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Lyn - Wedding Song

Guest oksusu

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Guest HxYoExMoExE

Wow.. You're really good at singing..

I love this song.

You sound EXACTLY like Lyn..

That's really good XP

I wish I had a recorder.


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coffee: It does snow here and it did in the mountains. The weather has been so messed up here. It's sunny then cloudy then rainy then sunny again. How can someone not get a cold in this weather?

wompa: :P (sticking to my one word, or expression response.)

littlebabytina16: Thanks for listening. :D

MMHM: Uh...thanks. Now that's a first. I never knew I didn't slur when I spoke korean.

KoweanTeddie: Lyn has very nice songs you should listen to them. :P

JUJU bar: Above everyone else I figured you'd be able to guess who this was without me having to say. For starters you gave me the nickname!

hmaster: It's julia :D

nak3d: Aww gee...thanks.

HxYoExMoExE: Wow what a complement. Thanks.

Thao: Thanks for coming to listen.

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oh. em. gee. i had no clue this was you! how can you deprive me of your voice?! thats not cool. and what happened to the childish way of saying flower? too cool noW?? well anyways, love your voice Seol. <3

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