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[Eclipse] GOT7 - Look Full Dance Cover

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If you got accepted you and your parents will get a tour around SM Entertainment HQ, and you'll get to meet some of the artist and Lee Soo Man will explain to your parents what will happen to you when you are a trainee, then if your parents choose to sign the contract then you're lucky. If not then you basically just wasted your whole time auditioning for nothing.”


Does it really have to be your parents? Can it be guardians/siblings? what if you went to audition in Korea yourself and your parents weren’t able to fly to korea to sign the contract..are there any other way to sign the agreement? Can you sign it yourself if you’re 18??


Also if you audition in Korean rather than gobal, do you have to know how to speak Korean? Can you speak English to them instead?


Are there any other weekly auditions out there except Korea?


For the whole 3 rounds of auditioning. All of them are acapella yeah? No music for all of your song or the 3rd round when you meet Lee Soo Man, you have to sing/rap w music?


Im ok with singing (not really good i would say lol), i can do a little of freestyle dancing, Im more confident with rapping. Can i rap for all of my rounds in auditions? Or i still have to sing??


Im planning to go to the L.A weekly audition but im all the way from Australia which takes around 14-15hours of flight. Is it better to stay in USA for 3-4months(which i might get broke/out of money) or after auditions, stay for a month then fly back to my country and wait until they asked me to come again? Will they tell you ON that day or few days before the day they want to see you again since i fly back to my country and fly to USA again.


Can you please also tell me the address for L.A weekly auditions? thank you^^

(Sorry for asking too much...)

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