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[Current Japanese Drama 2017] Ashi Girl, アシガール


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Drama: Ashi-girl

Romaji: Ashi Garu

Japanese: アシガール

Network: NHK

Episodes: 12

Release Date: September 23 - December 9, 2017

Runtime: Saturdays 18:05-18:43

Genre: Based on a Comic / Time Travel

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan



Yui Hayakawa (Yuina Kuroshima) is a 16-year-old high school student. The one area that she has talent is that she can run fast. One day, Yui Hayakawa travels through time and finds herself in the Sengoku period. She meets and falls in love with the  young lord Tadakiyo Hagi (Kentaro), who she vows to protect.



Yuina Kuroshima - Yui Hayakawa

Kentaro - Tadakiyo Hagi

Yuya Matsushita - Shigeyuki Hagi

Rie Tomosaka - Kitsuno

Rina Kawaei - Ako Matsumaru

Kanji Furutachi - Satoru Hayakawa

Hiroko Nakajima - Mikako Hayakawa

Shota Shimoda - Takeru Hayakawa

Satoshi Kanada - Koheita Amano

Kisuke Iida - Nobuchika Amano

Ken Ishiguro - Tadataka Hagi

Issey Ogata - Nobushige Amano


Note : The drama is based on the manga with the same name by Kozueko Morimoto.





I'm in love with this light drama. Yuina and Kentaro has this amazing chemistry.

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Episode 01 : Yui Hayakawa is sent to the Sengoku Era via a time travelling device created by her brother, where she finds herself in the middle of a battle. There is meets the young lord (wakagimi) Tadakiyo Hagi and falls in love with him. She is stuck in the past until there is a full moon only then will she be able to return to the present time. Until that time comes, Yui who is pretending to be a boy under the name of Yuinosuke finds herself living with a poor family who eventually finds out about her real gender.


At first I often wonder why Yui was so fascinated with Wakagimi, yes he is very handsome and it feels like I'm watching a typical high school Japanese drama where high school girl falls in love with a popular prince like boy, only you throw in a time travelling and japanese war and politics. Not bad at all.


Episode 02: Yui tries to find a way to be closer to Wakagimi so she joins a running race representing Amano's team, a former bodyguard of wakagimi. She wins the race and befriends Akumaru. She also meets wakagimi's older brother. It is also in this episode she finally returns to the present time only to find out the terrible fate that would fall on Wakagimi. With this she vows to return to the Sengoku era to protect him.


Not much in this episode, although we get to see Wakagimi's older brother who I find suspicious. And that Yui got to go back to her family for awhile.

credit as tagged 

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Episode 03: Yui exercises to pump up her strength as she prepare to return back to the Sengoku era. The Hagi clan goes into war and she joins the army disguise as the boy Yuinosuke. She witnesses a fierce battle and is almost killed when Tadakiyo rescues her. With this she faint in his arms.

Yui and her goal to save Tadakiyo is entertaining. Yet she finally witnesses people killing and getting killed and realizes what she intends to do is no easy matter.


Episode 04: Yui wakes up in the Hagi camp, their side is victorious. She then learns that the Wakagimi will be visited and spending the evening with a princess named Fuki. So Yui disguises as the princess instead, giving a wrong name, Fuku which the Wakagimi does not seem to mind. They spend time together talking and laughing, which seemingly brings them closer together. The Wakagimi then learns a few days that the young girl he met is not the real princess and wonders who she is. Yui also then lands a job which brings her closer to the wakagimi again, only to find out that the battle they were about to go will bring about the loss of the Hagi clan. So once again she travels back to the present world to ask for Takeru, her brother's help. 

Okay, this is actually one of my favorite episodes. Yui is finally as herself, girl and she meets the Wakagimi and they seem to have this chemistry and attraction. Come to think of it, he seems to be looking for her twice in this episode too,

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Episode 05: Yui helps the Hagi Clan win the battle by using a 20th century device. While treating wakagimi Tadakiyo wounds, he seems to recognize her again as Fuku. But still she refuses to tell him the truth. Also Yui gets a chance to be upgraded as a caretaker of the Wakagimi's horses. Tadakiyo and Yui then spend some time together and they talk about their brothers and she also tells him she supports the peace treaty with the rival clan. The Hagi envoy proceeds yet Yui overhears a suspicious plot against the wakagimi. She laters learns that he has been shot by an arrow near the heart, and is on the verge of death. Desperate, Yui sends Tadakiyo the the present world to save his life and she tells him her real name before he disappears.



Another good episode, since there are more scenes with Tadakiyo and Yui. I think here he somehow knows its her. 

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I’m really enjoying this drama so much that I looked for the manga and read it to chapter 8.  I’m really hoping something gets resolved about the time travel limits.  Ashi Girl falls in love and wants to marry her prince beginning from Chapter 1 in the manga.  She falls totally in love and that’s why she protects him risking her own life.


Does the prince sleep with the generals daughter or whoever she is?  I am waiting for episode 7 & 8 to be subbed.  I know back in that time multiple women were not uncommon in a Royal relationship but Ashi Girl is not from that era and no sharezies allowed.  The last episode messed with us.  

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@desertflower good for you! I have not been updated with the manga. Although I've seen some scans Yui and Wakagimi has already kissed ^_^ I do hope they do it in the drama as well.

I'm kinda worried about that too. It will break Yui's heart if he does. But it seems that he genuinely seems to like her already. Let's see what happens next.

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