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  1. I hope actress PHB does not exit this drama because of something her husband did in his business life. An innocent spouse should not be blamed for something their spouse did in secret. I’m really enjoying this drama having just marathoned it yesterday. The suspense is so strong with waiting to see what that crazy obsessed husband will do. The face change doesn’t get rid of the PTSD that YMR has from being savagely beaten by her husband for five years. She would need therapy to get over the trauma so she can live in peace.
  2. Watching with subs make me agree with other chingos who have stopped watching Ms Hong scenes. Her fake voice and mannerisms are getting really thick and syrupy to the point of being obnoxious. When she met with new potential daughter-in-law and was explaining/lying about SH’s relationship with SY, Ms Hong’s tone of voice was dripping with false sweetness. This possible new daughter-in-law, however, is very smart and observant and I think she is realizing that SH is the obsessor while SY is not interested, hence the interesting lady comment. Time will tell. The preview shows SJ putting the kobosh on Ms. Hong and asking her to retire based upon the video but then SJ collapses....will Ms. Hong delete the video after taking his phone? SH’s character flaws just keep getting bigger. Now, he is not even a human being after SJ tries to have a conversation with him. He is so full of weaknesses that he needs to be in a mental health program in order to grow as a person. He’s a complete mess but with Ms.Hong as his mother it’s understandable,
  3. FI like that MPD is smart and doesn’t trust easily especially since he’s always been surrounded be lying scoundrels. He is definitely playing a game by getting engaged to psychopath sister but it’s too bad that SC can’t know it’s fake. MPD’s character growth has been great to see going from selfish introvert or antisocial person to someone who loves someone enough to want to protect them and look out for them. I want to see exboyfriends face when he finds out JN’s and his child is actually his mother’s adoptive daughter. Shaman mom needs someone to mess with her as much as she is messing with SC. The dad is trying but it’s not satisfying enough. Yes, the chains and lock was a good one. We need more like that. Will MPD get mad at MPD that SC is helping the Chairman?
  4. I’m wondering if TP’s grandfather or father had something to do with the stabbing incident indirectly and with possible ties to Go Rae’s dad. TP has an overwhelming urge to help Dad’s Bakery and maybe he knows that witnesses were paid off. This was 30 years ago so he could have been one of the son’s of homeless guy. (TP would have been born after the incident and before guilt made him leave home). TP says his dad is dead but....has he ever seen homeless man? Hummmm. The plot thickens.
  5. After watching ep. 70, I’m thinking the golf coach will not sleep with SK and will not actually take the money. For this situation to turn around and bite the Ex-Wife and Sister, then the golf coach will woo SK and get her divorced and marry her. Now it’s time for lazy husband to step up and protect his wife and woo her away from the golf coach since MAJOR STOCK CONTROL is at stake. I’d love to see this backfire and SK get a backbone!
  6. HJ can stand by her man but at the same time she should not have the audacity to ask her sister to forgive him. That is not her place or right to do so. It’s unfair of her. I believe Mr. Kang did not kill DY’s dad but someone is covering the real story up like perhaps DY dad had someone in his business embezzling money and it forced him to get a private loan to cover the losses and maybe he wasn’t repaying it on time and got stabbed, etc. Something might come out where DY’s dad was not a perfect person and did something underhanded.
  7. Just watched episode 24 and SC tells MPD she doesn’t know him and with that yet another person is lying to MPD and that person just happens to be the only person he trusts even a little bit. I know she tries to tell him about the tape in tomorrow’s episode, if she gets to see him (thus redeeming herself after her lie of not knowing him). I’m not worried at all about nut case sister trying to get involved with MPD because he’s not susceptible to women. He only likes SC and he doesn’t even know it. The story only make sense if MPD keeps SC close to him as in it being his fate to take care of her and protect her as requested by her dying mother years ago when they were children. The wicked sister is like a buzzing fly..a lot of noise but not much happening. The poor guy who went to prison because of her needs some TLC to come back into normal society and I hope his mother really does clear his name. I can imagine her going in front of the building that wicked sister works with a sign letting people know her despicable character. I’m waiting for SC to be discovered by the company for her color spectrum vision ability.
  8. Ep 63. I’m waiting for illegitimate daughter to get a backbone and end the crazy, stressful situations in her life. Leave home, divorce useless hubby, get a job, become self sufficient, love herself. Just my take on baby story: Tall mean sister just admitted to SJ she didn’t have a child because she was scared to death of dying like their mother. 1). If Tall Mean Sister went through fertilization to harvest eggs...that process involves hormone shots everyday with excess weight gain and changes to the body, mood swings and lots of doctor visits. This doesn’t sound like her. Too self sacrificing. 2). She could not take fertility drugs because they would make her extremely furtile so having sex with Idol Hubby would absolutely create a new baby. Which is not what she wanted. 3). Because to harvest eggs she needed to stop birth control and since she was NOT trying to get pregnant she would never make herself go through the fertility hormone shots and terrible mood and physical body changes that fertility drugs would create within her since she could not use birth control while eggs were being created for harvesting. That doesn’t make sense. The baby is biologically So Dam’s and Idol guy. She bought a baby. She used her hubbies sperm for the SD surrogacy which is still considered valid when the surrogate provides the eggs. I looked it up. Tall mean sister is not bonded with the baby. It’s a tool to her. SY is really falling for SJ and he is just the right amount of attentive and those hugs are a soft place to fall. Watching the last hug, SY’s eyes closed and you could see her relax like absorbing his strength.
