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[drama 2006] Billie Jean, Look At Me 빌리진 날 봐요

Guest xosandy

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[MBC] Lee Ji Hoon, Park Hee Bon

[MBC] Billie Jean, Look At Me 빌리진 날 봐요

Cast: 이지훈 Lee Ji Hoon (Wet Dreams 2, Wonderful Life), 박희본 Park Hee Bon (NN6), 박탐희 Park Tam Hee (The Book of Three Han: Chapter of Ju-mong; My Boss, My Hero), Kim Il Woo (A Farewell To Tears, The Sweet Spy), Kim Jae Sung

Airs: December 26th, 2006 - 11:25 p.m.

Episodes: 26




Lee Ji Hoon will be playing the talented by jobless singer Choi Hye Sung. Park Hee Bon will be playing Ryu Bang Hee, a girl who is one-sidedly in love with him.

credits: WITH S2, yeohweping

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01. Angels (Rock Ver.) - Sunday The Grace

02. geu gut bboon ee eh yo - Super Junior-K.R.Y.

03. Dreaming - Lee Ji Hoon

04. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind - Dana The Grace

05. Angels (Ballad Ver.) - TRAX

06. Angels (Rock Ver. Inst)

07. yung kook villa

08. eum hyoong han banghee sshi

09. ahm heuk ga eh ahjuhsshi deul (Tango Ver.)

10. dal ryuh ra billy

11. ssa oom eh bub chik

12. Joyful Dayz? (Don't Let Me Down)

13. gwe jja banghee

14. Walkin' With Billy (Ragtime)

15. Fury Of Billy

16. neul ha go ship dun ee ya gi

17. jae mi it neun ee ya gi

18. na wa ham gge choom eul

19. ah reum da oon banghee

20. Strange Music 1 & 2

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Guest superivystar

w00000t finally Hee Bon will be in a drama..she really deserves a big break. i can't wait!!! she looks really, really mature in the pic :w00t:

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