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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Let Me Understand Your Language 让我听懂你的语言

Cedric Ong

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* I think the storyline is so-so and not many well-known actors....but the scenery is really beautiful as seen in the trailer. Read that they filmed it in XiShuangBanNa, Yunnan.


Chinese title: 让我听懂你的语言
English title (loosely translated) : Let Me Understand Your Language

Genre: Modern, Romance

Episodes: 30

Director: Sun Yan Hua 孙艳华

Broadcast Period: June 2017


Roy Chiu 邱泽

Lu Yi Xuan 陆怡璇


Roy Chiu played a rich guy's son HaoNing who went to XiShuangBanNa in Yunnan to avoid his dad....he met and fell in love with a village girl YuBo there. But there were many obstacles to their romance, ranging from ex-girlfriend and her brother, the village girl's future husband (an arranged marriage when she was a baby), the villagers etc. There were also doubts from sad experiences of an older female relative who waited for a non-villager guy until she was old. 


故事讲述的是,大学毕业又到国外镀金两年的上海富二代青年徐浩宁(邱泽饰),为躲避自己惹下的麻烦和父亲的责备,只身来到西双版纳投奔前女友张美嘉和哥哥张泽尚,他认识了纯美的傣族女孩玉波(陆怡璇 饰)和小伙子岩龙,深深地被西双版纳的茫茫热带雨林、古朴傣寨和善良的傣家人所吸引,并爱上了玉波。然而,玉波与和岩龙幼时订过娃娃亲,而且,岩龙还对自己有着搭救之恩,好兄弟之间陷入了感情纠结。此时,一直想与徐浩宁重归于好的前女友张美嘉,袁艺馨则百般阻扰徐浩宁、玉波二人交往。


Trailer :

Chinese webpages :



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