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[OFFICIAL THREAD]HeWon♥ Henry Lau & Kim Yewon ♥ Kongdak Couple ~ 100 Days and counting....


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I like yewon and henry pairing and I never thought they would be getting so much love and anticipation from international fans, not sure about korean fans though. 
I really look forward to them as they will surely bring laughter and joy to us! :D . Although henry is dorky, he is a great gentleman and I hope the recent news regarding yewon won't be affecting her a lot. I hope they will be working together happily as a virtual couple in this variety show.
I read from chinese forum baidu and the fans had gave them a nickname known as lucky couple

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Guest r3drose

Hi Everyone! :-h

Happy to be here, Im really looking forward to their pairing, do they have a shipping name yet?

I havent had a chance on watching Henry in any kvariety show yet other than a short clip of him on heepuffs wgm episode (love him there btw) I know, i know, what cave have i been living right?! Haha! But since im into kpop i ofcourse know of him.

With Yewon, i've only seen her in Romatic & Idol. I love watching WGM so im really excited for this 2 as ive already laughed watching them in a very short preview clip. (What and WHY is Henry spraying Yewon?! Did somebody say febreeze?! LMAO). They will be a riot! Can't wait for it.

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Guest eyeship

I saw pictures in twitter, semm like today they re filming wgm in Korea. I see Yewon and Henry paper name.

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Guest Kpoplover89

Hi guys! Im so happy finally someone make this forum for this couple. Im a minyoung couple shipper (hongjinyoung&namgongmin) and im truely sad when my couple already ended their wgm.. But little did i know hearing yewon my fav celeb getting pair up with henry?? That goofy cute guy from real man hahaha im so gonna ship them and my saturday wont be bored again ;) so chingu lets talk alot and keep this forum alive! Fighting!

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Guest r3drose

Thank you guys for posting the pictures! Aww Henry is so sweet :x :x 

Where did you find this stuff? I've been searching Twitter for days and always came up empty

He is, isnt he? And i also dont mean just this but i think his voicemail asking his fans to support Yewon is sweet. Just shows what kind of a person he is.

If you just type "henry yewon" on twitter this pops


I wonder if were gona get to see them pick "husband-wife" this Saturday? - my guess is not yet, looks like they have to show the dating part first then made the "picking" part a cliff hanger.

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hi onion head

Anyeong everyone!

I have been waiting for this thread ever since I heard the news Henry will be joining WGM. 
Thank you mod @LavelyShai !

I can't believe Henry and Jonghyun join WGM at the same time! Both are my bias! 
What kindness have I done so far that I get to see all my favorite guys in one show every week.
I am so 
happy onion head

I see some familiar names :D
Hi @OnlyYouJYH see you in Jongyeon thread later :)
Hi chingu @r3drose ! Lets pray Wookie appear in one of Henry's episode. Yes that's crazy, ignore me.
Hi SUPERSTAR eh LEGEND @an99iiee ! :P
Oh yeah @ilikemangoss Henry gonna make us crazy!

And to many others, nice to see you all here with same love to the new couple!
Me and my bunny army are ready for this pairing!
They gonna rock the ship!

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