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M A S T E R  마 스 터  2 0 1 6

Release date 2016.12.21










                   UHM JI WON  OH DAL SOO   JIN KYUNG 

Director: JO EUI SUK

'Master' crank-in on April 23

Source: Joynews

Actors Lee Byung Hun, Kang Dong Won, Kim Woo Bin, Uhm Ji Won, Jin Kyung and Oh Dal Soo have gathered for the first time on April 21 for the prayer ceremony of their upcming movie 'Master'. Also present were Director Jo Ui Seok and production crew.The highly-anticipated new movie is scheduled to start filming on April 23.

540 719

December 16, 2015

 Lee Byung-hun, Gang Dong-won And Kim Woo-bin Team Up For MASTER

Pierce Conran Twitch

Three of Korea's biggest male stars are teaming up for Master, a new action-thriller about a cop and con artist. Playing those lead roles will be Lee Byung-hun and Gang Dong-won, who both had films that became surprise blockbusters last month (Inside Men and Black Priests), while younger star Kim Woo-bin (Friend: The Great Legacy) is set to join them.

Master will be the sophomore film of director Jo Eui-seok, who previously made the hit surveillance thriller Cold Eyes with Seol Kyung-gu, Han Hyo-joo and Jung Woo-sung. The film went over 5.5 million admissions in 2013. Master will be produced by Zip Cinema, which has already made three films with Gang (Black Priests, Haunters and Woochi) and Jo's Cold Eyes, while Opus (behind Snowpiercer and The Man from Nowhere) is on board to finance along with CJ Entertainment, which will distribute the picture. The film will begin production at some point in the first half of 2016.

Kang Dong Won, Lee Byung Hun, and Kim Woo Bin Cast in Film Together

Source: Soompi by crystalcove

Kang Dong Won, Lee Byung Hun, and Kim Woo Bin Cast in Film Together

What a cast!

Actors Kang Dong Won, Lee Byung Hun, and Kim Woo Bin are confirmed for the film “Master.”

“Master” is action crime thriller revolving around a large fraud case and the criminals involved, as wells as the detectives on the case. The film is lead by the “Cold Eyes” director, Jo Eui Suk. This is his second film.

Kang Dong Won plays the role of Kim Jae Myung, the team leader of the white collar crime investigation division. Kim Jae Myung is described as a sophisticated and charismatic detective who becomes even more determined and daring the harder his case becomes. This is Kang Dong Won’s first time playing a detective. Lee Byung Hun acts with Kang Dong Won for the first time in this movie, playing President Jin, head of the largest fraud network, One. Kim Woo Bin plays the role of Park Jang Gun, the brain of the One network, who is caught between Jin and Kim Jae Myung.

The cast is expected to start filming in the first half of 2016. Source (1)


Diagram by EverythingLBH.com


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Soompi Official threads: Lee Byung Hun // Kang Dong Won // Kim Woo Bin

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Published on December 17, 2015 by K STAR 한류스타 리포트 & 생방송 스타뉴스

Lee Byung Hun-Kang Dong Won-Kim Woo Bin, MASTER starring confirmed


Previous updates

December 9, 2015

Kang Dong Won and Lee Byung Hun in Talks for Action Film

Source: Soompi by an0ya 

Top actors Kang Dong Won and Lee Byung Hun are in talks to star in an upcoming crime action film entitled “Master” (working title).

The movie production company stated to local news outlet OSEN on December 10, “We are currently engaged in negotiations with Lee Byung Hun and Kang Dong Won.”

The source emphasized that no final decisions have been made yet, and the actors are still carefully considering their offers.

Directed by Cho Yi Suk (“Cold Eyes”), “Master” is described as a thrilling crime action film about a cop and a con artist.

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun’s latest film “Inside Men” has consistently ranked first in the box office since its premiere last month, while Kang Dong Won’s “The Priests” has enjoyed moderate popularity among moviegoers.

Source (1) (2)


December 10, 2015

Lee Byung-hun, Kang Dong-won mulling over new film

Top actors Lee Byung-hun and Kang Dong-won are reportedly mulling over starring in upcoming film “Master” (working title), according to local media outlets on Thursday. 


The film’s production company Zipcinema told entertainment media OSEN, “Lee and Kang are positively considering roles in the film although nothing has been confirmed yet.”

“Master” is the latest film of producer Jo Ui-seok, who directed hit film “Cold Eyes,” which attracted more than 5 million moviegoers in 2013. 

The new action crime film is set to feature the thrilling story of police and a swindler. 