  9. I am hoping the golf guy is falling in love with illegitimate daughter (wow, that doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean) even if he was paid to seduce her. He may have begun the relationship as a task but then I believe he actually found her very cute. Let’s see! I could envision her being kicked out of the family home and he would let her stay with him....especially after seeing the rotten way she is treated. But it would be a character low point for him to get paid to sneak around and rendezvous with her. (Unless his mother is sick and he needs to pay hospital bills.....oh, wait, his mother has passed already). SJ giving out those warm hugs and nice text messages to SY is to hard to resist. He has a warm heart and he thinks of others. He’s a keeper. SH has his own battles to fight with his mother. I believe the light is dawning that all is not right with mommy dearest. It’s possible that he drank the tranquilizer knowing what it was and pretended to fall asleep right away but heard his mother talking when she put him to bed. Isn’t Idol hubby going to divorce the fake mother of his child! The baby is WT’s and SD’s. You can bet that Crazy Mean Bear didn’t take fertility drugs to have her eggs harvested (which you would need for the baby to be her biological child). Idol hubby needs to take the baby to SD and reunite them but, wait, her Idol career.
  10. I didn’t think mean older sister had a problem getting pregnant at all. Her problem is two-fold, 1) she is deathly afraid to be pregnant because her mother died giving birth to SJ and 2) she is very vain about her body and doesn’t want to have pregnancy and child birth mess it up. Mr. Toad’s wild ride is about to start with all the villains scrambling to recover their footing. I hope that quietly suffering illegitimate sister finds love with Mr. Golf Pro/Instructor. They look so cute together. Her horrible father and husband are pushing her into the arms of someone who can and wants to give her affection...Mr. Very cute golf instructor. After Ms. Hong does her worst time and time again, it will eventually erode any good feeling SY’s good feelings for SH and SY will never want her as a family member. SJ matches her so well that it’s only natural that his attention and warmth will win her over.
  11. @howa Thank you for setting me straight on the baby’s parentage. Now I understand why So Dam is so sad to leave the baby. I have watched all the episodes but admit that some of the finer point went unnoticed by me. Probably fell asleep at those moments. Let’s hope SJ doesn’t let himself be manipulated by SH because he is so keen to repair his relationship. I hope he wakes up. SJ and SY are uplifting to each other and much more compatible than SH and SY. JY is not smart enough to plot, while others around her are, so if she pairs up.with the right villains she can cause turmoil and maybe bully or guilt SJ to become her fiancé but that’s about it. That ship sunk when SJ solidly friend zoned her and was placating his father by taking her on a date. It a little bit fun to see SJ shut her down when she pulls her antics. She’s a pip squeak. She will drive SJ and SY closer together. I’m struggling to find good dramas so I admit that I look forward to this one every weekday along with It’s My Life. I think I’ve gotten pickier. Interesting plots matter.
  12. I’m enjoying this drama. Hong Baek-Hee is an excellent villain with her quick calculated responses which save her every time. I’m rooting for the OTP to get past the hurdles and get their relationship going (not Hong Se-Hyun). Choi Seo-Joon is turning out to be a stand up kind of guy who Eun So-Yoo would be lucky to have and vice versa. In the early episodes, it was pretty evident that Hong Se-Hyun was not able to provide an emotional support system for Eun So-Yoo. Se-Hyun knowing that So-Yoo’s mother was sick yet not giving of himself led me to believe he has an emotional problem that is not allowing him to have a full relationship (maybe his mother messed him up). He instead, concentrated on his job while So-Yoo was struggling and now he’s all woe is me about why he’s not “the guy” Even if it’s a pretend situation with Seo-Joon, at least he is a responsive guy who takes action for our heroine. Kyung Ji-Yoon is the perfect second lead love interest who makes you laugh without causing any concern. Choi Seo-Hyung is crazy and her tantrums are fun! I’m still trying to figure out how Eun So-Dam got pregnant either artificial means or a wild night that Mo Tae Woong can’t remember. I’m thinking Seo-Hyung didn’t provide an egg and that the baby is Mo Tae Woong’s and So-Dam’s bio baby. So-Dam’s emotional connection to the baby speaks of the latter. I hope Choi Seo-Kyung gets rid of her evil user hubby and has a new relationship with the sweet golf pro.
  13. OMO...worst (or best) evil snow queen outfit ever award goes to SE Na and her stylist. Yes, can we just say ‘red belt’, BIG white collar fur. Baahaahaaahaaa!!!!!
  14. I’m enjoying this drama while watching two pretty people together. I can understand the attraction each character has for the other from the beginning. Now we need to see if fear will slow down or stop their relationship growth. I like the vibe in episode 4 where he steps up to take the CEO out for ramen, thus killing the gossip about her abusing a sub-contractor, etc. The gossip now will have to be about the difference in their status. I digress, the vibe of him stepping up to save her embarrassment in front of lots of people in the lobby is groundbreaking since he took it upon himself to go against her wishes to distance themselves from one another. Further, he came out as the ramen date and now has to face the heat.
  15. The cheater husband and son’s pain and suffering from new wife and stepmother is coming to a boil. I cracked up big time when I saw her using her IPad to monitor the apartment via hidden camera, while she is in the hospital. The bachelor boys (aka cheater dad and son) were caught throwing their stuff around the house and enjoying their time away from her while she recovers from the flu in the hospital. The son was especially happy and relaxed. Meanwhile, grumpy mean old husband was chowing down on grilled meat so fast without consideration of everyone around the table getting their share. Jin Ok had to go in the kitchen to fry some more meat pieces in order to feed the guests (Because he would eat it all, again, if cooked on the table grill), People were talking to him and he wouldn’t look at them or respond. I can’t wait for the subs. He’s really going downhill fast. It’s fun to see the crazy characters while watching these three women navigate life’s surprises.
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