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[Drama 2021] Sisyphus: The Myth, 시지프스: the myth

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JTBC Drama Sisyphus: The Myth Network: JTBC Genre: Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi Episodes: 16 Airdate: February 17th, 2021 - Airtime: Wed & Thu @ 21:00 KST Write

Whoa...we’re 2 eps in and we’re already solving it all.   Go us!  

@LingLing_Wannabe Like I comment earlier, the premise is still interesting and there are lots of questions I am interested in knowing and learning. However, I have to agree with that it is too unreali


Sisyphus: The Myth will be aired on Feb 17
ParkShinHye’s birthday on Feb





Sisyphus 's first broadcast on February 17th

The teaser was released in a week, reaching about 20,000 views and getting a hot response. The 10th anniversary special drama-like scale and the combination of actors Jo Seung-woo and Park Shin-hye, who believe and see, will open a new horizon for the K genre.

/ JELLO (JTBC Advertising Sales Guidebook), February



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Park Shin Hye impresses production team of Sisyphus: The Myth with her skills in THESE scenes

Park Shin Hye will soon be seen in Sisyphus: The Myth. While the teaser has hinted an action-packed performance, the production crew are impressed with her performance.
Written By Pinkvilla Desk  110790 reads  Mumbai  Published: January 18, 2021 03:37 pm


There is no denying that Park Shin Hye is one of the most versatile K-drama actresses today. She has proved that she could take on any character and deliver a brilliant performance. With Sisyphus: The Myth, a different facet of Park Shin Hye is being teased. The trailer and posters have hinted that Park Shin Hye is taking on a tad rugged character and we are already eager about the series. Now, the production crew has hyped the series by talking about Park Shin Hye's performance. 


As reported by Zapzee, the team behind Sisyphus: The Myth revealed that Park Shin Hye has impressed everyone with her action scenes. "Park Shin Hye did a wonderful job of showing the most intense and wildest action scenes ever in her filmography. Staff all exclaimed, ‘Wow, that’s why she’s Park Shin Hye.’ Please endearingly watch Park Shin Hye’s new challenge as she plays her all-time character as brave warrior Kang Seo Hae," the team said. The team also released a bunch of posters featuring the actress holding a gun and a bag on her shoulder. 


Park Shin Hye will play Kang Seo Hae who is a skilful warrior who supports Han Tae Sool, played by Cho Seung Woo. She boasts of skills like sliding ropes, knocking down large men and more to survive in a world.


Check out the trailer here: Sisyphus: The Myth Teaser: Park Shin Hye turns the action mode on alongside Cho Seung Woo; Watch




Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 

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Sports Chosun

'Sisyphus' Jo Seung-woo x Park Shin-hye character teaser video released..First broadcast on February 17

Jiyeon Moon Input 2021. 01. 19. 11:18





The production crew said, "On the 19th, a character teaser video containing Han Tae-Sul and Kang Seo-hae's strong will to change the future was released. You will be able to get a glimpse of how they want to save the world. Their journey until the first broadcast. Please watch together with a cheering heart."


'Sisyphus' has already attracted attention from both inside and outside the broadcaster as director Jin Hyuk, Lee Je-in and Jeon Chan-ho, who are writing the box-office myth with the best productions such as'Legend of the Blue Sea','Doctor Stranger' and'The Master's Sun' It is a work. It is planning to present a new paradigm of genre with innovative visuals and a solid composition and story that transcend time and space. It will be aired for the first time at 9 pm on Wednesday, February 17, following the JTBC Wednesday and Thursday drama





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Cho Seok-hyun casting, breathing with Jo Seung-woo and Park Shin-hye in 'Sisyphus '

  • [Seoul = Asia News] Reporter Lee Sang-jin
  • Sending time 2021-01-19 13:46
  • NImagen

Actor Cho Seok-hyun was cast in   'Sisyphus '


The agency's Actor Embrace said, “Cho Seok-hyun will appear in JTBC's 10th anniversary special drama'Si Jeep' (screenplay Lee Je-in, Jeon Chan-ho/Director Jin-hyuk) as Jang-ri Ahn. Please look forward to it.

'Cyprus' is a fantasy mystery depicting the journey of a genius engineer trying to uncover the existence of a living hiding in our world and the savior's journey back a long and dangerous path for him. It is considered one of the most anticipated works of 2021.

New stealer actor Jo Seok-hyun also adds strength. Jang-ri Ahn, who will be played by Cho Seok-hyun, is an illegal doctor with excellent job handling skills.

As a loyalty to Asia Mart's Ph.