Both Lee and Kang’s latest movies “Inside Men” and “The Priests” enjoyed strong ticket sales, garnering more than 5 million cinemagoers.


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December 16, 2015

Lee Byung Hun, Kang Dong Won and Kim Woo Bin to star in "Master"

Source: OSEN via Hancinema.net


Actors Lee Byung-hun, Kang Dong-won and Kim Woo-bin are starring in the movie "Master".

"Master" is produced by Jo Eui-seok who also created "Cold Eyes". The movie is about an intellectual crime investigation team and a notorious fraud surrounding a grand scam.

Lee Byung-hun plays Chairman Jin, a good speaker with a wide network who leads the case. Thanks to his outstanding performance in "Inside Men", Lee Byung-hun is going to stand in conflict with Kang Dong-won with his charisma.

Kang Dong-won plays Kim Jae-myeong, the team leader of the intellectual crime investigative team. He is meticulous ways and his intellectual but charismatic adventurousness helps him to stand against his enemies. This is Kang Dong-won's first detective role ever.

Kim Woo-bin takes on the role of Chairman Jin's brain Park Jang-goon who is born smart and has a wide span of networks. When the police narrow down on their investigation, he has a feud.

Meanwhile, "Master" cranks in early 2016.

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December 17, 2015

Top actors to light up action film “Master”

Source: The Korea Times


/Korea Times file

Top actors Lee Byung-hun, Kang Dong-won and Kim Woo-bin have both been cast in the new crime action film "Master."

"Master," about the largest fraudsters in history and the criminal investigation team out to catch them, will be directed by Jo Ui-seok, known for "Cold Eyes" in 2013 and "The World of Silence" in 2006.

Lee will play President Jin, the leader of the fraudsters, and Kang will play Kim Jae-myung, the head of the criminal investigation unit. Kim will play "Brain" who is faithful to President Jin.

Filming of "Master" will begin in the first half of next year. 


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December 17, 2015

Kim Woo-bin joins Lee Byung-heon, Kang Dong-won’s thriller Master

by girlfriday | Dramabeans.com


Geez, it’s like a flower boy for every generation. All we need is a teenager and some halbaes and we’ve got a whole set. Apparently the new crime action thriller Master wasn’t satisfied with just Lee Byung-heon (Inside Men) and Kang Dong-won (Black Priests) headlining, because now Kim Woo-bin (Twenty) has signed on to join them. All three actors have been confirmed for the project, and character descriptions have been released for their roles.

The new crime movie comes from director Jo Eui-seok of the successful thriller Cold Eyes, and tells the story of a grand-scale con perpetrated by a ring of white-collar criminals, and the police intelligence division that’s hunting them down. It’s basically a big chase caper, and we can probably expect a large ensemble cast to fill both sides of the cops-and-robbers divide.

Read the rest of article at DB

December 18, 2015

Trio of top actors slated to share the screen

Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily


The production company of the upcoming film “Master” unveiled its all-star cast on Thursday. The company said it has finalized the casting of Lee Byung-hun, Gang Dong-won (pictured) and Kim Woo-bin. 

The action film follows a criminal investigation team that is pursuing a con man and his helpers. 

Lee, who succeeded in impressing moviegoers with his recent film “Inside Men,” will play the role of a con artist planning large-scale fraud, while Gang leads the investigative team. It is the first time Gang is playing the role of a detective. 

Kim will take on the role of Lee’s right-hand man. 

The combination of Lee, Gang and Kim is much-anticipated even before the film’s release because of the popularity of the three actors in recent years. 

Lee received rave reviews for playing a political henchman in “Inside Men.” 

Gang has reaped considerable success with exorcist film “The Priests.” 

And Kim starred in “Twenty” this year and was praised by critics and audiences for his flawless portrayal of an awkward 20-year-old man. 

By Sung So-young 

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@rubie, Thank you for starting the thread.

Director of Cold Eye, Jo Ui-seok’s newest project Master, will star Kang Dong-won, Lee Byun-hun, Kim Woo-bin. The three stars of the Korean movie world teaming up, is sure to draw attention. Master is being directed by Jo Ui-seok, produced by Zip Cinema, and distributed by CJ Entertainment and Opus Pictures.

The movie Master is about the biggest fraud cast since the founding of the country and the following investigation by the white-collar crimes investigation unit. They must use their brains to get inside the head of the rare con-man they are pursuing, in this crime-action movie.

The 2013 movie Cold Eyes was a refined movie with high production values. It was a massive hit with viewers and critics alike, selling 5.5 million tickets. It was director Jo Ui-seok second crime action movie.


