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  1. Wow - I did not take his actions that way at all! He never did anything intentionally - I think he was just a bit oblivious to how she took things. Like the gift - he didn't even purposely buy the other girl a gift (if this is the incident I'm remembering). He bought the main girl a gift and was given a freebie. When the other girl demanded a gift, he gave her that freebie. The main girl misunderstood later when she heard about it but if she'd asked him, she'd have learned that the other girl wasn't even worth his spending money on - he gave her something that meant nothing to him and had cost him nothing. And he was never intentionally trying to make anyone jealous. He was just cowardly - so afraid of losing her friendship that he took way too long to finally confess.
  2. Sounds like it'll be grittier and more adult, I'm betting without the jarring tonal shifts. But sadly, I doubt it'll capture the cuteness which was the reason everyone loved the drama.
  3. Do you mean which character or the actor? On a side note, I noticed Hwayugi is finally on Netflix again. Finally!
  4. This is a good place to process the ending. Read the past comments - there's a lot of good thoughts, mvs, and gifs to get you through! <3
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