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[Taiwanese Drama 2017] Wake Up 2, 麻醉風暴2,


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Wake Up 2


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Episodes: 13

Airdate: Sep 9, - Oct 28, 2017

Network: PTS

Duration: 60min




"Wake Up 2", Taiwan TV drama in 2017, sequel to "Anesthesia Storm". The play by Zeng Hanxian, Tang Shengrong production, Xiao Li Xiu, Hong Bohao, Lin Zhiru directed, Huang Jianwei, Xu Weining, Wu Kangren, Li Guoyi, Meng Geng as starring, a total of 13 episodes. The play to create a precedent for Taiwan's drama, for the first time to the Jordan River North refugee camp real shot, to describe the field doctor humanitarian relief selfless spirit.
In Jordan as a field doctor Xiao Zhengxun, with a trauma back to Taiwan will encounter a crash. Intercourse will be, Xiao Zhengxun and has been breaking up Yang Weiyu, then Kang Union Hospital trauma group set up the task. Did not expect the bombing behind the huge interests involved, the entire medical system are deep in which.


Huang Jag

Hsu Tiffany



source: mydramalist




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