery drama about the journey.

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the title'Sisyphus' is the story of Sisyphus from Greek and Roman mythology, who was punished for pushing a large rock up the top of a mountain for deceitful gods. The rock he pushed up hardly rolls down again when it reaches the summit. In other words, the punishment of pushing the rock up the top of the mountain is repeated forever, and Sisyphus is destined to repeat it endlessly even though he knows the result.

If so, what kind of connection does this story have with Han Tae-Sul x Kang Seo-hae, who is in a paradoxical fate of'one world, two futures'? The future of Korea where Taesul lives is the world where the West Sea lives.


In other words, the dark world that has become a ruin that can be seen in the teaser videos and posters that have been released so far is the future that will come to Taesul. In order to change the future, Seohae crosses his mortality and finds Taesul and fights with mysterious beings.

The point to note here is that Taesul and Seohae are said to be "this time" in the teaser video released, emphasizing that this struggle was not the first time. The connection with the 'Sisyphus the Myth' begins at this point.

The story of Sisyphus, who must forever push a large rock to the top of the mountain, is predicted to intersect with the story of Han Tae-sul and Kang Seo-hae, who repeat the nth journey to save the world, and they have two choices. The first is to keep pushing up, knowing that the rock pushed to the top will roll down again. The second is to escape from the repetitive bonds against fate.

Looking at Taesul and Seohae, who are exerting indomitable fighting spirits in the released video, you can guess what kind of choice they made. They look forward to the spectacular journey that will unfold on February 17, whether they will be able to break the chains of Sisyphus and step closer to hope.

Photo = Drama House, JTBC Studio

Dong-A.com Reporter Kwak Hyun-soo abroad@donga.com



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In Sisyphus, Park Shin-hye shot herself by jumping off the third floor of the building without a band.
Park Shin-hye, who plays the role of a warrior from the future, attended an action school for three months and learned how to shoot




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Sports Dong-A

'Iron Woman' Park Shin-hye and Da-hee's home room comeback

The charm of girl crush in action dramas in February


Actor Park Shin-hye (left)-. Photo courtesy|JTBC·

Actors Park Shin-hye and Da-hee Da-hee color the home theater in February as'The Lady of Iron'. They show off their strong side through JTBC's 'Sisyphus: The Myth'. It even provides fun to compare the charms of 'Girl Crush' of different personalities.

Park Shin-hye takes on the role of a combat agent from the future to save the world in'Sea Jeep', which airs from February 17th. He struggles to protect Cho Seung-woo, a genius engineer living in the present. A man who is good at martial arts perfectly twists the old-fashioned setting that protects women, creating freshness.

Through this, he is challenging the action genre for the first time in the home theater since his debut in 2003. It is common to deal with various weapons such as long guns and pistols. Wearing a combat suit, he rides a wire and faces numerous opponents, breaks the window with his whole body, and runs through the buildings.


Since last spring, she has devoted herself to learning action acting. It is to express "a person who fights with an instinctive sense".



cr:  https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/382/0000887087

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What’s Coming to Netflix in February 2021

by Kasey Moore  @kasey__moore on January 26, 2021, 10:54 am EST
Estimated reading time: 10 minutes



Full List of What’s Coming to Netflix in February 2021 So Far

February TBD

  • Made You Look: A True Story about Fake Art (2020)
  • Sisyphus N
  • There’s Someone Inside Your House (2021) N – Shawn Levy produced slasher film based on the book – wasn’t in the confirmed list by Netflix but was featured in the EW year preview so 50/50.
  • Vincenzo N






cr:  https://whats-on-netflix.com/coming-soon/whats-coming-to-netflix-in-february-2021-01-26/ Confirmed Date

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Herald POP

'Cyprus' Jo Seung-woo x Park Shin-hye, two people united to save the world..Character poster released

Input 2021.01.28. 9:03 am


JTBC'Sy Jeep' unveiled the character posters of'strong' people, Jo Seung-woo and Park Shin-hye, to save the world.

JTBC's 10th Anniversary Special Drama'Si Jeep's: the myth' ) And the journey of the savior Kang Seo-hae (Park Shin-hye), a savior who has gone back a long and dangerous path for him. The character poster released today (28th) captures the attention with the strong will of the two people united in order to save the world by protecting hantaesul.

Han Tae-Sul and Kang Seo-hae, who are going to fight fiercely with the repeated fate of Sisyphus. As it appears from the point of'n-th journey', it will never be easy to change the already set future. However, Kang Seo-hae, a warrior trained with various hard training and Han Tae-sool, who will jump on the journey to save the world with a brilliant brain like a genius engineer, does not care at all, but is rather full of strong spirits. And their synergy is "I'll save you. With the conviction of "you save the world", Seohae is perfected by visiting Hantaesul. Together, it is the birth of a salvation couple called'Gang (Seohae) Han (Taesul)'.


It is a point that stimulates the expectations and curiosity of prospective viewers at the same time whether the tough n-th journey that has been repeated and repeated with the consensus of the'strong' will be able to see the end this time. Here, “I saw the future. Han Tae-Sul's dignified appearance, who speaks with an unshakable, solid look, saying, “The future we win,” makes them look forward to their victory. I want to meet the performance of the two'strong' people as soon as possible, what kind of ending will the two people's persistent will to fight against fate to the end.

Moreover, a hint from the production crew that one more important point is hidden in this character poster. It is not that digital lines that distort the image of a person were put in various places in the image without reason. While raising the curiosity of what the meaning of these lines, which makes you feel as if you are watching a broken TV screen, is raised to the fullest, “The meaning is expected to be released soon. Until then, it would be interesting to reason why the appearances of Taesul and the West Sea are distorted.”

'Sisyphus' has already attracted attention from inside and outside the broadcaster as director Jin Hyeok, Lee Je-in and Jeon Chan-ho, who are writing the box-office myth with the best productions such as'Legend of the Blue Sea','Doctor Stranger', and'The Master's Sun'. It is a work. It is planning to present a new paradigm of genre with innovative visuals and a solid composition and story that transcend time and space. It will be broadcast for the first time on February 17th as a JTBC Wednesday and Thursday drama.

Photo courtesy = JTBC



cr:  https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/112/0003393848

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New Character Poster 



"미래를 봤거든, 우리가 이기는 미래"
천재 공학자 한태술 캐릭터 포스터 공개

하나의 세계, 두 개의 미래 <시지프스: the myth>
02.17 |수| 밤 9시 첫 방송


′′ I saw the future, the future we win ′′
Genius Engineering Hantaesul   Character Poster Revealed
ᅠ ᅠ
One world, two future <Sisyphus : the myth>
02.17 Wed first broadcast at 9 pm 


cr IG : @jtbcdrama https://www.instagram.com/p/CKkVpqvhc2y/


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