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[Drama 2019] Running Investigators / The Defender : Human Rights, 달리는 조사관


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OCN Presents

Running Investigators




Kim Yong Soo

(Man From the Equator, White Christmas)



Baek Jung Chul


Episodes 14

Broadcast Period

September 18th - October 31st, 2019

About the Show

The show will center around government employees of Korea’s Human Rights Commission and will follow them as they investigate reports of human rights violations in different corners of Korean society.



Lee Yo Won - Han Yoon Seo

Choi Gwi Hwa - Kang Ho Joon

Jang Hyun-sung - Kim Hyun Seok 

Oh Mi-hee - Ahn Kyong Sook

Lee Joo Woo - Lee Dal Sook

Official website

Official YouTube Chanel


Relationship chart & character descriptions






















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Lee Yo Won, Choi Gwi Hwa to collaborate in investigation drama



Both actors Lee Yo Won and Choi Gwi Hwa will display great chemistry in OCN's new drama "Running Inspector".

On March 19, a representative of the drama segment spoke to Sports Chosun, "Lee Yo Won and Choi Gwi Hwa will star in OCN's drama "Running Inspector" (rough translation) (scriptwriter Baek Jung Chul, director Kim Yong Soo). The film is scheduled to broadcast in the second half of this year. The work belongs to OCN's familiar genre, revolving around the story of inspectors from the National Human Rights Commission.

"Running Inspector" is not a story about a prosecutor, a lawyer or a detective, but about an inspector of the National Human Rights Commission. The film promises to highlight the life of a busy inspector who is hustling because of the injustice of those who suffer from human rights violations even without the right to investigate or prosecute. The main characters of the general inspection department will investigate important truths instead of accepting the facts of the Violation department or the Discrimination department. They will be responsible for investigating issues of human rights violations arising in public agencies, organizations, and agencies, or incidents with great damages or arousing social controversies.

Lee Yo Won will play the female lead Han Yoon Seo. She is a strict character who hates it when others cross the line in relationships and in social life. Han Yoon Seo has a truth which was exposed and is in charge of investigating it. She always keeps her investigation method and neutral attitude to the extent of coldness and even was misunderstood that she "lacks sympathy". However, it is only Yoon Seo's own method in order to stick to her principles of work. After ending the filming for "Different Dream" (MBC), Lee Yo Won will participate in "Running Inspector".

With the drama "Running Inspector", Choi Gwi Hwa will be starring in the lead role for the first time since his debut in the acting career. He will play Kang Ho Joon - a special inspector of the Prosecutor's Office under the General Inspection Division of the Human Rights Promotion Commission. He possesses an incredible concentration ability and is the type of person who likes actions with the thought that the body will affect the spirit. Because of his sense of righteousness which is a bit extreme, people around him often consider him as a person who prefers to use his fists rather than to use his brain. Nonetheless, Ho Joon's mind is much more agile than his body. Sometimes, because of his quick mind and body, he misses something important, but he cooperates very well with his cold partner Han Yoon Seo.

PD Kim Yong Soo, who created "art" from his directing style and emotional image production, will work on "Running Inspector". PD Kim Yong Soo is a director who left a deep mark on the screen through such works as "White Christmas" (KBS2), "The Blade And Petal", "Man From The Equator", "Iron Man" and he will team up with scriptwriter Baek Jung Chul in this new work. "Running Inspector" is set to be aired on OCN in the second half of 2019.


Lee Yo-won, Choi Gwi-hwa offered lead roles in OCN’s Running Investigators




There’s something to be said about under-represented jobs getting the spotlight in dramaland, so I’m excited about this new drama in the works. OCN is starting to cast for its newest project, tentatively titled Running Investigators, and has offers out to Lee Yo-won (Buam-dong Revenge Club) and Choi Gwi-hwa (Suits), who are both positively considering taking lead roles in the show. If she accepts, Lee Yo-won will have a busy 2019, with her drama Different Dreams about to premiere in a few months’ time.

There aren’t that many plot details about Running Investigators as of yet, but it’s quite an unusual topic for OCN: The show will center around government employees of Korea’s Human Rights Commission and will follow them as they investigate reports of human rights violations in different corners of Korean society. It’s somewhat of a timely topic right now, given the current scandals plaguing the Korean entertainment industry and the country’s reckoning over its treatment of women.

These civil investigators don’t have the authority to compel anyone to comply with their investigations, and their findings don’t automatically result in criminal charges, but their work will shed light on those who have had their human rights violated. Which doesn’t sound all that satisfying to me right now, but I’m hoping that we get to see some kind of justice served in the course of the drama.

The show is being adapted from a collection of short stories written by author Song Shi-woo, released together under the Running Investigators title, that was released back in 2015. The book is labeled under the mystery genre, and each of the short stories involve a different human rights case that was modeled after real-life reports. I don’t know whether that makes this project more intriguing or more depressing, but the mystery label certainly explains the OCN connection.

OCN is planning on airing Running Investigators in the latter half of the year.


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Agent Lee  → Run Inspector...Turn into a principled investigator.

