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Found 5 results

  1. Mount Paektu 백두산 Baekdoosan 2019 Paektu Mountain or Baekdu Mountain is an active volcano on the China–North Korea border. At 2,744 m (9,003 ft), it is the highest mountain of the Changbai and Baekdudaegan ranges. Koreans consider the volcano and its caldera lake to be their country's spiritual home. This mountain is called Changbai Mountain in China. It is the highest mountain on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast China. [Photo by Kim Jin-hong Pulsenews] The modern Korean name of the mountain, Mount Paektu (or Baekdu), was first recorded in the 13th historical record Goryeosa. It means white-head mountain. In other records from the same period, the mountain was also called Taebaek Mountain, which means great-white mountain. The modern name of the mountain in Chinese, Changbai Mountain, comes from modern Manchu name of the mountain, which is Golmin Šanggiyan Alin or Long/Ever White Mountain. Similarly, its Mongolian name is Ondor Tsagaan Aula, the Lofty White Mountain. In English, various authors have used non-standard transliterations.[Wikipedia] Director: Kim Yong Hwa Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Ma Dong Seok A-list actors team up for $17 million movie 'Mount Paektu' By Dong Sun-hwa The Korea Times (October 24, 2018) Three A-list actors ― Lee Byung-hun, Ha Jung-woo and Ma Dong-seok ― will make a rare team-up for the big-budget sci-fi film "Mount Paektu." They recently gave final approval for their appearance in the movie, according to reports. Star director Kim Yong-hwa will guide shooting that begins next year with a 20 billion won ($17.7 million) budget. "Mount Paektu" will show covert operatives from the two Koreas struggling to prevent a volcanic eruption of Mount Paektu, a sacred 2,744-meter mountain straddling the North Korea-China border. Lee will play a North Korean agent struggling to prevent an eruption, while Ha is a South Korean agent on the same mission. Ma will appear as a scientist.
  2. A TAXI DRIVER 택시 운전사 Release date: August 2, 2017 receives 12 million admission speeding ticket Song Kang Ho, Thomas Kretschmann Yoo Hae Jin, Ryu Jun Yeol In this powerful true story set in 1980, a down-on-his-luck taxi driver from Seoul is hired by a foreign journalist who wants to go to the town of Gwangju for the day. They arrive to find a city under siege by the military government, with the citizens, led by a determined group of college students, rising up to demand freedom. What began as an easy fare becomes a life-or-death struggle in the midst of the Gwangju Uprising, a critical event in modern South Korea. (WellGoUSA) Director: Jang Hoon Actors: Song Kang Ho // Thomas Kretschmann // Yoo Hae Jin // Ryu Jun Yeol Distributor: SHOWBOX // Well Go USA Entertainment Pages: IMDb // HanCinema // Wikipedia // Asianwiki AWARDS 26th Buil Film Awards 2017 Best Film, Best Actor 54th Daejong Film Awards 2017 Best Film, Best Planning 1st Seoul Awards 2017 Best Actor Award 37th Korean Film Critics Association Awards 2017 Best Supporting Actor, 10 Film Awards 3rd Asian World Film Festival 2017 Best Picture, Humanitarian Award, Special Mention Award 38th Blue Dragon Awards 2017 Best Film, Best Actor, Best Music, Audience Choice
  3. T H E F O R T R E S S 2 0 1 7 . 1 0 . 0 3 Best Film at the 37th Film Critics Awards 2017 * Namhansanseong Fortress *남한산성 * South Castle * Namhansanseong (UNESCO World Heritage Site) Published on September 5, 2017 by CJ ENTERTAINMENT THE FORTRESS Official International Main Trailer (with English subs) Published on August 28, 2017 by Lee Min Sung THE FORTRESS Main Trailer THE FORTRESS Teaser Trailer Situated 25 km southeast from the center of the capital city of Seoul, the mountain fortress city of Namhansanseong sits approximately 480m above sea level aligning itself with the ridges of the mountain to maximize its defensive capacity. The fortress encompassing 12 km in length protects a vast area utilized as an emergency capital city of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea (1392~1910). With the basis of fortress architecture of East Asia, the fortress embodies the broad exchange between the four countries: Joseon of Korea, Azuchi-Momoyama Period of Japan, Ming and Qing China, especially in the 16th~18th centuries through the continuous wars. (Wikipedia) Directed by Hwang Dong Hyuk With Kim Yun Seok, Lee Byung Hun, Park Hae Il, Go Soo & Park Hee Soon Synopsis The movie depicts the conflict between Choi Myung-kil, a representative figure of the Juhwapa faction, who insisted to keep friendly relation with Qing Dynasty in order to protect the people in Joseon, and Kim Sang-heon, a representative figure of the pro-Ming Dynasty faction, Cheokhwapa, on the other side, while they fled to the South Castle (Namhansanseong) during the Second Manchu invasion of Korea. Tentative release date in Korea: 2017, Crank-in: November 21, 2016 Related sites: THE FORTRESS OFFICIAL WEBSITE / Hancinema.net / Asianwiki / Naver / IMDb September 16, 2016: A translation by Barbara at LBH