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Ivy Proves Singer Kim Bum Soo Is a Neat Freak

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Singer and musical actress Ivy revealed a photo of singer Kim Bum Soo’s refrigerator. 

On January 23, Ivy posted a photo and wrote on her blog, “Not long ago, we had a wine party at Bumsoo oppa’s house. I knew he was a neat freak, but what’s this in his fridge? The top shelf is stocked with make-up, the middle shelf is stocked with water bottles, and the bottom shelf is stocked with sikhye (sweet rice drink). Bum Soo oppa is a shikhye lover.”

She continued the blog post by writing, “After enjoying some wine, Guri Guri oppa (Yang Dong Geun) transformed into a monster. Everyone helped clear away the traces of our wine party and prepared for the second round. It was time for Bum Soo oppa’s Snack Myun time! He says Snack Myun is the best ramen.”

Prior to Ivy’s blog post, Kim Bum Soo appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together” back in 2012 and said, “I’m a neat freak. When I go home, my house has to be in the exact condition of how it was when I first moved in. It’s like a model home. I organize everything in my fridge according to size.”

Meanwhile, Ivy is currently starring in the musical “Ghost,” which also stars actor Joo Won. The musical is based on the 90s hit film of the same titled, which starred Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. It premiered in 2011 in the U.K. and has also been performed on Broadway, in Australia, and the Netherlands. It is the first time the musical has been performed in Korea. The show will last until June at the D Cube Art Center in Seoul. 

Kim Bum Soo's house

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