Kang Dong-won is most recently famous for his role in The Priests, which recently surpassed 5 million ticket sales, as Deacon Choi. In the upcoming film Master, he plays Kim Jae-myeong, the team lead on the white-collar crimes investigation team trying to track down a con artist.

In an airtight operation, he leads the investigation with his strong charisma. He recklessly forges on, as they pursue their target, taking bold actions. This is Kang Dong-won’s first time playing a detective as he takes on the role of Kim Jae-myeong.


Lee Byung-hun plays Chairman Jin, who through, thorough plans and a fast tongue, is the perfect networker for the largest scale fraud ever. This is the first time that Kang Dong-won and Lee Byung-hun have teamed up for a film.

Lee Byung-hun once again shows off his tremendous acting abilities, with his explosive energy and intense charisma, as he plays opposite Kang Dong-won in a fierce conflict.



Director Jo Ui-seok’s new movie stars Kang Dong-won, Lee Byung-hun, Kim Woo-bin, working together for the first time in the movie Master, which will begin filming in the first half of 2016.


source - Get it K


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December 18, 2015

Lee Byung-hun Leads Star Trio in ‘Master’

Sonia Kil Variety.com

Korean star Byung-hun Lee at LACMA's


Three of Korea’s biggest screen stars, Lee Byung-hun, Gang Dong-won, and Kim Woo-bin, will make a collective onscreen comeback in “Master.”

“Master” is a crime action movie about a high profile fraud case and an intellectual crime investigation team. Lee plays the criminal protagonist, while Gang plays the leader of the intellectual crime investigation unit. Kim takes on the role of Lee’s right hand man.

Directed by Cho Ui-seok, “Master” will be produced by Zip Cinema, which also made Cho’s debut feature “Cold Eyes” in 2013.

Both Lee and Gang recently enjoyed local box office success, with “Inside Men” and “The Priests” that have made $42.1 million and $35.7 million after four and six weekends on release, respectively. Lee has also been present in Hollywood movies including the “G.I. Joe” franchise, “Red 2,” and most recently “Terminator Genisys.” He also has an upcoming U.S. indie production “Misconduct” and co-stars in MGM’s “Magnificent Seven” remake being directed by Antoine Fuqua.

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December 18, 2015

“Master” boasts stellar cast

Source: The Korea Herald


(From left) Kang Dong-won (CJ E&M), Lee Byung-hun (BH Entertainment), Kim Woo-bin (SBS)

Upcoming crime action flick “Master” boasts a stellar cast featuring Lee Byung-hun, Kang Dong-won and Kim Woo-bin, three of the most in-demand actors in the Korean film scene today. 

“Master,” set to start shooting in early 2016, tells the story of an investigative team chasing after a wanted scammer and his posse. 

Kang Dong-won, who recently appeared in the box-office hit “The Priests,” will take on his first police role as Kim Jae-myung, the cool, charismatic head of the investigative unit. 

Playing “Chairman Jin,” the silver-tongued head of a network of scammers, will be Lee Byung-hun, a Korean actor whose long resume speaks for itself. Lee’s appearance as boisterous gangster Ahn Sang-goo in the political thriller “Inside Men” made huge waves last month, and the film has already been viewed by a whopping 6 million cinemagoers.  

Model-turned-actor Kim Woo-bin, best known for his role in the hit TV drama series “The Heirs” (2013), will be playing “Gen. Park,” Jin’s right-hand man and the brains of the operations.

The film will be directed by the critically acclaimed Jo Ui-seok, who previously directed police thriller “Cold Eyes” (2013).

By Rumy Doo (bigbird@heraldcorp.com)

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December 23, 2015

MASTER Lures LEE Byung-hun, GANG Dong-won, KIM Woo-bin
New Con Thriller from COLD EYES Director

