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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] | Upcoming Movie: Wonderland


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Sa Hye Joon character trans by @MinLyn. Once again thank you chingu. 




Sa Hye-Joon


26 years old, crossover from model to actor


"When you're sad," Amot Fati!"


"When you're happy," Amor Fat!"


"I love my destiny!“


Pragmatist of reality. He's warm-hearted but when it is time to draw a line, he will draw a very clear and distinct line. He is intelligent and sympathetic. Although he has very clear likes and dislikes, if it is something which he really likes doing, even if he is asked to do things which he dislikes, he will still persist on doing it.


He has been compared with his brother since he was a child and because of this, he has to endure a lot. He knew that he could not beat his brother in his studies, so he has found other things which he can do well in. He thinks that it is foolish to keep trying to doing things which you are not good at doing. 


If you are not good at it, you should give up as soon as possible. But for Hye-Joon, there is one thing which is an exception. And that is being an actor. Although it seems like there is little hope for him on this road, he is reluctant to give up.


Where this matter is concerned, you need to have the natural instinct to be well-loved by people. People seem to like Hye-Joon very much.


No reason needs to be given.



BOGUMMY I miss you again. :bawling:

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Check Out Park Bo Gum's Beautiful Leading Ladies Through The Years




Actor Park Bo Gum has been featured in plenty of Korean dramas over the years. His roles include a reserved small-town boy, a charming prince, and the ultimate boy next door. Everyone just can't help but adore him!


Park Bo Gum has already achieved and proved a lot in the entertainment industry despite being only 27 years old.


He's already considered as a superstar in the Hallyu industry. Sad to say, our favorite Hallyu star is going to say goodbye soon since he'll take his break from the entertainment industry to enlist in his mandatory military service.


So before he takes his break from his acting activities, let's review and take a look at his leading ladies through the years. Yes! They are a complete package; all of them are extremely beautiful, talented, and incredibly hardworking! It's no wonder why their dramas have become massive hits.


Scroll down to discover some of Park Bo Gum's dramas as well as his leading ladies. Enjoy!


1. Hyeri (Reply 1988, 2015)

Park Bo Gum's Leading Lady Through The Years

Park Bo Gum's leading lady in Reply 1988 is Korean singer and actress Hyeri. She portrays the role of Deok Sun, a middle child girl who lives in a cramped half-basement with her two siblings and parents. Deok Sun's and her family are in great debt and live a quite different life from her neighbors, and one of her neighbors is Choi Taek(Park Bo Gum), who is a reserved but smart baduk/Go player.

2. Kim Yoo Jung (Love In The Moonlight, 2016)

Park Bo Gum's Leading Lady Through The Years


The talented actress Kim Yoo Jung stars alongside Park Bo Gum in the historical drama "Love In The Moonlight." Kim Yoo Jung will portray the character of Hong Ra On a girl who pretends to be a boy while she was growing up. As years passed, she's already an adult, and she starts to disguise herself as a male relationship counselor and lands herself working as the eunuch of crown prince Lee Yeong (Park Bo Gum).


Having a close personal relationship, both can't avoid falling in love with each other even though it was quite hard for Ra On to hide her real self.

3. Song Hye Kyo (Encounter, 2018)

Park Bo Gum's Leading Lady Through The Years

Song Hye Kyo's role in Encounter is the character name Cha Soo Hyun a daughter of a prominent politician, who just recently got divorced. That being the talk of the town due to her scandalous divorce, Cha Soo Hyun did her best to rebuild her life and focus on taking care of her hotel, which she got as her alimony. Until one day, on her trip to Cube, she unexpectedly meets Kim Jin Hyeok (Park Bo Gum), a carefree and charming man whom she instantly had a connection with. Their relationship blooms when Soo Hyun gets back to Korea and discovered that Kim Jin Hyeok landed a job at her hotel.

4. Park So Dam (Record Of Youth, 2020)


Park Bo Gum's Leading Lady Through The Years

"Record Of Youth" is an upcoming drama starred by Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam. In this drama, Park So Dam's role is reportedly an aspiring makeup artist named Ahn Jeong Ha who dreams of making it big in the industry. She has a long time crush on famous model Sa Hye Jun (Park Bo Gum) where their paths finally crossed during a fashion show event.


Don't forget to mark your calendars on September 7, since this will be the premier date of "Record Of Youth" in the streaming site Netflix!



source : Kdramastars



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