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Top Ten K-Drama Moments of the Week - October Week 1

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Alfred Hitchcock once said, “Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.” There was certainly not a lot of boring moments in K-dramaland this past week, which made picking our top 10 not an easy task. So, what made the Couch Kimchi girls' list?


1. Glorious Day: Just say yeah!

Although we're disappointed that the weekend drama "Glorious Day" has been cut short, the one thing we've been waiting for might happen! Wedding bells soon could be ringing for our beloved older couple, Song Jung and Uncle Nam Goong Young. *Crossing fingers.* This weekend, with all three of her daughters watching, Uncle Nam asked the writer to give him the rest of her life.

We hope she realizes this man is in love and his only place is with her. Just like her girls, we're holding our breaths, waiting for her answer!


2. My Lovely Girl: BABAM!

We're hardcore romantics, and no matter how many John Hughes films and 90s/00s sappy teen flicks we've seen, we're still suckers for the same tried-and-true formula. A case in point is this scene in "My Lovely Girl": Our hero, Hyun Wook, is struck by Se Na's transformed beauty, unable to take his eyes off of her. Even on a packed dance floor, their eyes find each other, and their expressions revealing their budding feelings for each other. This just pushes our fangirl hearts into overdrive!


3. Discovery of Romance: A birthday to remember

Kang Tae Ha just celebrated his birthday, and to say the least, it was eventful. There were a few moments he'd probably like to erase, but an unexpected gift and a small intimate party with Yeo Reum would be everlasting snapshots in his mind and ours. Let's pray he gets his wish so that he can look back on this warmly.


4. My Spring Day: My heart is your shelter

Bom Yi: Why are you looking at me like that?

Dong Ha: To keep you … in my eyes … and in my heart … so I can engrave you there.

Dong Ha knows he can't have Bom Yi, yet she's too precious to let go. Though he shouldn't claim her heart, he wants her to live in his forever.

Their situation is complicated, but we hope they can move past it so that they can find happiness in the love they have for each other.


5. The Three Musketeers: Four friends are better than one enemy

Last episode, Kim Ja Jum schemed to entrap Crown Prince So Hyeon and blackmail him into doing his bidding. After the Crown Prince was incapacitated, Minister Choi, Dal Hyang, Min Seo, and Seung Po came up with a more ingenious plan to not only free Sohyeon but capture the treacherous commander. When their plan came together with Kim Ja Jum falling into their trap, we couldn't suppress a devilish grin. There's no greater victory than beating an evil man at his own game.


6. My Lovely Girl: When a fangirl's heart flutters

We've got Hyun Wook's back, but we can't ignore Shi Woo's special vibe. We love the badass and soft heart mixed in this one guy. Give us that type, and we're in!

His flippant confession was a no-brainer to be one of the favorites this week. He switched on our fangirl mode when he asked Se Na, "Why do you keep making a person's heart flutter?"

Our own hearts were throbbing as though answering his question.


7. Discovery of Romance: Breaking up is for the best

In spite of everything, they said they would never break up, but it only took honesty for that promise to crumble.

Love was involved, but some of us always felt that Ha Jin and Yeo Reum's engagement was a means to hold on to their relationship as mistrust and dithering emotions were unraveling it. We're not relieved that Yeo Reum has broken it off with Ha Jin so that she and Tae Ha might have their second chance, but as brutal as it is, it is the fairest choice for them. Yeo Reum realizes her feelings for Tae Ha will never change, and Ha Jin doesn't deserve lies for his love to remain protected and ideal. We’ve slapped our foreheads enough, frustrated with the desperate reactions and incessant moping, and frankly, we're just ready for everyone to have their rightful, unencumbered happiness.


8. Iron Man: The healing begins

The loss of Tae Hee had been a source of profound pain for both Hong Bin and Chang. Neither one had the chance to say a proper goodbye and lay her to rest. This last week, father and son finally received closure that would allow them to move on and for Hong Bin to open his heart again. We're rooting for them, wishing that much love and healing will come their way.


9. Plus Nine Boys: I want to date the real you

In the past week's "Plus Nine Boys," Min Goo had been devastated to learn that the real Soo Ah was nothing like he'd built up in his fantasies.

After a brief time apart, they met, both unsure of the future of their relationship. Min Goo asked her one question: Does she like him? Soo Ah confessed that she never regretted being a "bad girl" until she met him because she didn't want to disappoint him, and that was all it took for Min Goo to crack a smile and ask her to date him again.

It's a quick resolution, but we won't let that keep us from enjoying this sweet moment.


10. My Secret Hotel: Don't tear me up

We’re no fans of men fighting and a woman being yanked apart in a tug-o-war between them, but we had to include this scene in the top 10.

With their tempers boiling, Hae Young and Sung Gyum were anxious for a death match, and a desperate Sang Hyo's initial attempts to interfere were ineffective. It was only when she threw her arms around Sung Gyum that she was able to prevent any damage to their pretty faces.

We wouldn’t want to be in Sang Hyo’s shoes, but what does a girl do when both men can’t let her go?

We certainly hope the boys of "My Secret Hotel" will act more like grownups this week and along with the other characters from our favorite dramas, give us some more comedy and romance as we look forward to our next top 10!

Till next time!

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