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[OFFICIAL THREAD]HeWon♥ Henry Lau & Kim Yewon ♥ Kongdak Couple ~ 100 Days and counting....


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Hello everyone!really happy to know that I found thread about Henry & Yewon here.i know that I'm too late to know about them,I know I know...

And the sad things is they're not in wgm anymore.not unfair when they only get little part there :( whereas I love their chemistry :'(:'( although this thread didn't continue but I really really thankful that I can read ur comment about them here where is same what I feel about Henry yewon :(

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Yewon Tells Story Of Henry’s Naive But Sweet Optimism After Her Scandal

On October 6’s episode of “Happy Together,” Yewon makes her first appearance on a talk show after her scandal last year.

In the spring of 2015, Yewon was embroiled in controversy over a heated conversation she had on set with a senior actress, Lee Tae Im, in which Yewon used informal language. When a video leaked in March of their verbal clash, public opinion turned against Yewon.

At the time, Yewon was starring on the romance variety show “We Got Married” with Super Junior-M’s Henry, and the pair continued to remain on the show until June.

The hosts of “Happy Together” say to Yewon that they heard Henry comforted her a lot during the rough time. “Henry is a very positive person,” says Yewon. “He said to me, ‘There are a lot of comments about you, but it means you’re really popular now! You’re getting more comments about you than the president!'”

The hosts and guests laugh and joke that this sounds like Henry. Yoo Jae Suk says, “I also heard that Henry apologized to you!”

“Henry seemed to be saddened because I looked so disheartened,” explains Yewon. “We met up in a cafe once and took a photo together, and he told me that he thought that if he posted it on social media, there would be a lot of nice comments.”

Yewon says that when he posted it on social media, there were many mean comments instead, which the hosts and guests aren’t surprised by. “I was fine with it,” she says, “but Henry was worried that I would see them so he told me that he thought he should take it down.”

Yewon says he told her he felt bad because he had wanted to be a source of strength for her but had only made things worse, and Yewon says this just made her feel even more sorry towards him.




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Yewon's appearance on recent ep of Happy Together.

I didnt know she went to learn mandarin. Her part starts after 5.30min.


Btw Happy Belated Birthday to Henry. Dob is 11 oct 1989.

So nice of him to release his latest mv with Soyou of Sistar...2 days after birthday.

Mmm....Yewon mention in Happy Together...her meeting with Henry at a cafe...resulting in those pics they took n uploaded online...later taken off due to negative feedback. And Henry in the song mention meeting someone at new cafe....and Soyou didnt appear in MV...only her voice....so mystery gal??


After his "daddy" job in the china real time show Let Go Of My Baby 放开我北鼻 ended....now he appears in Fly Over Kitchen 穿越吧廚房 ..where 4 chefs including Henry would cook for a female celebrity (after some intro n games)....the 1st place would get a kiss from her...while the last place would be splashed with water....Henry got punished a few times already...haha.

So far no eng sub clips. Following link is to a list of clips.


Last...he and Jackson of Got7 would appear together in korean version of Pls Take Care of My Fridge...somewhere in nov.


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Thks MiAmour for the post. At 1st, wonder why his latest instagram pic is a blank pic. Remember last time similar is after he posted a pic of Yewon and himself.

Then read about it on soompi website.

No details given....but maybe it's related to his unreleased album...he mentioned working on it for quite some time already?

Anyway really hope things work out for Henry in the end....and most importantly stay happy.

Also hope his family well too....remember in one show not long ago, he briefly mentioned his dad got cancer.

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Would follow Henry's news more often...b'cos fellow chinese (race) and do see him in some china variety show.

Anyway he just released his self-composed single "Girlfriend"....no MV. With eng sub.


Guess girlfriend is something in his mind....always...haha. He even thought ski resort is a place where one can meet/find his/her loved one. He said that in the show "I live alone" recently. There are quite a few episodes of that (he appeared in jan episodes and again recently).

Currently he's also in a few china variety shows...more permanent is 向往的生活 loosely translated as The Life I Desired...where they stayed in a farm and every ep, they got guests to serve (eg prepare food). All these can search in youtube.

I don't know if he's really into doing so much variety shows....maybe i prefer he does more on music...even backstage or composing etc.

To be frank, in the china shows, many viewers don't like his overly-warm and joker style....alot of nasty remarks.



I don't follow that much of Yewon...know she is in SNL korea (comedy stuff)....but i just checked her instagram....one reader comment said Yewon just got a leading role for a 12ep drama called My Town....not sure about other details. Congrats.

Her recent pic :


Cute Kongda....nearly want to think of that face-ball thing as Henry...haha.



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Interview with Yewon...glad to hear she got more acting roles. She mentioned Henry....they did keep in touch by texting. Another article mention she is good friend with Sunny...so they have mutual friends.


Well at least they are friends not like some which dont even contact each other after their WGM stint. And i still remember Henry posted pics of them meeting up but later took down due to netizen criticism. 


Well maybe they will meet again on variety shows.


"Yewon talked about this, and said, "I text him sometimes and watch his Instagram live time to time but that's it." She also commented, "During 'We Got Married', my heart really pounded but there are a lot of things that I regret. I will be better to Henry if I get to go on the show again.""



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Hi guys!

It has been 3 years.I wonder if you guys still believe henry with yewon.I try not too hope so much there is something going on between those two because there is no sign at all they contact with each other.I just hope yewon keep her promise not throwing henry away from her life and Henry still loves her.


I am happy henry is doing good in his career but yewon?I can't find any new video about her on youtube.Is she okay now?Do people still hate her?


Can we let this thread alive again?ㅠㅠ

I am soooo late.I should know this thread earlier.ㅠㅠ

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Henry released quite a few songs in the second half of 2019. 


He released "I LUV U" which looking at the lyrics sounds like it was inspired by his ex-girlfriend of seven years from Canada, who he openly talks about in shows and interviews.


He also released "Don't Forget." This one sounds like he's singing about Yewon. Looking at the lyrics, it's based in Korea because of the late night Han River part (remember how some fans saw Henry and Yewon hanging out at Han River late at night after WGM ended). 


This is just what I feel. Relationship-wise, who knows how they are now. Probably still good friends.


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Also, when I was watching "I Live Alone" episode 241 (the one with Henry's sister back in 2018) he taught her how to say "eongtta" which means warm bottom. Do you guys remember who taught Henry the word "eongtta?" In the second episode of WGM, when Yewon and Henry were in the car off to meet with Jonghyun and Seungyeon couple, Yewon taught Henry what eongtta was.


I Live Along ep 241 link: http://kshow123.net/show/i-live-alone/episode-241.html

WGM ep 264 link: http://kisstvshow.to/Show/We-Got-Married-Season-4/Episode-264 


I thought this was super cute, and I just wanted to share this with you guys.

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