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Sports Chosun

Seung-Woo Jo "Why choose 'Sisyphus'? Unique script + character + Park Shin-hye"

Enter 2021.01.20. 8:59 am
Actor Seung-Woo Jo takes on the role of'Han Tae-Sul', a genius engineer in 'Sisyphus: the myth', and sets out once again in the home theater. To this, Seung-Woo Jo directly delivered an in-depth answer.   
  First, the uniqueness of the script caught his attention.
  More than anything else, I was attracted to the character 'Han tae sul'. Han Tae-Sul, a genius engineer who says, “I have no emotions, I am always confident, and I know that I am a genius,”
  In particular, Jo Seung-woo's impression of Park Shin-hye, who was in breath for the first time, was unique. Regarding her, “She is an actor who had never lied in front of her camera for a moment. She played with all her heart in every scene to create the Kang Seohae character.  She is such a great actor”. 
I want to meet Jo Seung-woo and Park Shin-hye's chemistry as partners who will save the world together.



cr:  https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/076/0003683637


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[Character Teaser]│ Eng Sub 

Park Shin Hye JTBC Drama 'Sisyphus:The Myth' First Broadcast on Wednesday 17th February at 9 p.m. KST

Long ver. https://youtu.be/_G4tu5_7Ox8



cr:@coral_drama /  https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ff/92/4b/ff924ba291bc86f1ed8ff0736bb1deab.gif


#시지프스 #조승우 #박신혜

[캐릭터 티저│FULL] "어떤 일이 일어나도 그냥 나 믿어" 조승우x박신혜 <시지프스 : the myth> 2/17(수) 첫 방송!

•Jan 19 2021
cr: JTBC Drama
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daily issue

Seung-Woo Jo x Shin-Hye Park <Sisyphus : the myth>


Seung-Woo Jo and Shin-Hye Park set out to save the world. It's through the JTBC drama <Sisyphus : the myth>.



'Han Tae-sul (Jo Seung-woo)', a genius engineer who hides his identity and tries to uncover the mysterious existences living in this world. The savior'Gang Seohae (Park Shin-hye)' who has come back a long and difficult road for him.





Taesul, a genius engineer, has a personality that analyzes everything with cutting-edge technology. He has a cynical personality, but the passion lives in his heart. But he doesn't know. That someone is aiming for you.




The brave Seohae appears to save Tae-Sul in danger. She doesn't blink in front of any danger. Seohae must hide his identity while pursuing Taesul, protect him from living things and save the world. 



Taesul and Seohae begin the journey of Sisyphus to change the future that has ended in the past that has not yet ended. Taesul, who was cynical, flashes his eyes to save the world at the thought that he has ruined the future, and Seohae once again strengthens his determination to protect him.





Can the two really save the world and the future? <Sisyprus: the myth> first airs on February 17th. 


  • Editor 's goodness (freelance editor)

  • Photo Drama House, JTBC Studio




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Watch: Cho Seung Woo And Park Shin Hye Team Up To Save The World In “Sisyphus: The Myth” Teaser

Watch: Cho Seung Woo And Park Shin Hye Team Up To Save The World In “Sisyphus: The Myth” Teaser

Jan 19, 2021
by J. K

JTBC’s upcoming 10th anniversary special drama “Sisyphus: The Myth” unveiled a thrilling teaser video that shares insights into the intriguing lead characters!


“Sisyphus: The Myth” is a fantasy-mystery drama starring Cho Seung Woo as Han Tae Sool, a genius engineer who embarks on a perilous journey to bring to light hidden beings that are secretly residing in our world, and Park Shin Hye as his savior Kang Seo Hae, who has walked a long and dangerous path for him.


Cho Seung Woo’s character Han Tae Sool is the co-founder of the global company Quantum and Time, and he’s a genius engineer who can put together and take apart anything in a moment. He’s shown in the teaser surrounded by all kinds of start-of-the-art technology as he skillfully creates something. “I don’t know if you’ve heard this before, but the future is already here,” says Han Tae Sool. “It’s just that we can’t recognize it.”


Han Tae Sool is such a skilled and determined problem solver that he even refuses to give up when a plane is falling from the sky. His best friend Quantum and Time co-founder Eddie Kim (Tae In Ho) tells him, “Not everyone could risk their own life to save others.” Han Tae Sool replies, “Whether or not everyone dies, I was just fixing something that was broken.”


Heroic warrior Kang Seo Hae then appears in Han Tae Sool’s life, because there are already imperceptible beings hiding in the world that are after Han Tae Sool. She’s arrived from a future that came to an end, and she has to protect him when he is in danger in order to save the world. She therefore doesn’t hesitate to jump down a staircase and off buildings, fiercely fights against several opponents, and doesn’t even blink when someone aims a gun at her head. “Today’s not the day I die,” she says to them calmly.


“Whatever happens, just trust me,” Han Tae Sool tells her, and Han Tae Sool and Kang Seo Hae attempt to change the future together from the past. Han Tae Sool says, “I’ve the one who’s messed up everything. I have to fix it all.”


The production team shared, “A teaser video’s been released that shows Han Tae Sool and Kang Seo Hae’s firm determination as they try to change the future. You’ll be able to see a glimpse of their mindset as they aim to save the world.”


Check it out below!




“Sisyphus: The Myth” premieres on February 17 at 9 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Park Shin Hye in “Doctors“:




And watch Cho Seung Woo in “Inside Men” below:




Source (1)



cr: https://www.soompi.com/article/1449568wpp/watch-cho-seung-woo-and-park-shin-hye-team-up-to-save-the-world-in-sisyphus-the-myth-teaser

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