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  1. I'm the type who always try to put everything in peace... Just give me time to forgive and forget, then all is good. But not with EOG, I guess, haha. Still from DD FB In historic-vibe scene like this, their outfit is indeed too modern.
  2. I thought I was in peace with EOG and its characters. But I was deadly wrong... recently, I re-watched, and my blood boiled again every now and then in every single episode. So, I must pause watching. Not good for health! haha, that actor played really well in QSD. My older sis is one of the nicest ppl in the world for me, she doesn't really dislike or hate anyone, but when watching QSD with me, she commented here and there "someone, please cut this man's neck !" At the time EOG was airing, he hadn't done anything yet, but I already disliked him to the core. And he didn't "disappoint" me by proving he was in EOG to put me in fault mood I'm not sure if I should compliment his acting skills or continue my dislike to him.
  3. Yeah, some fan in twitter said DD looks a bit too modern because of actors' splendid outfits. But I guess it's because Joeson (Korea), Japan and China were already influenced a lot by Western and their culture at that time. Perhaps, you may want to try her movie "Perfect Number". She plays a miserable and helpless woman there. Plus the movie is good, both story-line and acting. It's one of my fav among LYW's movies. Recently, she has been playing roles of powerful, cold, smart, elegant and rich ladies. Korean producers must see her image suitable for these roles. Did you watch Avenger social club? she's also an elegant and freaking rich heiress there, however, her personality is not cold, but silly and funny to watch.
  4. You guys remember Yeomjong in QSD? bet all Bidoek shippers wanna chop his head... Recently, KNG and the actor playing Yeomjong reunited in the drama named "live up to your name". There is a conversation I found in twitter and can't help thinking abt their relationship in QSD Twitter Poor Bidam, he still holds that grudge after moving to another drama
  5. If not KNG, is Go Soo too much to ask for? I'm weird, so I like their intense & sexual frustrated relationship in EOG more than lovey-dovey romance relationship Jo In Sung looks freaking handsome, but I haven't seen his acting yet...
  6. Kim Nam Gil ! I can picture how cute, charming, gorgeous, hot, bad-a$$, intriguing, powerful, charismatic, cold-hearted, and... evil they are as a couple in modern drama. Imagine how many ships they will wreck if they are a couple. Other couples won't even stand a chance. Both have been active, so my little wish is that they are paring again in a crime drama. Hmmm, the wish is not so little though. Any drama is ok for me, even drama abt Ahjuma and Ahjushi All of us here are watching it yeah, go watch it, buddy!
  7. No, like Lilac, I'm not so much into romance. Besides, both KWB and Fukuda are not so attractive for me. I prefer Hiroshi's screen-time than theirs. He's a mysterious character ! KWB is typical hero in dramaland: good at fighting, charm his way around, bold (and reckless), which is nothing new to me. On the other hand, Fukuda is typical 2nd lead: everyone's ideal type except the female lead's. He's kinda weak in past eps. I hope he grows stronger and more determined in the rest of the drama. Probably, because I had high expectation for DD from the beginning (spy/detective genre is my most fav cup of tea), DD so far is not very satisfying for me. Except the twist LYJ as bluebird, I haven't seen many surprises. I hope this drama won't go straight as historically heroic drama.
  8. Since I'm bored and there is only 1 ep to be air this week (ep 13-14) link, let's do a "scary" game. Who you think will die next in this drama among remarkable characters from KWB & LYJ's side? I don't care abt their enemy's side. So far, Esther and Tae-joon. Who you think who will die next? I fear for Cha Jung Im. I also doubt abt Hiroshi and Nam Ok's survival in the end of this drama. For the leads, I'm most worried abt LYJ. KWB is almost safe because this drama is abt his journey. Fukuda and Miki are not involved in any life-danger activities so far.
  9. You are not alone, haha. Members in LYW's thread all sail Fujin ship and have life-jackets ready to jump when the ship sinks. With the engagement in next ep which we're anticipating, Fujin ship will lead the race for a while. I hope LYJ won't feel negative abt Fukuda after this kinda forced marriage arrangement. She's not the type to make a fuss over this, but she will keep this unsettling feelings abt both Fukuda and Hiroshi. No need to say sorry... Fujin shippers know they are taking highest risk, haha. As much as KWB is obvious abt his feeling toward LYJ, I also don't think he will advance anything. He will focus on Heroic's goal. And if choosing b/w LYJ and Heroic, we all know the obvious choice is. Btw, besides Kim-gu, why there isn't any member from KPG in this drama? Kim--gu said Bluebird is the code for KPG's members to recognize LYJ. I'm looking forward to her comrades. She's kinda alone now. I don't think she's very much in to Heroic, she maybe side with them, but not one of them. (infamous quote from Sherlock Holmes: "I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them")
  10. What do you guys here think abt DD so far ? btw, are you still hovering on Fujin ship? or already jumped for your life? haha I feel so peaceful in this drama as I don't ship any couple, and I'm not passionate abt any ship or love story.
