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Bad Scripts



I have been finding Soompi's web pages are getting worse lately.  My browsers are complaining about scripts.  Here's one:

"http :// ds.serving-sys.com/BurstingScript/SZMKFLVPAIDBR.js:12"

[I have deliberately put a spaces after the "http" which should stop it from messing up this message.]

I know you need to pay for this site through advertising but can you find some way to do it without "animations" and "scripts" which waste my Internet data limits and run my computesr' processors to the point where it heats up and causes my fan to reach hurricane levels -- please?

Lately I have to close all my Soompi tabs after I check the pages.  I did not have to do that before.

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@buckwheat01 Is that how it works? thanks for the info. 

No wonder I'm finding my PC's fan running erratically at times lately, and though using broadband internet, the loading gets 'slow' every so often, and would 'freeze up' every now and then. It's not the memory - RAM or HDD - cos I've got more than the bare minimum! 

Yes, SOOMPI, you have to fix these issues. Please!

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If you are having problems on the Internet in general, you should try to keep "Task Manager" running while you are browsing, or really doing anything.  I use at least three computers these days.  Only one has a good chance of handling Soompi pages now.  The others can barely "abort" if I have a couple of Soompi tabs open.  If you have "Task Manager" running watch the huge drop in CPU usage when you close Soompi tabs.  Then you will start to understand the problem.  Also, contrary to what some people believe, yes, over-activity can cause physical harm to your computer.  At the very least, you can burn out the fan in your power supply. . . .


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@buckwheat01 Hi, are you still experiencing problems with loading Soompi and having high load on your CPU?

I've not experienced problems myself, but that might be because of my location. I might get different adds served. 

I noticed you have several computers and more than one browser. Can I ask what browsers you use? Have you tried clearing browsercache and/or cookies to see if that helps? It might be a problem with a faulty cookie stored in your browser which keeps acting up as soon as Soompi tries to reload it.


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