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  1. i understand i haven't done any makeup or fragrance reviews in years and i'm back to the topic on helping everyone to find a good scent to relax and chill. please note the brand i speak on and share are my personal point of view, also I do help people custom and design perfumes in my working time so if there is anything you want to understand and know more your welcome to leave a message down below and i'll get back to you. i know some people have fragrance allergy and don't worry i'll get back to you on how to chill and relax on that soon. first let's get this on the street. grapefruit, not only is the scent refreshing, but i learn one thing is that it awakes and helps those who are feeling lost and tired feel better when they sleep and helps smooths them, it's not quick.... but it helps and at the same time eating grapefruit is good for the body so if you have a kid not willing to eat grapefruit because of its bitterness and sour aftertaste, girl try mixing honey into the grapefruit and let it sit for an hour, sweet, sour and the bitterness is gone. <- yes honey grapefruit is a thing and where did it begin? mm.... somewhere in Korea.. some artist original recipe gone famous and owes a small cafe. anyway, if you like grapefruit scent and want to have a light floral scent i recommend mixing it with jasmine, orange blossom lavender has a calming effect to those who are sensitive and has skin issues as well as smoothing a bad time, as the scent has a soft glass tone and a small floral tone that can give people a better time to relax, mainly lavender is used to smooth problematic stress and help keep the mind clear from bad sleeping issues, as well as it's mixed with coffee to help awaken and smooth the mind <- this is used in a special drink which is a original design by a coffee bar mixology and won at a coffee design in 2018 Hong Kong, but some weird reason... its now another person's design in USA... not mentioning any coffee brands... sorry... but shocking actually as not everyone likes lavender, but the design was good. taste was floral and very woody with the coffee... my own point of view of course so yes, lavender is used and mixed in a lot of ways which helps the mindset and it's also good as a tea itself as it has a peppermint aftertaste to those who wants to chill during a hot summer's night.
  2. So day 2 of the Tea and Food expo I appeared and when directly to Super Star restaurant as I want to say their instant soup is a success and it taste great, as for their moon cake it was something special with edibles gold which is beautiful in view, very sweet and best service with tea! And there is a chance I forgot to write about another wonderful company from last year so I’m going to include the company name and what they sell, they sell wonderful Britain, Korean and Japanese frozen food in Hong Kong as a distributor! Due to the fact I might have not posted everything online, it’s best to look at my Instagram as I do share what I did eat most of the time just I don’t fully update daily, I will post every now and then, but I didn’t disappear so chill with me here! Next is a wonderful liquor that is made by butterfly pea, Nawatoki Food Co. Ltd as well as butterfly pea mint candy and other products like mineral water! Now I did take a bottle away and we tried it, it’s very delicious and floral which is perfect for cocktails. Recipe for Blue Summer Lavender Sugar Syrup Lemon juice Butterfly pea liquor Gin and tonics The drink will change colour from a wonderful blue to a lavender purple ~ credit to Bombay Sapphire Gin Mixologist for the help, yes i somehow forgot his name, not drunk, but pretty much was looking for food~ Wonderful cocktail I had to share! product name is SAMURAI BLUE GINJYO SAKE might write the kanji’s wrong so I’m not risking my chance to embarrass myself! but it’s good! http://nawatoki.co.jp Big thank you to company owner Mr. Nishida Kenji - 西田賢二 Email: nishida@nawatoki.co.jp Speaks Fluent Mandarin, Japanese and English Now about Coppa Maga, I’m sorry if I seen to be gone, but I’m moving up and down so I might have forgotten about it, but im back including them! Then again I am sure I did mention Coppa Maga Ice cream, but their website is http://www.mineichi.hk I might not have included their contact which is my mistake so I apologise if anyone tried looking for this brand!