by Pierce Conran / KoBiz


Three of Korea’s top male box office draws are teaming up for new thriller Master. Global star LEE Byung-hun, GANG Dong-won and KIM Woo-bin have signed on to star in the new film by Cold Eyes (2013) director CHO Ui-seok.
LEE will feature as Jin, the president of the Won Network, which is involved in a large fraud case, while KIM plays section chief PARK Jang-goon. Leading the investigation against him is the shrewd KIM Jae-myung (GANG).
Both LEE and GANG enjoyed great success last month with the release of their respective thrillers Inside Men and The Priests. Previously, LEE had been in the midst of a rocky year, following the poor receptions of Terminator Genisys and local period action film Memories of the Sword. He will next be seen in the US films Misconduct and Magnificent Seven. For his part, GANG experienced both success (KUNDO : Age of the Rampant) and disappointment (My Brilliant Life) in 2014. Younger star KIM has proven to be a consistent draw at the Korean box office with three solid hits on the trot, Friend : The Great Legacy (2013), The Con Artists (2014) and Twenty (2015).
Director CHO, who also made Make It Big (2002) and The World Of Silence (2006), scored a major hit with surveillance thriller Cold Eyes, which amassed 5.5 million admissions (USD 33.42 million). Master will be produced by ZIP CINEMA (The Priests, Cold Eyes) and presented by OPUS Pictures (Snowpiercer) and CJ Entertainment. The film is expected to begin filming in the first half of 2016.

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January 26, 2016

27 Most Anticipated Korean Films of 2016/2017

By Pierce Conran Modern Korean Cinema

More so than usual, it took a long time to compile this year's 'most anticipated Korean films' list for the simple reason that there's so much on the horizon. Some of Korea's master directors return, following their US debuts, and there are many tantalizing combinations of talent and concept waiting in the wings.

Of course, ranking films I barely know anything about is a fool's errand and this list reflects my own tastes and some frankly dubious logic. That said, while a lot of guesswork does go into this I do catch wind of some interesting details from time to time which have affected some of the rankings. As usual, the majority of the following are commercial films since info on in-production indies is scant. That said, there are few small films I was involved in which I'm very excited about, but have omitted here.

Keep in mind that Korean film companies usually don't announce release dates for films until only a few weeks before their premieres. Any potential release windows I mention are pure conjecture on my part.

27 Most Anticipated Korean Films of 2016, check it out HERE

2016 looks to be an exciting year, which is why this list is so long, yet I've still added pages for some notable films that others may be more interested in than I am, as well as some big projects that we won't see until 2017.

Some of the most exciting Korean projects on the horizon are still a long ways off, so here’s a brief list of big films we will most likely see at some point in 2017.


Bong Joon-ho’s Okja, with Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Tilda Swinton and more, will start shooting later this year in Korea and North America. Netflix and Plan B Entertainment are on board, along with Korean outfit Lewis Pictures.

The King

Following The Face Reader (2013), director Han Jae-rim will next tackle The King, a legal/crime thriller with Jung Woo-sung, Zo In-sung and the always watchable Bae Sung-woo in a supporting role.

The Master

The director of Cold Eyes (2013) pulls together one of the biggest casts for an upcoming film in The Master, a crime thriller which will star Lee Byung-hun, Gang Dong-won and Kim Woo-bin.

With God

An ambitious, 2-part fantasy drama based on a webtoon with director Kim Yong-hwa (Take Off, 2009) at the helm. Ha Jung-woo and Cha Tae-hyun lead cast in a story reminiscent of A Matter of Life and Death (1946). 

Battleship Island

Ryoo Seung-wan is preparing a WWII escape film, set on the same island that was Silva’s lair in Skyfall (2012). Battleship Island also reunites Ryoo with his Veteran star Hwang Jung-min.

Source: kimwoobin_zone

[Pic by KWB DC]

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@rubie, Thank you very much for creating and updating thread!

Of course I'm looking forward to this movie in the first place because the cast, it shows in my avatar, hehe

On 29.01.2016 at 0:34 AM, rubie said:

and there are many tantalizing combinations of talent

I liked the phrase, very accurately suited to the description of this trio of actors. Each of them is one of the best in his generation, so this is a movie not to be missed. By the way, I love this genre.

Now, to get to know the director, I downloaded and finding the time to look Cold Eyes. I hope it was good.

So I have high hopes for Master, and I wait with great anticipation!

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Looks like Master's filming date is not confirmed as yet  user posted image

February 1, 2016

Lee Byung-hun and Kong Hyo-jin Board SINGLE RIDER
2nd Korean Production from Warner Bros.

by Pierce Conran / KoBiz

For its second venture in the Korean film industry, following KIM Jee-woon’s currently filming period action Secret Agent with SONG Kang-ho, Warner Bros. will pair stars LEE Byung-hun and KONG Hyo-jin in upcoming thriller Single Rider. The film will mark the directing debut of LEE Joo-young, a graduate of the Korea National University of Arts.
LEE will play a branch manager of an investment firm who sends his wife (played by KONG) and son to Australia for school. When he loses everything, he travels there to meet them.
Despite a rocky start, LEE ended 2015 on a high note with the massive success of Inside Men, which attracted over nine million viewers to theaters. LEE has also signed on to shoot the thriller The Master, with GANG Dong-won and KIM Woo-bin, but with Single Rider beginning in March, it is unclear when that will happen.
Star of numerous films and TV shows, including 2008’s Crush And Blush, GONG hasn’t appeared on the big screen since Boomerang Family in early 2013. Before Single Rider, she will first be seen in the recently wrapped thriller Missing Child, alongside UHM Ji-won.
Warner Bros. will finance and distribute the film in Korea. Following 20th Century Fox (Intimate Enemies, 2015; Goksung), they are the second studio to venture into local productions for the Korean market.