  11. As till now, Hiroshi is more interesting than both KWB and Fukuda. How come? I think he means positive to LYJ. He's maybe bad or even evil, power-hunger outside, but he's a good father to LYJ. In other words, LYJ is in his good-nature side, other ppl are not... Interesting theory! I think he's just adoptive father to LYJ, but raising her up and observing her since she was a child nurtures fondness and love from him towards her. In last ep, I watched that he saved LYJ from being killed by Japanese soldier, then extended his hand for her. And when he knew Oda was purposely tailing his daughter in Shanghai, he screamed to Oda's face. It's a natural action of a father when he knows ppl mean harm to his daughter. Btw, I'm confused... I think the lady living with them is a housekeeper? because somewhere in first episodes, that lady told LYJ that she had been hired by Mr. and Mrs. Hiroshi. I assume that his wife passed away, so the housekeeper is now looking after the household and LYJ, and somehow becomes a family member. Probably, the Hiroshi couple didn't have their own child (or they lost their own one), so they loved LYJ as their real one. She had slight feeling for or at least good impression about him. When she was kidnapped by the Shanghai gang (I forget the name ) and was informed a man was barging into the headquarter for her, the only person she thought abt is Fukuda. Such a big regret to Fukuda, if only he had forgotten abt his damn permission or command from the upper and just brainlessly barged into the den like KWB did... KWB surely has romantic feeling to LYJ though he keeps reminding himself she's a time-bomb or inherent risk. Guess this is the case you know it's a cup of poison but you're willing to take it . However, not sure abt LYJ yet... her first motive to get close to KWB is it's an order from Kim-gu. Second, she's attracted by KWB's persistent goal in gaining independence for Joseon. Lastly, their fight together in Manchuria makes them closer but not to the point she has romantic feeling for him. I'm waiting for more signals from her, haha. Let's see her reaction when she hears her marriage arrangement in next eps !
  12. I already felt off when he fell off from the train and KWB couldn't check if he was still alive. I guess the gun at that time didn't create much damages as the guns they use nowadays. What I think KWB should have done in the train is letting that spy alive, and when reaching final destination, cornering him to ask his identity, then killing him after that. Remember he was alone while there were 4 persons in KWB's side. In general, I think most of spies in this drama acted so obviously, including that Japanese spy, Tae-joon's young spy, Matsura's people. I wonder the hiding spy who watched KWB-Kim Gu's meeting is from which organization. In ep 11-12, they revealed that like LYJ, Miki was adopted by the Japanese who is funding Hirsoshi's hospital. Which preview you watched? it looks like to me that she's a spoiled daughter. Everyone steps up in the love game, except Fukuda . KWB and Miki are the leading horses now with their bold moves. LYJ is not much in the love game, she's too busy but she's holding the key to end it. Cha Jung Im took slight moves already by implying here and there, KWB must be blind if he wasn't aware of it. Only Fukuda, poor man ! he has great advantage with Hiroshi's support, but he's too incompetent in this love competition. I expect some daring moves from Fukuda in next eps.
  13. In the other light, I'm quite damn sure (like 90%) that Hiroshi is aware of what his daughter is up to and pursues, but he doesn't intervene. He's a dangerous man who killed his rival (hospital's ex-director), dug info of his employees, uncovered his so-called friend's dark secret... how come he not know abt LYJ? What strikes me hard in ep 11-12 about him is I was reminded that he's military doctor. Before being a soldier, he was a doctor who took Hippocrates oath to save lives, not to kill. So, when Miki's father told him "A doctor who saves our allies and kills the enemies...", he just awkwardly smiled. Am I too positive to think that LYJ will have her powerful father's back-up when she's in danger later ? I think Hiroshi reinforcing his position at the hospital by killing the ex-director is for him to protect LYJ better later. Or his marriage arrangement for Fukuda and LYJ is for her to have a great cover as a Japanese prosecutor's wife. And if anything bad happens (like a revolution from Korean patriots), with his position, he can't flee Joseon with LYJ, but Fukuda can bring her back to his homeland Japan. That's why he told Fukuda "one day, you'll have to do sth for Young Jin and me" . I don't know what's behind Hiroshi's motive yet, but he's a great adoptive father so far... Now it's a matter of time for Hiroshi to discover abt KWB, and speed up his marriage arrangement. I wanna mess up the love pentagon.
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