  3. uugh, day 4 was awesome i saw one of the most awesome street fighter players on stage, active and very very fun to communicate, here's the funny issue, i missed a small amount while i end up crawling into the live stage and somehow born short is very funny cause i end up laying flat on my chest taking a few close ups. i'll post the pictures soon, but remember if short use it to your strong point lol, then i headed over to 曼迪香港 that held some awesome Sakura items, only a few close ups. haha nothing much was brought at the event other than the stage live, got to be honest the phone of mine is a bit wacko so...if it sounds weird i'm so so sorry! pictures will come soon, for now i need a rest.. still ringing in the head. first of all, i'm back with some edits, the live song you hear is from the band called 26時のマスカレイド or 26 masquerade in english that is a new female group, the song you hear at the start is called -スノウメモリー [Snow Memory] but due to my live was a wacko I've posted the original video as well as my page so you all know I didn't lie, I end up rushing a bit, so I didn't watch the full live, but the girls are very gifted. either I blocked mic, or something happened no clue, but it was damn loud at the event so I swear its my fault on the weirdness.... ah need to get this fixed Excuse the screaming for the playstation live, as I was very excited, by the way yeah my phone mic either died on me, or everything sounds muffled, but trust me I was in the front, very front and I did my best.. now about the pictures of the Playstation Event, 100% awesome, and very very interactive with the fans and public! good change! love it. enjoy the messy live lol, pictures will come back soon! edited 2 - came back with event page facebook live link connected to the show~ pictures are on the way, still trying to figure what when wrong with the sounding... lol Day 1 and Day 2 Cosplay Competitive Including the Day 5 cosplay performance which included Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Germany~
  4. Event Details Summary Date: 17th August 2019 (Saturday) Time: 1pm - 9pm Location: Concord Rooms, 8/F, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Tickets: . $150 (Early-bird - Until 14 July ) [sold out] . $190 (Regular)
  5. Today is the first day of the ACGHK event, at the same time I had another meeting with the Gin and Tonics upcoming event so I was moreover running back and fourth today! So I haven’t made my main round to the e-sport right now and I will do so! Upcoming Final Fantasy PS4 game and hoping they get back to me! For now I’m out, will be back in day two or three
  6. how to enter the event map, i'll translate this soon.. .again, and the performance list.... sometimes you have to remind the team you can't read everything... in chinese.... ah... shoot me... mm....in case people ends up going through the park, I'll try this map out with a live stream... if i get lost.. please please blame the map!! oh yes, if the stage live end up sounding like, "that's my feet... " or "ooff..... my chest, not you hit my head" in the live, something happen to me, it'll all be on my page...don't ask what happen you'll have to guess. and no there is only 9 contestants this year for the cosplay competition, so i made no mistake or missed any updates.
  7. congratulations to the following 9 cosplayers that is in the cosplay competition and wish you all good luck and may the lucky winner win~ p.s: i will be at the event, might also do a live so I don't have to end up taking pictures alone, i'll keep everyone updated before the day of the event if anything is prepared and ready on my side as right now i am getting things ready.
  8. i'm back with a small translation on the event map, now those who wish to be at CP 06, please remember to have your cosplay stamp shown and do not leave your wallet or phone at C3 Hall, although there is a place for you to change and have your items watched over, anything important keep it on you all times, which means carry a small wallet holder with a chain lock around it. and keep it attached to your waist all times. "no one is going to go body searching you if your a girl" <- to boy cosplayers who are dressing as a girl, please be aware that some people might mistaken you are a female, and if they happen to touch your shoulder or leg or anywhere... stay cool and let them know you don't know it and that your a male, if any female gets into this problem please do not handle this alone. call for help or as a friend to join you. C3 Hall is open to registered and lined up cosplayers for people, please remember to have your ID Card, Character Information and Picture ready, as well as the confirmed email printed out if you've been approved for the event. please remember to arrive on the marked arrival time go in and get changed and ready. if your going into the ACGHK Expo please remember to let the staff know your a cosplayer and have a stamp on your hand as proof. Those who are coming to the event with suitcase and if hanging out with friends and is staying around the C3 Hall, please remember to keep all important things in with you, and if you lose anything on your cosplay costume, that's just a small matter... if you lose your phone or wallet that's a big problem so please keep everything with you. also please keep in mind that the tickets this year cost only 5 dollar extra due to extra events held within the expo, please understand.also the tickets are able to be pay by online payment or any payment app.
