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  1. hey everyone, Usagi here and I would like to explain why there hasn’t been translated updates or anything that I am participating, due to some minor miscommunication and I was having some health issues which I have taken a little step away from updating. I will still continue participating the ACGHK event for all 5 days , but first of all my emails that I wrote to them twice was ignored, the PR company they provided was never updated until the end of May and caused me some problems to figure out who to contact, also I was waiting for the official confirmation from the event holders to get back to me, which due to language barriers, and misunderstanding and communication confusion I never got the response back. I’m writing this out is mainly because I am dealing with communication issues and I want everyone to know I am still going, if anything happens I will buy the tickets myself and go in as a guest. it’s a big deal to be misunderstood and having communication issues. I apologise to make this update. but I am dealing with a bit of problem with my health.
  2. 《ReUnion With Uki Violeta and Fulgur Ovid》2 Years Later Reunion Stream Date: June 8th 2024 Group: Nijisanji Noctyx - Wave 5 Place: Grand Hall AB, 1/F, Building 12W, Shatin Science Park, Hong Kong Time A - 12:00 - 1:00PM Time B - 5:00 - 6:00PM (1) VIP tickets are $680, including: Have the opportunity to be selected to participate in interactive games PsyBorgReunion 70cm X 30cm Gaming Mat (not for sale) One commemorative ticket for a designated event (not for sale) One chance to purchase one-on-one tickets for Meet & Greet (2) General admission is $480, including: One commemorative ticket for a designated event (not for sale) One chance to purchase one-on-one tickets for Meet & Greet Event Details: ReUnion With Uki Violeta and Fulgur Ovid Introduction Event ~ 《第一話 : 密室の脫離》- "Episode 1: Escape from the Secret Room" 《第二話 : 校園の結界》- "Episode 2: Campus Boundary" Info: "Meet & Greet One-to-One Meeting" - Uki Violeta/Fulgur Ovid Ticket sale date: 10am on May 25, 2024 >>>Those who hold event tickets for the first and second episodes will be notified of the "Meet & Greet one-on-one meeting" by email at 11am on May 20, 2024 purchase link. "Meet & Greet One-on-One Meeting" Ticket Purchase Rules Seats are limited, first come first served Meet & Greet one-on-one meeting time is one minute, each M&G ticket can only be used by one person Real-name ticket purchase. A maximum of one M&G ticket can be purchased for each event ticket. If you hold one ticket for each of the two events, you can purchase up to two M&G tickets. You can choose the same Liver or different Livers when purchasing. If you successfully purchase two M&G tickets for the same Liver, the M&G time will be arranged for two minutes without interruption. When purchasing, you need to enter the event ticket number and name (must match the identity document) The order of the one-to-one meeting depends on the queue on the day. Identity documents need to be verified before starting. Event enquiries: cosplay@ani-com.hk In the event of any dispute over tickets, the organizer reserves the right to make the final decision.
  3. 《Creative Paradise創天綜合同人祭2024舞台表演》 Stage Performance registation will end on May 17th 2024 - all form links are below, as well as WhatApps contact link. WhatsApp Contact: https://wa.me/message/LS37SLI4ATQQN1 Form Link: :https://ssur.cc/vNUUJ2g
  4. i think everyone would love this new update release that ADO made so please enjoy this!
  5. ACGHK Canvas Project 2024 Group 1 and 2 - Social Media きゅるりんってしてみて - YouTube Siamdol「サイアムドル」 - YouTube Ace Mode エースモード (@ace_mode_official) • Instagram photos and videos ^ no youtube only fan recording of their performance sentimental kiss - YouTube Yukari・有栖川縁 - YouTube ChuRiPPu (@chu.rippu_official) • Instagram photos and videos Peer pure Pear【ピア ピュア ピーア】 Official (@pipipi_staff) • Instagram photos and videos ɪɴғɪɴɪᴛʏ ∞ ᴄɪʀᴄᴜs (@infinity_circus) • Instagram photos and videos N♢VΛ (@nova_info_) • Instagram photos and videos M.A.D (@m.a.d_reversi) • Instagram photos and videos 乙女シンドリーム (@otomesyndream) • Instagram photos and videos Euphonie☆Official Account (@euphonie.official) • Instagram photos and videos きゅるりんってしてみて (@kyurushite) • Instagram photos and videos please feel free to support and follow the girls on their upcoming performances.
  6. 《Culture Polygon立派綜藝祭》『Canvas Project全民偶像選拔賽--淘汰賽』 Date: May 15th 2024 Time: 14:00 - 21:00 Ticket Price: $380 / $580 Part 1 - Performance Group きゅるりんってしてみて Euphonie Ace Mode 空想グラフィティー Sentimental Kiss #51NK Yukari・有栖川 縁 薄明エルフリーデ きゅるりんってしてみて (東京) Euphonie (曼谷) Ace Mode 空想グラフィティー Sentimental Kiss #51NK Yukari・有栖川 縁 薄明エルフリーデ Part 2 - Performance Group ChuRiPPU Peer pure Pear Infinity ∞ Circus NOVA M.A.D. 乙女シンドリーム - 乙女新夢 Euphonie きゅるりんってしてみて ChuRiPPU Peer pure Pear Infinity ∞ Circus NOVA M.A.D. 乙女新夢 Original Manga / Hong Kong Comic Competition 2024 Link: ttps://reurl.cc/dn5q9V Organiser: www.ani-com.hk Deadline: May 31st 2024 - 6PM HKT - 3:30AM - PST Hong Kong Figure Finalist Upcoming Runnner Up listed below!! Figure Given to the Event Holder Deadline: June 21st 2024 - 6PM HKT - 3:30AM PST
  7. hey everyone, yes i am aware on the fact i didn't added the concert ticket poster so dont worry i came back in time to do so everyone can at least make it on time. those who ordered the VIP tickets before this update and haven't received their QR code ticket, please email the event holder to the following email. nanaoakarihk@ed-production.com.hk or ed.production.ltd@gmail.com don't worry i will let everyone know if there is any changes, cause I am keeping a sharp eye on it as I payed for the ticket in case my dumb bell has the same incident x2
  8. 【Ado】 THE FIRST WORLD TOUR "Wish" ロサンゼルスプロジェクション the world tour clip that ADO made and let me say it was great?!
