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  1. I've also made a cover if anyone is interested to watch it Would be very much appreciated <3 CLICK HERE
  2. GUYS!!!! WOOHYUN'S NEW SONG IS OUT!!!!! Come, we have to stream it CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO A SONG FOR YOU (All caps because my excitement is overwhelming)
  3. He released it already!!!! SO happyyy! The song is super greattt!!! It deserves all the love in the world! I made a cover of the song too, would love it if you could take a listen to it
  4. Hi guys! Like the description says, it's my first time making an instrumental track using Logic Pro. For a first timer, I kinda like how it turned out. It's nowhere near pros, of course, but not that horrible for a first attempt Would appreciate any feedback! Thank you for listening! Do give Woohyun's new song lots of love~ Hehehe <3 CLICK HERE
  5. A new collab after all of us have been on a long collabing hiatus. Please please DO watch it. Personally, I think it's super sweet and a healing collab of some sorts~ Hehehe Or am I just being biased? Would really appreciate it if you could watch it. Feedbacks are more than welcome! Thank you! CLICK HERE
  6. Helloooo! Woohyun is back with a new comeback.. And even though my voice doesn't fit ballad songs, I really wanted to show my support and love for this song. He wrote and composed it himself. So I would appreciate it if you could listen to it. If that's too much to ask, I hope you'll listen to the original song by Nam Woohyun! Thanks for listening! :D CLICK HERE
  7. For everyone who has ever received mean comments or encountered a hater, you may relate to this cover. Thank you for watching! Would appreciate it if you could leave your thoughts and comments on this cover. WATCH ON YOUTUBE | LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD
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