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“Roommate” Members’ Pet Puppy, Cucumber, Gets His Very Own Facebook Page!


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Cucumber, the puppy beagle and house pet of the members of SBS’ variety program “Roommate,” has a brand new SNS account dedicated solely to him. On September 23, the “Roommate” production team created a Facebook page just for Cucumber, and there are already several photos of the puppy uploaded onto the account. So far, a few of the pictures that have been posted show Cucumber spending time with actor Lee Dong Wook, as well as various 'model' photos of the puppy. Cucumber is a beagle puppy that Park Min Woo and former cast member Hong Soo Hyun brought home from an outdoor marketplace in an earlier episode. The reason they gave him the name “Cucumber” is because they had originally gone to the market to buy cucumbers, but ended up forgetting to purchase any cucumbers, and brought home a puppy instead. The puppy is now a part of the “Roommate” household, and a few of the new cast members were seen cleaning up after him during the September 21 broadcast. Meanwhile, “Roommate” airs every Sunday on SBS at 4:50 p.m. (KST). Click here to “like” Cucumber’s Facebook page to get picture updates of the puppy and follow up on how he’s doing. Check out some of the adorable photos from his page below! cucumber roommate 2cucumber roommate 3cucumber roommate 4cucumber roommate 5cucumber roommate 6cucumber roommate

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