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Kangnam Confesses He Used to Not Say Hello to Sunbaes


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In the recent episode of “Inside Story Salon,” Kangnam confesses that he used to not say hello to his sunbaes when they just debuted while on the topic of “psychologies of sunbaes(seniors) and hoobaes(juniors).” Because slightly bowing down to one’s senior as a gesture of respect is considered very important in Korean culture, this confession surprises the other MCs. Kangnam reveals that his group, M.I.B, was instructed by one of the managers of the group, who is not in his management company any longer, to not bow to his sunbaes since the group should have a 'hip hop mindset.' He adds, “At the time, I didn’t understand why he gave us that instruction, but I did as I was told.” However, Kangnam explains that he changed his attitude later on when a sunbae kindly advised him by saying, “Kangnam, you are so handsome and good at singing. I wish you would say hello to me when we bump into each other so we can get to know one another more.” Kangnam adds, “After that, I started saying hello to everyone I met, including sunbaes and hoobaes. If it wasn’t for that sunbae, I might have remained a rude hoobae who never says hello to anyone.” Moon Hee Jun, who also made a guest appearance, comments, “There is one particular hoobae who hasn’t said hello to me for several years. I still don’t understand why. If the person watches this show, the person will know I’m talking about him.” You can find out who turned Kangnam into a polite young man by watching JTBC's “Inside Story Salon” on December 28 at 9:40 p.m. KST. Inside Story Salon

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