  9. for safe reason Cosplayers please stay in the Cosplay Area if your not heading into the event halls, in case another misunderstanding happens outside the convention hall, please remember to have your stamp ready to prove that your a cosplayer at the event as well as the picture on what character your cosplaying. if your lining up outside the event hall for the free entrance for the cosplayers that day, please bring full picture of your cosplay character as well as your ID card to get in if you did not sign up online. here are the maps for this year's hall setting. Because it's chinese, I'll come back later on translating what the map says... give me a bit lol
  10. it's worth watching, and it's very good.
  11. this years event contains the following, ESPORT CARNIVAL CHILDREN AND BABY 3RD TOY CARNIVAL CP06 - CREATIVE PARADISE 6TH YEAR E-SPORT & MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019 from what i know this is the second year for the ESPORT CARNIVAL to join ACGHK as well as holding a music festival, currently there is not much update on the music festival so I'll be getting back to everyone later on that.
  12. OMG Jan Kwok the original Figure and Tattoo designer will be appearing at B.O.A.T PARTY Invitation [Both of the Art & TOYS Fair] 2nd Year!! beside Tattoo design that he is famous for.... his original dark style figure are going to shown at the event this year!! here are some pictures that are 3D and death / punk style theme. everyone's style and views are different. but it does bring some understanding to the tattoo world and the world of figures and art style of other people's design and taste. the current design you see is called Tattoo Zombie that is design by Jan Kwok now just a personal point of view, the design is mainly dark theme and has s small amount of horrible, but that's what he's famous for so I respect the way he drew it as it gives people a big understanding that tattoo is not a 2D art but a 3D to 4D artwork!
  13. this years Heart Beat Artist that would be on stage for ACGHK 2019 Ena Fujita angela 26masquerade Miku Sawai Chihiro Yonekura I'll update some of the performance time later, before the event starts. B.O.A.T PARTY Invitation [Both of the Art & TOYS Fair] 2nd Year Also includes the most and awesome 10 figure artist that will be show casting new models at this event during the ACGHK Convention 2019 Artist includes the following John Chan (國內Black13 figure品牌)許山娒(台灣雕塑藝術家)Jei Tseng (台灣J.T Studio figure 品牌)William Tsang(香港藝術家及鐵人兄弟成員)Steven Chui(香港雕素導師)Winson Ma (香港猿創作藝術總監)Calvin Lo (香港figure設計師及品牌策劃)Ultraman (香港figure設計師)Johnson dog(香港插畫師及雕塑家)Aaron Liu (香港figure設計師) There is also a Hong Kong original animated file - Sherlock Thank you GOLDEN SCENE for the support of Hong Kong artist and help make small artist dream come true. Link : https://www.facebook.com/great.holmes/ my little brother would love to watch this, as he used to read this artist small stories. haha, its great to know the artist for Mr. Great Holmes has now got his own animated movie, congratulations!
  14. usagi-ayumi

    ACGHK 2019

    hey everyone, Usagi here... a small update and that is I might not be appearing at ACGHK 2019 this as there is a small change on my side, but that really depends so I'll update everyone with some updates on this upcoming event this year. First of all the upcoming yearly cosplay competition has return, anyone joining this every has to be 16 years old and above with parents agreement to join this event. Deadline of the sign up form is June 28th before 6pm, please read the online agreements, before joining the event here is the sign up form link. Interview will be held on July 6th "Saturday" for those who are chosen! Link: https://qrgo.page.link/ityT8 Also please congratulate the following new original Manga / Comic Artist that has won for 2019 To preview their original manga / comic, please do go to the ACGHK 2019 and have a good look at the winning works, thank you for all the artist that join the competition, we're looking forward to your new publish and wish all the winners the best on their new career and that their hobby has became their dream business, thank you for your wonderful hard work. B.O.A.T PARTY Invitation [Both of the Art & TOYS Fair] 2nd year has come back to ACGHK as well!! This year there will be new figures, arts and toys that will be shown in this fair!
