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On 11/29/2019 at 9:02 AM, icyphoenix said:

I know many aren't active or coming over here.. Even i m not coming here coz of life stuffs 

Coming here to share this.. 

Minhyuk has liked unnie's latest IG post




Thank you so much sis for sharing this wonderful news. I may not come here as usual but I'm expecting a notice from my email about our MinWon couple...We may not heard any news from MinWon couple but knowing like this makes me feel their connections... So nice to think about them

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 hi guys, I saw minhyuk liked unnis post, I've been very busy with work and with everything happening with jonghyun, I even forgot my soompi password. 


Anyway minhyuk will be coming back in a few weeks time and I am so excited. 


By the way, how is chocolate, I'm not watching it but I plan to after it finishes airing. I miss you all

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Just read on Soompi news....CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk And Lee Jung Shin To Be Discharged According To Military’s COVID-19 Protocol.  The date of discharge is March 19. 


Am happy that they are Coming back but am worried for everyone in South Korea because of this virus.  

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