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[Japanese Drama 2017] Code Blue Season 3, コード・ブルー第3弾


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On 9/2/2017 at 4:05 AM, hyung6bo said:

Its time for them to end up together, 2 seasons is a long wait. I remember this one scene from the previous season where Aizawa said he wants others to need him, that’s why he wants to be the best doctor more than anyone else, no one would want a second but the best, acc. to him. And then there's episode 1 of season 3 where Shiraishi says she needs him (though indirectly), and maybe that's why he did came back to LifeSaving. They already complement each other, understand each of their own abilities and capabilities. Shiraishi could be his new family from now on, since I think no new news about his grandma and father, he needs someone who could be there for him, and that would be Shiraishi!

I hope so, I'm enjoying the series despite nothing going on between our otp.  I cried w/Haruka when she lost the baby, the actress that plays her did a great job. I'm only on eps 5 since I do not understand much but believe like you they are playing out everyone's stories and hopefully, we will get a few eps showing a little, little romance. It seemed like having that special someone was a theme in this episode w/Aizawa talking to Fuikawa about marriage. It was nice seeing how they have become friends. We can only cross our fingers that Aizawa and Shiraishi will become a couple. dragonprayplz.gif?1

@ruzikie Hellodragonhiplz.gif?1 and thanks for keeping us informed on whats going on.

I should have gotten some more screen shots, but I keep watching the eps around 11pm when they are posted. I get so excited that I can't wait for the next dayfalling-asleep-onion-head-emoticon.gif   


I'm never too tired to fan girl over yamapi

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Wow that was an intense episode 7.  That cliff hanger at the end got me wishing i didn't watch it until 8 came out.  


Life of a doctor is hush and i don't think i'm emotional stable for it.  I cried at the ending, the shock from Shiraishi.   I can't even imagine what will go through her head.

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CB is one of my fave dramas of all time, and one of the best medical dramas out there imo. watching season 3 has revived my yamapi and jdrama mojo lol

that said, i have a huge rant about the final ep. it's spoilery though, you have been warned


1. i'm so disappointed by the very obvious cop out in this ep. from the previews we saw Aizawa bleeding and lying unconscious under a ROCK yet in the actual ep he's simply covered in dirt like wth? i guess originally the writer planned for Aizawa to get seriously wounded and even shot the scene but The Powers That Be decided that no, no, Aizawa is the HERO and he's got to have his HERO moment so it's up to the poor fujikawa-saejima couple to shoulder the brunt, literally. AGAIN. this is already the THIRD time this season wtff.. give them a break ffs.

on the bright side, fujikawa totally channeled our inner fangirls by saying "Aizawa, you're totally cool" lol

2. the shiraishi-Aizawa moments that we've been teased from the first ep just fizzled out like that towards the end. everyone else in the bunch are happily romanced.. aizawa and shiraishi also needs some loving you guys (preferably with each other)


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