Running Inspector, Lee Yo-won, Choi Kwi-hwa, Jang Hyun-sung and Oh Mi-hee casting confirmed.

[Double | Moon Soo-yeon] OCN, the 'Jeanour master,' deals with 'human rights' this time.

OCN production team announced on the 26th that actors Lee Yo-won, Choi Gwi-hwa, Jang Hyun-sung and Oh Mi-hee will be featured in OCN's new series "The Running Inspector" (director Kim Yong-soo). Based on the novel of the same name, "Running Inspector" is a drama about ordinary human rights panel investigators fighting for people with unfair stories that no one else could help. The "running investigator" who deals with human rights will provoke sympathy with events that may be around and realistic stories that touch the skin and ask "what judgment would you make if you were in the past?"

Lee plays Han Yoon-seo, an investigator at the Human Rights Promotion Committee. Han Yoon-seo is a fundamentalist who investigates only the facts that have been thoroughly revealed. It is sometimes misunderstood that the cool-headed method of investigation seems to lack empathy for the socially weak. Han Yoon-seo, who keeps her cool without crossing the line in anything, has the scars and secrets of the past that cannot be said.

Lee Yo-won, who is currently starring in MBC's weekend drama "Emong," chose "Running Inspector" for her next film. "It was very new to deal with human rights, and the stories of investigators running to help innocent people who had no place to go were touching my heart. I'm happy to be with you in a meaningful work," she said.

Choi Gwi-hwa will transform her acting career into Bae Hong-tae, a prosecutor-turned-survey officer who will be sent to the human rights promotion committee. Bae Hong-tae is a person who can't stand injustice and has a warm belief that he should always stand by the weak. "It's fascinating that investigators are working to solve cases that we didn't know very well, which can easily be shunned by real society," Choi said. "It's a warm-hearted view of the world. The story of creating a society where human rights can be respected and everyone can live like a human being will resonate, and the fact that investigators dig into the nature of the case beyond simple arrest of criminals will give us a lot of joy," he said.

On top of this, Jang Hyun-sung and Oh Mi-hee will join them to take the center of the play firmly. Jang Hyun-sung plays Kim Hyun-seok, head of the investigation department of the Human Rights Promotion Committee. "I'm happy to talk about a human rights investigator I've never shown in a drama or movie," Jang said. "I don't have a lot of power like 'The Avengers,' but I think the process of human-smelling investigators is going to be interesting."

Oh Mi-hee will meet with viewers as Ahn Kyong-sook, chairman of the reform-minded Human Rights Promotion Committee. Oh Mi-hee said, "It was interesting that the story was based on the Human Rights Commission, which was established to protect the human rights of the people. I hope it will be a time for us to feel strong sympathy and exhilaration through the stories of people who have been violated and investigators digging into it."

Meanwhile, "Running Inspector" will premiere in September.
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Lee Yo-won, Choi Gwi-ha, Jang Hyun-sung confirm OCN’s Running Investigators

by tipsymocha




OCN’s Running Investigators has confirmed that Lee Yo-won (Different Dreams), Choi Gwi-ha (Suits), Jang Hyun-sung (Angel’s Last Mission: Love, Doctor Prisoner), and Oh Mi-hee (Fluttering Alert). Lee Yo-won will be making a quick return to dramaland following her current turn as an independence fighter over at MBC, transforming into a human rights investigator for the OCN show.


In Running Investigators, Lee Yo-won and Choi Gwi-ha will take on the role of the titular investigators working for the Korean Human Rights Commission, an independent government agency that investigates and reports on alleged human rights violations in Korea. I’m so used to TV investigators being very temperamental, especially with these social justice types of dramas, but Lee Yo-won’s character sounds like she’ll be going against that norm: As a by-the-book, strictly facts-only type, her firmly neutral approach to investigations has given her a (mistaken) reputation for not being empathetic enough to the vulnerable portion of the population on behalf of whom she investigates alleged human rights abuses.




On the flip side is Choi Gwi-ha’s character, a former prosecutor assigned to the Commission as a civil investigator, which sounds like a major demotion, since they have absolutely no authority to compel anyone to comply with their investigations, nor do their findings automatically result in criminal charges. However, this job might be the perfect fit for Choi Gwi-ha’s character, who can’t stand the sight of injustice and always sides with the weak. His inability to close his eyes to corruption is likely the reason why he’s been assigned to the Commission as well, which is pretty much a personality trait I’d want in all prosecutors, but maybe that’s just me.


Where Lee Yo-won and Choi Gwi-ha’s characters are in the field, Jang Hyun-sung and Oh Mi-hee will play characters closer to the institution of the Commission. Jang Hyun-sung’s character is the head of the investigations department at the Commission, who once was filled with the same sense of righteous justice that I’m sure motivates Choi Gwi-ha, but who is now much more jaded and cynical. Oh Mi-hee, on the other hand will be playing the Human Rights Commissioner, who is described as a ‘reformer.’ I can’t tell whether those reforms are for better or worse in relation to the people the Commission is tasked to protect, but I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.


