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[Drama 2019] Running Investigators / The Defender : Human Rights, 달리는 조사관

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Running for the suffering and running for human rights in OCN drama

by tipsymocha

It’s definitely more whimsy than I’m used to coming from an OCN show, but I like it! Running Investigators has just released its first teaser, featuring leads Lee Yo-won (Different Dreams) and Choi Gwi-ha (Suits), and I’m really hoping that the show has the same light, comical tone that the clip certainly has in spades.


The clip is quite short, at only 15 seconds long, but it gets right to the point. Lee Yo-won and Choi Gwi-ha, both wearing trenchcoats and sunglasses, do a slow-motion hero strut to a tune ripped straight out of a spaghetti western, complete with squawking crows in the background. The camera zooms into a closeup of Lee Yo-won’s badge, as she asks, super seriously, “Is this where human rights have no power?” Choi Gwi-hwa stops beside her and observes, “I can hear them… The cries of the suffering!!” The trenchcoats are thrown in the air, and the two human rights investigators are joined by the rest of the team, and fulfill their titular destiny as running investigators, who “run for human rights.”


I don’t usually equate human rights with comedy, but dramaland in the past year or so has shown some great examples of using levity when highlighting social issues in Korea (including The Fiery Priest and Special Labor Inspector Jo, to name a few), so I hope this show follows in a similar vein. I’m personally looking forward to Choi Gwi-hwa doing comedy, and he’ll have a great team to bounce off of, including Jang Hyun-sung (Doctor Prisoner), Oh Mi-hee (Fluttering Alert), and Oh Joo-woo (Let’s Eat 3).


OCN’s Running Investigators will premiere on September 18.










Via Sports Seoul


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Food truck support from C-fans group.

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