soompi Park Hae-il is expected to star in “South Castle” together with Lee Byung Hun. On September 16, the Korean film industry news reported that Park Hae-il recently received the script for the new film “South Castle” and is currently under active discussion. “South Castle” was adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name published in 2007 by the novelist Kim Hoon. Park Hae-Il told the media that he has not yet confirmed to star in the movie and it is only one of the scripts that he has received. “South Castle” is based upon a conflict in Korean History (In 1636, Korea was at war with the Qing dynasty). Using that period as background, the movie depicts the story of two groups, the “hawkish” group led by Kim Sang Heon and the “peace” group led by Choi Myung Kil while the King hid in South Castle that was surrounded by the Qing army. The Director of “South Castle “ is Hwang Dong Hyuk who directed “The Crucible” (Silenced)” and “Miss Granny”. The daughter of the novelist Kim Hoon will also be involved in the movie. CJ Entertainment will produce and distribute the movie. Kim Yoon-Seok will play Kim Sang Heon while Lee Byung Hun will play Choi Myung Kil. Park Hae Il willl play King Injo. The main casting of “South Castle” is complete and filming will start in the second half of this year. Source: Tencent entertainment movie news (through LBH Baidu) from StarNews
  4. Choi Min Sik VS Lee Byung Hun 2010 I SAW THE DEVIL 악마를 보았다 "Akmareul boattda" In the wake of his successful Western The Good, The Bad, The Weird, Kim Jee-woon was originally planning to shoot a US remake of the 1970s era French thriller Max and the Junkmen. However when progress on that project began to slow, he turned to a smaller project that he had been developing in parallel. I Saw the Devil is a violent thriller about a psychopath who kills for pleasure, starring Choi Min-sik of Oldboy fame. However when he kills the fiancee of a top secret agent, the bereaved agent (played by Lee Byung-hun) turns into a monster himself in order to extract revenge. Reportedly so grisly that many top distributors wouldn't touch it. #ISawTheDevil #ChoiMinSik #LeeByungHun #KimJiWoon Credit: Dir. Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT)
  5. M A S T E R 마 스 터 2 0 1 6 Release date 2016.12.21 KANG DONG WON LEE BYUNG HUN KIM WOO BIN UHM JI WON OH DAL SOO JIN KYUNG Director: JO EUI SUK 'Master' crank-in on April 23 Source: Joynews Actors Lee Byung Hun, Kang Dong Won, Kim Woo Bin, Uhm Ji Won, Jin Kyung and Oh Dal Soo have gathered for the first time on April 21 for the prayer ceremony of their upcming movie 'Master'. Also present were Director Jo Ui Seok and production crew.The highly-anticipated new movie is scheduled to start filming on April 23. December 16, 2015 Lee Byung-hun, Gang Dong-won And Kim Woo-bin Team Up For MASTER Pierce Conran Twitch Three of Korea's biggest male stars are teaming up for Master, a new action-thriller about a cop and con artist. Playing those lead roles will be Lee Byung-hun and Gang Dong-won, who both had films that became surprise blockbusters last month (Inside Men and Black Priests), while younger star Kim Woo-bin (Friend: The Great Legacy) is set to join them. Master will be the sophomore film of director Jo Eui-seok, who previously made the hit surveillance thriller Cold Eyes with Seol Kyung-gu, Han Hyo-joo and Jung Woo-sung. The film went over 5.5 million admissions in 2013. Master will be produced by Zip Cinema, which has already made three films with Gang (Black Priests, Haunters and Woochi) and Jo's Cold Eyes, while Opus (behind Snowpiercer and The Man from Nowhere) is on board to finance along with CJ Entertainment, which will distribute the picture. The film will begin production at some point in the first half of 2016. Kang Dong Won, Lee Byung Hun, and Kim Woo Bin Cast in Film Together Source: Soompi by crystalcove What a cast! Actors Kang Dong Won, Lee Byung Hun, and Kim Woo Bin are confirmed for the film “Master.” “Master” is action crime thriller revolving around a large fraud case and the criminals involved, as wells as the detectives on the case. The film is lead by the “Cold Eyes” director, Jo Eui Suk. This is his second film. Kang Dong Won plays the role of Kim Jae Myung, the team leader of the white collar crime investigation division. Kim Jae Myung is described as a sophisticated and charismatic detective who becomes even more determined and daring the harder his case becomes. This is Kang Dong Won’s first time playing a detective. Lee Byung Hun acts with Kang Dong Won for the first time in this movie, playing President Jin, head of the largest fraud network, One. Kim Woo Bin plays the role of Park Jang Gun, the brain of the One network, who is caught between Jin and Kim Jae Myung. The cast is expected to start filming in the first half of 2016. Source (1) Diagram by EverythingLBH.com Related Sites: CJ Entertainment // ZIP Cinema // Spackman Entertainment // Hancinema Soompi Official threads: Lee Byung Hun // Kang Dong Won // Kim Woo Bin
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