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Sunny Hill to Continue on as Girl Group, Jang Hyun to Focus on Producing

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When it just looked like Sunny Hill would return to being a co-ed group with the release of stills from their music video for their upcoming song that featured all five female and male members, agency Loen Tree has announced the Sunny Hill will continue on as a four-member girl group with male member Jang Hyun working behind the scenes as a producer.

Loen Tree stated, "Sunny Hill's only male member, Jang Hyun, has decided after careful thought to turn into a producer to broaden his musical range. Henceforth, Jang Hyun will focus on being a producer, not a singer, and continue to support Sunny Hill members." Loen Tree continued on about Sunny Hill's future, saying, "Please anticipate it as we are preparing a new take-off as a four-member girl group.

Meanwhile, the upcoming release of the digital single, "Don't Say a Word" is the first album being released with Jang Hyun's return to Sunny Hill after the completion of his military service in the past October. After his successful production of Sunny Hill's 2011 hit "Midnight Circus," this new digital single will continue to show Jang Hyun's musical range. "Don't Say a Word" is composed, lyrics written, and arranged by Jang Hyun and  KZ. It is described as a hybrid ballad number that blends classical technique and hip-hop rhythm. 

Loen Tree revealed today an image teaser for 'Don't Say a Word" through Sunny Hill's official Twitter that show all members sitting in a geometric boxes while looking sadly at the camera, foreshadowing "Don't Say a Word" as a sad song. 

"Don't Say a Word" drops January 24.

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