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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / TAEYONG 'TAP' The 2nd Mini Album / NCT DREAM 'DREAM( )SCAPE' The 5th Mini Album OUT NOW! / DOYOUNG 'YOUTH' The 1st Album OUT NOW!


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240419 DOYOUNG on I Live Alone 





Due to recent poor condition and anxiety, Renjun visited the hospital and the result of examination is that Renjun needs enough stability and rest, so he will be focusing on recovering his health. Therefore, Renjun won't be participating in today's fansign & his return to future activities will be announced again in possible time. The Dream Show 3 that will be held on May 2~4 will proceed with 6 members (Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, Jisung). 

240420 Gongmyoung IG Story with DOYOUNG



"YOUTH! Last episode"


Translated by NCTDAOYlNG

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240419 JAEHEE Weverse Update 



240420 [SPOTLIGHT] NCT WISH’s Sakuya mentioned JUNGWOO in a recent fancall



240420 MILLIBILLI813 Twitter Update with YUTA





240420 THEKPOP Twitter Update with XIAOJUN 



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240421 WayV_official Twitter Update 


"Hello WayZenNies! Good to see you in Fukuoka! Did you enjoy our stage tonight? Hope you have had a good night, and see you again in the future"


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[C.C.] NCT 127 DOYOUNG's obsession with dating shows #NCT127 #DOYOUNG




240422 Twitter promotion for DOYOUNG's 1st solo album 'YOUTH'



NINE.i Vari mentioned Doyoung on his Instagram story


Fan: Did you watch Doyoung-nim's episode for 'Lean on Me'.. 
Vari: Of course!! I learnt a lot a looot while watching the video



Fan: Heol I'm hungry, please recommend me some food, food angel-nim
Vari: The tteokbokki + soondae + twigim that Doyoung sunbaenim ate on 'I Live Alone'...




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