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[COVER] Stand by Me - Nam Woohyun (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BBY)

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Today is Woohyun's birthdayyy!!! I made a rendition of STAND BY ME, a song which Woohyun wrote while thinking of the fans. He is so scared of fans leaving, even asking them to stay and stand by his side. So I changed the lyrics to become a reply version, telling him that we will always "stand by you." I believe this represents the voice of all the fans who choose to stay by him. <3

Despite the many flaws of this cover, I really did my best and hope it was still acceptable enough. It took like 3 months of planning and preparation I think. I would reaaaaally appreciate it if you could help me spread or tweet the video or something. Since Woohyun is a namtizen, he might just see the video. (A fangirl can dream, can't she?) I heard he's been down lately, so hopefully this can cheer him up. If not, I'm already super thankful if you watch the video :D

If anyone wants to help, you can mention it to him here :D Hehehe
Twitter: @wowwh
IG: @nwh91



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