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July 13, 2019


‘Different Dreams’ to become a film


Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily

MBC drama “Different Dreams” will be remade into a film and released in China, the production company of the drama, Imong Studio Culture Company, revealed on Friday.


“[The company] has finalized an exclusive contact with the Seven Stars Film Studios Limited, an affiliate of the Sun Seven Stars Media Group, an international creative technology investment conglomerate, for the drama to be remade into a film,” said the agency.


Both companies agreed to re-edit and shoot additional scenes if deemed necessary and will work toward getting the permission from the Chinese government for the movie to be released in the country. 


The organizers of the studio also said that the CEO of the Chinese company, Woo Jung, is determined to make the film a commercial success. “My grandfather was close with Kim Gu, one of the most respected independence activists, during the period that provisional government was active,” the CEO told organizers. “The drama covers the history of the Japanese colonial rule of Korea, which is something that both Koreas and Chinese audiences can sympathize with. The film can be a stimulus for cultural exchange between the two countries.”


“Different Dreams” revolves around two secret agents working for the provisional government of Korea, resisting Japanese colonialism to fight for the country’s independence. Actors Lee Yo-won and Yoo Ji-tae star in the film. 


By Lee Jae-lim


Photos: BH Entertainment


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They look SO happy and relaxed! :w00t:


I wonder if Different Dreams is his best drama?

i really have a hard time to believe that any other character can beat KWB: he was everything that i want a hero and male lead to be. :wub:



Credit: alice_suttirat


Here's an MV about his best actions scenes that i really like (sorry if it has already been posted)!


 I have a lot to catch up on his career on tv: i've not finished  The Good Wife that i watched only for him. 

I loved his performance so much that i had i can't accept what was happening to his character: the destruction of his marriage and family. I knew it was all his doing but still i couldn't finish the drama because of that.


I have yet to watch Healer and Mads Dogs...         

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