  15. yesterday was the LUNA SEA 30th Anniversary and all the goods was sold out in "one night" we didn't make it and we also didn't make it to trade for the Anniversary Zone Pack. the goods for LUNA SEA 30th Anniversary Hong Kong Live pictures and song list will be later posted and shared, as for the current update all I know is there is a Lunatic X'mas 2019 that has already been confirm. first of all the stage setting was awesome, although i was short i had enjoyed the music and found J and Ryohei very very awesome. now i am not going to spoil anything, let's just a awesome night, we can't wait to see them again Next Year~
  16. as some of you might not know, this girl has been in Payday 2 for a long long time, before dropping it and moving to Overwatch, now that would be another story lol, as some of you might know this movie in Hong Kong is under Intercontinental Hong Kong, thank you to Yan for sending me the movie information to share with you all. Synopsis: Super-Assassin John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is on the run after killing a member of the international assassin's guild, and with a $14 million price tag on his head - he is the target of hit men and women everywhere. Release Date: 16 May, 2019 Cast: Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Anjelica Huston, Ian McShane Director: Chad Stahelski Rating: III Running Time: 122mins Language: English (Chinese Subtitles) Genre: Action Trailer 1 : now i have not seen the movie yet and I want to update everyone about this movie since I am very interested on this movie, i'll buy the ticket and find some time to see the movie ASAP for now enjoy the update news.
  17. small update. 【SALES EXTENDED】LUNA SEA 30th Anniversary Zone Package Thank you for your overwhelming support! We received a massive number of order and enquires about LUNA SEA 30th Anniversary Special Live - Anniversary Zone Package! Therefore, we are here to announce that the Sales of LUNA SEA Anniversary Zone Package has been extended till 20th April! The entering sequence on show day is according to the ticket ordering sequences, so hurry up to get your ticket at https://premier.hkticketing.com/ . / Anniversary Zone Package Purchase Note/ From 16th-25th April, audiences who have successfully ordered or purchased tickets, please please kindly visit https://wj.qq.com/s2/3516274/885f/ and fill in (1) Your name on Anniversary Zone Pass, (2) Phone number , (3) E-mail, (4) Select your t-shirt size, and (5) Upload “ticket photo”/ “screenshot” of ticketing. Please collect your package on show day from 3pm by following the arrangement and instructions announced by our onsite staff. . Once you submitted the above form, you will receive a confirmation email by Asia Music Group shortly. If you fail to receive the confirmation by 27th April, please contact us at lunaseaasia2019@asiamusicgrp.com. Thank you for your support and cooperation!
  18. and I'm back with some updates that there will be a Hatsune Miku Expo Digital Stars 2019 in Taiwan date is Friday, May 10th 2019 at 4.30PM - 8.30PM address: Klash Taipei, 信義區松壽路22號B1, 110 Taipei Information Link: Hatsune Miku Expo Digital Stars 2019 in Taiwan
  19. 【Attention!】LUNA SEA 30th Special Live in Hong Kong Anniversary Zone Package .To celebrate LUNA SEA 30th anniversary and to share the memorable moments with all their supporters! LUNA SEA is coming to Hong Kong on 7th June to present LUNA SEA 30th Special Live in Hong Kong.Limited Anniversary Zone Package launched for Special Live. Anniversary Zone Pass, a 30th anniversary t-shirt, a thank you card, a keyring, and a tote bag are included in a set of anniversary zone package. . Anniversary Zone Package priced HK$1,989, available at HK Ticketing from 16/4 (Tue) at 10:00 to 18/4 (Thu) 23:59, in Hong Kong time. Be ready to get your ticket via online ticketing, purchase hotline or authorised agents! . / Anniversary Zone Package Purchase Note/ From 16th-25th April, audiences who have successfully ordered or purchased tickets, please email your anniversary zone package order to us at lunaseaasia2019@asiamusicgrp.com, titled "LUNA SEA Anniversary Zone Package Order - HK" with following information: (1) your name you wish to be shown on Anniversary Zone Pass, (2) your t-shirt size, (3) phone number, and (4) ticket photo/ screecap of ticketing order (attached) Our customer services will reply you with a confirmation email, and you may pick up your package at the venue from 3pm on show day. . ******email form****** 「LUNA SEA Anniversary Zone Package Order - HK 」 Name shown on Anniversary zone Pass: t-shirt size: S /M/ L/ XL *Please delete as appropriate Phone number: * Please attach ticket photo/ screecap of ticketing order for verification ******email form****** . Please visit http://lunaseaasia2019.asiamusicgrp.com for more details. You may also reach us at lunaseaasia2019@asiamusicgrp.com if you have any enquires.