Running Investigators, which will cast a spotlight on those who help the most vulnerable in Korean society, is slated to premiere sometime in September.


Via  Osen 


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65516821_10155977162345672_4156549321912745984_o.jpg?zoom=2&resize=360%2C218&ssl=1STAR NEWS/GRAZIA


OCN Hopes To Inspire Equal Human Rights Interest In New Drama

By Nicole | June 28, 2019
Based on the novel with the same title, The Defender: Human Rights (literal translationrevolves around human rights activists. The series will depict real human stories, sure to evoke empathy from viewers.
Lee Yo Won

Director Kim Yong Su will handle the drama, which heightens expectations further. Director Kim is behind dramas such as Blade Man, Babysitter and The Blade and Petal. This will be his first drama with OCN. Furthermore, Baek Jung Chul will pen the screenplay based on the novel written by Song Shi Woo. Studio Dragon and Daydream Entertainment will produce the drama.


OCN announced the cast members for the drama and they believe that the fantastic powerhouse of the drama will meet viewers’ expectations. Lee Yo Won, Choi Gwi Hwa, Jang Hyun Sung and Oh Mi Hee lead the cast for The Defender: Human Rights.

The investigators in the drama will struggle against injustice, fighting to defend those who can’t defend themselves. The tragic stories the series will present were cases that the ordinary investigators of the Human Rights Promotion Committee did not help solve.

Moreover, the drama hopes to shed light on the truth that everyone has the right to live and be respected as human beings. Their stories are expected to evoke empathy as it comes close to real life stories.


Lee Yo Won takes on the role of Han Yoon Seo, an investigator of the human rights committee. She is an employee with principles and works thoroughly to get the facts.

However, Yoon Seo is often misunderstood as cold-hearted because of her cool and calm exterior. Actually, she had a traumatic experience in the past that she can’t discuss.


Lee Yo Won is currently starring in Different Dreams with Yoo Ji Tae. Lee discussed her agreement to star in the drama, stating she felt excited because of its concept.


Choi Gwi Hwa will take on the role of Bae Hong Tae, a former prosecutor who is assigned to the Human Rights Promotion Committee. He starts to work as an investigator in the committee. Hong Tae is a man of conviction and cannot tolerate injustice. Because of his strong beliefs, he often stands with and defends the oppressed. Furthermore, Hong Tae does not believe that the law can solve everything.


Choi is no stranger to justice dramas. In 2018, he was part of the Korean adaptation of Suits. He also starred in another OCN drama Bad Guys: Vile City in 2017. Choi mentioned that the works that investigators have to do are a mystery to common people. Therefore, he’s excited to show what really happens during investigations since the truth can easily be ignored by society. Furthermore, he wants to emphasize the point that human rights should be respected.


Jang Hyun Sung and Oh Mi Hee round up the cast  for The Defender: Human Rights. Jang Hyun Sung’s character, Kim Hyun Seok, will be the director of the Human Rights Promotion Committee. Director Kim Hyun Seok is the type of person who used to be passionate about work, but he turned passive and now often plays it safe. As a veteran investigator, he provides valuable advice, but does not take initiative to challenge the norm.

Lastly, Oh Mi Hee will play the role of An Kyung Sook, the chairman of the Human Rights Promotion Committee. Oh expressed her hope that this drama will spark interest for equal human rights.

The Defender: Human Rights will premiere on OCN in September.




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First script reading for OCN drama Running Investigators

by tccolb



New photos have been released featuring the cast of OCN drama Running Investigators, who got together for the first script reading back in June. Along with the production team, actors Lee Yo-won (Different Dreams), Choi Gwi-hwa (Suits), Jang Hyun-sung (Angel’s Last Mission: Love, Doctor Prisoner), Oh Mi-hee (Fluttering Alert), and Oh Joo-woo (Let’s Eat 3) as well as other supporting cast were present.


The story is set within the Korean Human Rights Commission and follows the commission’s team of investigators as they look into the different cases involving human rights violations and the difficult decisions that arise because of them. However, rather than grand causes, the drama focuses on common, day-to-day, and relatable situations. The overall message of the drama being that everyone has the right to live with dignity.


On the human rights investigation team, Lee Yo-won plays the role of Han Yoon-seo – who is described as an ace investigator on the team, level-headed, and strictly by-the-books.


Countering her character is Choi Gwi-hwa who plays Bae Hong-tae. Coming from a prosecutor background, he shows a lot of empathy for people and believes in siding with the oppressed and weak.


Jang Hyun-sung plays the head of the team, Kim Hyun-seok. In the past, he had been passionate about his field. However, over the years, he got absorbed into the corporate culture and became desensitized to the cause.


Playing the human rights commissioner is Oh Mi-hee, whose character’s name is Ahn Kyung-sook. When making decisions, she shows cool logic and objectivity, but she is warm and personable when interacting with her fellow colleagues.


Directing for the drama will be done by PD Kim Yong-soo, and writing the script Baek Jung-chul.


OCN’s Running Investigators is currently being planned to premiere in September. It will be taking over the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot after Class of Lies concludes its run.




Via Newsen


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