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Gun N Roses Live - Hong Kong Tour


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i'm back for a temporary time due to some things are happening and i don't want to let people miss some awesome concert to one of the most wonderful and famous bands in the world, that's right Gun N Roses are coming to Hong Kong live, and the following concert information are given to me by the Live Nation and their agency!


Live Nation Gun and Roses Live Information


A two day Live Tour!! Starting November 20th to 21st 2018 - Gun N Roses In This Lifetime Tour - Hong Kong 
At the AsiaWorld - Expo Arena 

Starting time: 20.00PM


I'll later update the map to the concert hall don't worry! - 


Doors: TBD


One of rock music’s greatest icons, Guns N' Roses will bring their Not In This Lifetime Tour to Hong Kong in a 2-night electrifying performance on 20 and 21 November 2018 at the AsiaWorld-Expo Arena.


Outstanding reviews from around the world crashed in from the start with Rolling Stone dubbing the “Not In This Lifetime Tour" as the triumphant return of one of the most important bands of rock music history." LA WEEKLY notes it's "everything fans could hope for" while The Washington Times says the show delivers a set of "inspired surprises."   


Ticket Prices: Seated – HKD 2,488 / 1,688 / 1,288 / 988 / 688; Standing – HKD 1,688 / 1,288. Tickets will be available for public on 13 June (Wednesday) starting 10am


Citi and Live Nation together deliver special access to live music events for Citi cardholders in select Asia markets. Citi credit cardholders have access to pre-sale tickets beginning 7 June 2018 (Thursday) 10am through 8 June 2018 (Friday) 11:59pm. For complete pre-sale details, please visit citibank.hk.


Live Nation members have access to pre-sale tickets from 11 June 2018 (Monday) 10am through 12 June 2018 (Tuesday) 11:59pm. 

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i went to the final concert of gun and rose and i have to say the concert was awesome and i have to thank you christina and her team - live nation, thank you for all your hard work and the wonderful organization of the concert it was great!

i had a wonderful time at the concert, the singer was awesome i didn't know slash would be so cool when his solo was played and i have to say that no matter how old a band can be their music will always rock the world, now let me explain what happen to me on my way and please laugh at my stupidness.... i hear the voice saying the concert is about to start at the arena please move to the concert hall as the concert is about to start in the arena soon.

look, i arrived at 7.45pm, feeling that i was late, i started running screaming on where is the staff was held of course some of them didn't know and it was normal and i started running and my head started to ache because i was low on sugar and i have very bad low blood pressure and i was like "i'm late, again i'm late... shoot me" and thank god i saw christina took me less than a few minutes breathless, and of course i'm not in a mess, no messy hair nothing... just noticed there was a lot of fans still gathering to the arena so i knew i still had time to get a drink... finished in one go... and moved into the hall and had my bag open for checking. now after entering i was high as a monkey and of course there was beer and other drinks and everyone at the concert gave me the highness that i enjoy and i have to say 45 minutes into the concert someone fainted behind me and the staff and security had to help her out, oh yeah someone had to smoke behind me through the concert and because there was no smoke i knew pretty well it was a heated capsule.... could have been a small vape tank as it smells nicer... but never mind, but i did enjoy the concert and it was awesome.

during the encore someone threw their beer and i have to say was a good choice it was awesome!! oh about the mic that was thrown off stage ANYONE WHO PICKED IT UP!! KEEP IT WELL HONEY!! KEEP IT WELL!!

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