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February 15, 2016

Um Ji-won joins star-studded ‘Master’ lineup

Actress Um Ji-won has joined the cast of the upcoming movie “Master,” her agency J,Wide-Company said Monday.

Um plays a role of a detective who investigates white collar crimes. The crime action movie is about the nation’s biggest fraud case and an investigation team which chases after criminals.


CJ Entertainment announced in December that it had a star-studded lineup of actors, including Lee Byung-hun, Kang Dong-won and Kim Woo-bin.

Lee will play Jin Hee-jang, the criminal protagonist while Gang plays Kim Jae-myung, the head of the investigation unit. Kim will take on the role of Park Jang-goon, the “brain” and Lee’s right-hand man.

The movie’s director Cho Ui-seok was also behind “Make It Big” (2002) and “Cold Eyes” (2013). Filming will begin in March.

By Kim Soo-hyang (shkim@heraldcorp.com)

Source: 10Asia


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February 17, 2016

Oh Dal Soo to star in "Master" with Kang Dong Won, Lee Byung Hun and Kim Woo Bin

Source: STAR MBN via Hancinema.net


Oh Dal-soo is starring in the movie "Master".

According to the Movie House, "Master" features Kang Dong-won, Lee Byeong-heon, Kim Woo-bin, Eom Ji-won, Oh Dal-soo and Jin Kyeong.

"Master" is a criminal action movie about an intellectual crime unit and the fraud of the century as well as his brain.

"Veteran" and "The Assassination" actor Oh Dal-soo is at it again. This time he plays an elite lawyer and former investigator Hwang Myeong-joon.

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February 17, 2016

United Launches Star-Studded MASTER at EFM
Crime Action Film Fills Cast, Aims for April Shoot

by Pierce Conran / KoBiz


Leading United Pictures’ lineup at the European Film Market is the upcoming crime-action film Master. From Cold Eyes (2013) director CHO Ui-seok, the film boasts an abundance of stars, including LEE Byung-hun, GANG Dong-won and KIM Woo-bin, as well as newly added cast members UHM Ji-won (The Silenced, 2015), OH Dal-su (Assassination, 2015) and JIN Gyeong (Veteran, 2015).
Fresh from the smash hit Inside Men, LEE will play the president of a company involved in a massive fraud case, while the youth comedy Twenty (2015) star KIM will play his right-hand man. GANG, who has just scored successive hits with The Priests (also repped by United Pictures) and A Violent Prosecutor (currently in theaters) is on board to play the leader of a crime unit looking to take the company down. ZIP CINEMA is handling the production while CJ Entertainment will finance and distribute the film in Korea. Filming is scheduled to begin in April.
United is also presenting the romcom thriller Life Risking Romance with Korean star HA Ji-won (Haeundae, 2009) and Taiwanese actor CHEN Bolin (Bad Guys Always Die, 2016), which is currently in post-production. Also in post is the fantasy docudrama Mr. Shark about a boy who meets a man who believes he is a shark.
The company’s EFM slate also includes completed titles such as the action-comedy Chasing, from Mourning Grave (2014) director OH In-chun, the DMZ-set mystery-thriller MUSUDAN, which opens on Korean screens in March, and RHEE Jin-woo’s indie drama Stay with Me, which screened at the Jeonju, San Sebastian and Warsaw Film Festivals last year.

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News bites: February 20, 2016
by awcoconuts | Dramabeans.com


This film continues to add to its all-star cast: Eom Ji-won (The Phone) joins Master as a reckless and daring investigator on the same team as Kang Dong-won. They’ll work together to bring down the complex crime organization run by Lee Byung-heon called One Network. Jin Kyung (Oh My Venus) will play the PR director at One Network while movie vet Oh Dal-soo has been added as an elite lawyer and former prosecutor. It’ll be a reunion of sorts for Jin and Oh — they both filmed Assassination and Veteran last year. Cameras on the second action film from Jo Eui-seok (Cold Eyes) begin rolling shortly. [Star News, DongA]

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