  9. hey everyone, a little bit late since I sort of delayed myself a bit as title has said NANAOAKARI Live in Hong Kong ~ THIS IS USELESS ANGEL~ normal tickets are still available, I have linked the ED Production Limited Instagram link below. I am very excited about her live since she has the most unique voice and singing style and one of her songs was used as an anime opening to [HAPPY SUGAR LIFE], also don’t worry I have prepared for this concert and ordered the VIP ticket in case I have the some incident happen to me again!? #NANAOAKARI #ナナヲアカリ NANAOAKARI USELESS ANGEL LIVE Hong Kong information
  10. Ado THE FIRST WORLD TOUR “Wish” Feb 18th, AsiaWorld-Expo, Runway 11 Thank you!! THE FIRST WORLD TOUR “Wish” Feb 21st, Mega Star Arena in Kuala Lumpur Thank You!! THE FIRST WORLD TOUR “Wish” Feb 21st, Mega Star Arena in Kuala Lumpur Thank You!! three official posted by ADO STAFF AND ARTIST herself woohoo! let's go!!!!
  11. (have mouth foaming statuses) I got the encore / Ado Hong Kong World Tour Playlist, thank you gain.fanpiece.com for participating the concert on all anime / manga platforms related… 歌單: 1.新時代 2.うっせえわ 3.ラッキーブルート 4.レディメイド 5.リベリオン 6.ウタカタララバイ 7.マザーランド 8.ギラギラ 9.Tot Musica 10.愛して愛して愛して 11.私は最強 12.阿修羅ちゃん 13.クラクラ 14.夜のピエロ(Remix版) 15.心という名の不可解 16.真夜中のドア〜Stay With Me 17.唱 Encore 18.逆光 19.FREEDOM 20.千本桜 21.踊 (foaming by the mouth) thank you for participating it and updating everyone on how awesome the concert was… I will leave the link below for anyone who can read Chinese to check it out! https://gank.fanpiece.com/animeradio/Ado演唱會2024香港站觀後感-神級實力現場演出-鳥籠歌姫-香港最高-c1453148.html
  12. hey everyone, Usagi here, would like to say there is a slight hiccup on my end since I don’t know if I am able to participate in Ado’s World Tour Hong Kong event tonight due to a slight hiccup and changes on my end, but I promise I will try and update the playlist for the Hong Kong show for tonight! due to this I would like to apologise for this unfortunate incident on my end.
  13. Ado Wish World Tour - Asia / Europe and America Song List Chocolat Cadabra Show Usseewa New Genesis (UTA One Piece Film Red) Backlight (UTA One Piece Film Red) Odo Kura Kura Unravel I’m Invincible (UTA One Piece Film Red) Fleeting Lullaby Lucky Bruto Tot Musica Gira Gira Motherland Freedom Readymade Where the Wind Blows Aishite Aishite Aishite Rebellion I’m a Controversy Yoru No Pierrot KokoroToluNanoFukakai Show (Jax Jones Remix) this will be the upcoming performance song / released playlist on Spotify/ YouTube Music Channel for everyone to listen to! ADO “Ready For My Show,” ADO “Ready For MY Show,”
  14. hey everyone a little rushed and a bit late about the updates. official art from - crunchyroll Location I am right now waiting for the Hong Kong management to get back to me since I was a bit slow on updating everything and will try and update things as quickly as possible which means i will be making some early changes to update some concert updates as I would like to give a lot of the fans the information which is the closest to their location to take part fo their beloved artist. for now this all from Usagi I will be back soon as soon as I know if there is ticket increased. for now NYC - SOLD OUT Chicago - SOLD OUT LA - SOLD OUT
  15. ACGHK 2024 has been updated and is everyone ready?
  16. upcoming concert of the world-wile well-known game Genshin Impact is once again holding a wonderful world tour musical concert. Dear Travelers Melodies of an Endless Journey will soon resound once more! This Year is your chance to hear the music of Teyvat live in-person. Here some Genshin Impact concert venues and tickets sale information for you. For more details about the event please see the events official link web page.
  17. ACGHK 2023 is starting on July 28th to August 1st 2023. 2023 14th original comic competition is open for registering, this years theme will be " The Trendy Ocean Character League," main point and cause of this event is to help people understand the meaning on protecting ocean animals the ocean itself from the damage and cause in normal life. Event Holders Website: http://www.ani-com.hk Comic Registering Form: https://bit.ly/3HhNqqF
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