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Under the Radar - EQuality


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이퀄리티 (EQuality)

Management: Camp Tribe | Facebook

Debut: September 2013

Genre: Hip-hop

under the radar - equality

The men that make up the talented trio EQuality are different when it comes to traditional hip-hop artists. Rappers Kilo, Young Lee, and Jsim released their first single “Choice” in September. With strong hip-hop beats and electro synth sounds, it creates an addicting sound that illustrates EQuality’s confidence and ambition. It was produced by veteran hip-hop duo Freestyle. The three try to showcase a diverse and unique sound to their music by creating their own style of flow for each track. Their second single “Monster” shows off banger trap music style, something that has not been seen in the Korean music scene. The track is a bit hardcore but shows EQuality’s true musical style. Other artists under the same management EQuality are Freestyle, JD, XOXO, Flow Motion (Choicchi of Street Digger), and Sound Wash.

EQuality hopes to share fresh new tracks that will not just restrict to mainstream or underground rap but with hip-hop fans, as well as general fans of music.


 under the radar - equality kilo

MC 킬로 (MC Kilo) [Rap]

Full Name: 이길 (Lee Kil)

Born: July 17, 1990 (Spain)

Physique: 180cm, 68kg

Education: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Spanish)

Facebook | Twitter

 under the radar - equality young lee

영리 (Young Lee) [Leader, Rap]

Full Name: 이준영 (Lee Joon Young)

Born: March 27, 1987 (Kyungkido)

Physique: 178cm, 74kg

Education: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Literature)

Facebook | Twitter

 under the radar - equality jsim

제이심 (Jsim) [Rap]

Full Name: 심성훈 (Shim Sung Hoon)
Born: March 30, 1988 (Seoul)

Physique: 176cm, 70kg

Education: Hanyang University (Law)

Facebook | Twitter


 under the radar - equality album cover 1


Released: 2013.09.23

01. Choice

under the radar - equality album cover 2


Released: 2013.09.30

01. Monster


[MV] Choice [MV] Monster

Credits & Sources: Camp Tribe Official Facebook, Camp Tribe Official Website, Naver “EQuality” Profile, Mardi09 (compilation)




About Under the Radar articles:

Under the Radar articles are featured on a monthly basis. The rotation for artists featured are as follows: male solo, female solo, male group, female group, and mixed group. Candidates for Under the Radar articles are Korean underrated, or not well known, artists that do not fall under the “idol” or mainstream music category. No offence is intended towards them by categorizing them as an underrated artist. All featured artists are chosen by the author and may contain the author’s personal opinions about the featured artist. Please click here for more featured Under the Radar artists.

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