  20. The world-class Japanese rock band LUNA SEA which formed on 29th May 1989, is coming to Hong Kong and Bangkok to celebrate the 30th anniversary and to share the memorable moments with all of their supporters!. Unlike the regular Asia tour, "LUNA SEA 30th Anniversary Special Live in Hong Kong" is a commemoration of the 30th anniversary, showing LUNA SEA's appreciation to the all along support from their fans. Apart from Hong Kong, the band will be presenting in Bangkok on 20th June. Limited anniversary package will be launched for the Special Live, in which an Anniversary Zone Pass, a 30th-anniversary t-shirt, a thank you card, a keyring, and a tote bag are included..All items are not for public sales, the Anniversary Zone Package is exclusive for Circircles members only, so register yourself at https://www.circircles.comif you are not yet a member, it is totally free of charge! ./ LUNA SEA Special Live in Hong Kong concert info/Date: 7th June, 2019 (Fri)Time: 17:00 (Door open) 19:00 (Start)Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo (Hall 10)Price: HKD 1989 (Anniversary Zone Package, all standing)HKD 880/ 580 (Seating)Ticketing: (Anniversary Zone Package) www.circircles.com.hk (Regular tickets) www.hkticketing.com Details: lunaseaasia2019.asiamusicgrp.com. Remarks:- Maximum 4 anniversary tickets per purchase. - Limited anniversary zone package ordering start from 27/03/2019 (WED) 10am to 31/03/2019 (SUN) 5pm, at Hong Kong time.Please visit http://lunaseaasia2019.asiamusicgrp.com for more details. You may also reach us at lunaseaasia2019@asiamusicgrp.com if you have any enquires. Further concert arrangement will be announced shortly, so stay tuned! usagi: idiot here forgot to update so all information is shared from the original Asia Music Group HK / Macau group, but I will also get a goodie bag as well for everyone to see late on my personal facebook to see what I though and think, but currently there are other concert information I need to post soon, so please don't worry I'll be back
  21. currently i'm unable to make it to the VIP show but i will be buying the movie ticket and watch it with another friend and come back with some of my point of views and no i won't ruin the movie details for you all, so i'll be back
  22. hello everyone, i'm back with another concert update and that is everyone's beloved Hatsune Miku is finally coming back to Hong Kong!! Information shared from the original facebook page 「MIKU EXPO」踏入第 5 週年,我地好開心宣佈今年終於登陸香港啦! 香港站將於 2019 年 7 月 27 日在 STAR HALL 舉辦!MIKU EXPO 將設有 VIP 門票,並會以實名抽 籤形式進行,2 月 22 號下午2:00開始接受登記。其他門票售票日期將會另外公佈, 請大家再 耐心等候! MIKU EXPO has come to its 5th anniversary celebration this year and we are excited to announce Miku is coming to Hong Kong for her live concert at Star Hall on 27th July. We will offer VIP package for the show and the application will start on 22 Feb tentatively. (On lottery basis) 購票程序 1. 到 Timable 報名 網址 :https://timable.com/event/1761071 開始時間:2 月 22 日 14:00 截止時間:2 月 28 日 23:59 2. 於上述網頁按 "報名",並填妥個人資料,選擇場次及付款方式 個人資料:姓名 (須與身份證明文件上的姓名相同)、 身份證/護照號碼頭 5 個字母 (包括英文及數字)、 電話號碼、電郵 (電話及電郵將用作聯絡及接收確認電郵,請確保資料無誤) 場次 : 7 月 27 日下午場 - VIP 區門票及初音未來禮物包 $980 + $20 手續費 7 月 27 日夜晚場 - VIP 區門票及初音未來禮物包 $980 + $20 手續費 數量 :每場最多兩張 付款方式:信用咭、ATM 轉帳 (付款將於中籤後進行) 3. 