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Lyn - Wedding Song

Guest oksusu

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xx0_gigi: Thanks for listening.

smooglez: Tell me when and where I'll be there. :P


luvjunjin0819: Aww gee...making me blush here.

DK.: I thought everyone figured out this was me by now...hmmm...maybe I should be a little sign in my sig or something. :P Yeah...mel...cool...uh huh... <_< Once you find the meaning behind it, you'll see why I'm using this nick.

icebluexangel: thanks for the complement. I think lyn has a great voice and to be even compared to her...

wenwen: It probably is. For me it's not, but most people say it is. You'll probably have to up the volume a lot. I don't know why it records so soft.

my_love_shy: Sorry...I just tend to post really short clips.

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