截止後將會進行抽籤,結果於 3 月 4 日至 3 月 8 日 期間透過電郵通知 申請 者 (請仔細檢查收件箱及垃圾郵件箱) 4. 申請者收到「中籤確認電郵」或「payment request」電郵,必須於指 定限期 內完成付款 (詳情會於電郵內列明) 5. 如申請者未能於付款期限內完成付款並提供付款證明,主辦單位有權取 消其 購票資格,並開放給其他候補申請者 (候補申請者將獲主辦單位另 行通知) 取票方式 1. 完成付款後,申請者將於 2-3 星期後收到「購票確認電郵」 (請仔細檢 查收件 箱及垃圾郵件箱) 2. 於演唱會當天,攜同電郵內的電子憑證 (每票一個 QR 碼,電子版或列 印版) 及申請者身份證明文件,到現場領取門票及禮物包 (如未能出示 QR 碼及身份 證明文件,恕不能領取門票及禮物包) 條款及細則 1. 是次 VIP 門票抽籤購票採用實名制。 2. 每人每場最多可申請兩張 VIP 門票。 3. 重複申請者將會被取消資格。 4. 確認中籤後,必須於指定期限內付款。 5. 門票確認後不可退款,更換或轉讓他人。 6. 領取門票時須出示確認電郵內的電子憑證及身份證明文件。 7. VIP 區座位為隨機挑選。 8. 主辦單位有權更改條款及細則而不作另行通知。如有任何爭議,主辦單位將 保留最終決定權。
  23. hey everyone, HYDE WORLD TOUR 2019 ASIA dates has been confirmed! and i'm sorry for the slow updates like normal and that everyone is waiting for the C3HK event updates too, don't worry that would be coming somewhere sometime this coming week i promise you that after writing on that event for so long as who i am, i won't stop lol. March 27, 2019 (Wed) Shanghai March 29, 2019 (Fri) Beijing March 31, 2019 (Sun) Chengdu April 2, 2019 (Tue) Hong Kong April 4, 2019 (Thu) Taipei Current introduction is the original Hong Kong promotion one, so please don't worry about destination as I will be posting information on how to get to the concert hall as well soon. HYDE WORLD TOUR 2019 ASIA in HONGKONG Date: Tue 02 Apr 2019 8:15PM Venue: Star Hall, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Kowloon Ticket Pricing: *VIP: $1480 Adult: $1280 / $1080 / $780 Wheelchair: $1080 about HYDE: HYDE:日本音樂人,日本殿堂級搖滾樂隊L'Arc~en~Ciel(彩虹樂隊)主唱、VAMPS樂隊的主唱。近年來,HYDE更多以個人solo的形式發行專輯及舉辦巡演。繼2018年黑彌撒亞洲巡演後,2018年12月30日HYDE宣佈2019年的世界巡演計劃,將以亞洲作為起點,今次公佈的亞洲城市包括上海、北京、成都、香港及台北。不同於黑彌撒安靜優雅的不插電形式,2019年的巡演HYDE將以樂隊的形式帶來躁動的搖滾現場。強節奏的選曲,更加狂野的現場,完全的熱血,完全的Heavy。HYDE將用現場的不
  24. i wouldn't mind asking when the movie will be aired in USA. do you mind sending me a message by facebook i can update you there, this is my facebook page name. ミク白雪 i'll update you with information
  25. some of you might know that Fate / Stay Night - Heaven's Feel Lost Butterfly movie is about to air, or some of you might not know. the first part of the movie was released in 2017. so right now i am going to share the current movie poster and the one that was released in 2017 so everyone can compare the different and as you can see the date of airing time is different, but i have to say it was awesome. now i am not going to spoil the first movie and give people my point of view as you might be able to find it on my profile lol and it might be a little messy, but anyway i have to say is that i was so looking forward for the second part of the movie and i though the second part was releasing last year, i was a bit wrong. right now i am going to say that everyone gather up for this movie and make sure the tickets are sold out in day one to support this anime and make it burst. i will come back soon with my review and some pictures will be posted on my instagram as well as some short live on my facebook page. so look forward to some short spoiling clips if you want to see lol
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