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  1. This Coca-Cola vending machine for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is three years ago. Thanks a lot to Kymmy PH for subbing in English because I only found in a subbed of it in Vietnam language. @Sakurafairythank you for those throwback gifs of Bogummy in Hello Monster. One of my favorite dramas of Bogum. I miss him portraying dark character in a drama. God bless.
  2. Hello chingudeul! @Rom828noir themed film/drama are classified under crime, gangster related, investigative, police related, and more of thriller genre like I Remember You. I love watching those my blood is getting thrilled like of Coin Locker Girl. Who happened to watch here like Kundo Age of the Rampant or New World or Outlaws. Oh, I hope Bogum challenges himself to do like these kind of movies and the Netflix Sweet Home. That SongKang character there, I think will be a great addition to his diverse roles. Oh, i get excited whenever Im thinking he will portray a ro
  3. Happy Lunar Year to all chingudeul. I'm happy that we are still gathering here despite that Bogum is in the military service. @Rom828 As for me I want her to be paired with IU, Kim Tae Ri, Kim So Hyun, Lee Seong Kyung, and Park Bo Young. (it is my top five, lol) For older actresses, i think she is nice to pair with Son Ye Jin and Gong Hyo Jin and ofc Gianna Jun. And i hope he ventures more to Noir - themed dramas because i love that genre. Bogum said Noir dramas isn't his style but I hope he challenges himself in the future.
  4. Why SungHoon is included in the group of Lee Dong Gun, Yoon Jun Sang. Justice for Sung Hoon! Nevertheless i still vote for him.
  5. Hi dear, God is good, everything is fine. The song title is "Yes, We Are Together. (Geuri Uri Hamkke)" Infinity / Infinite Challenge theme song. That's one of Bogummy's favorite songs to sing on his fanmeets.
  6. Wishing every day of the new year to be filled with success, happiness, and prosperity for Bogummy and all of you. Happy New Year. ctto
  7. [TSUTAYA Announcement] "Boyfriend" won the first place in the glory of the most rented popular Korean drama ranking in 2020. Park Bo-gum, who has captivated women with numerous works, and popular top actress Song Hye-kyo played a dream co- star. Among the recent dramas produced before "Crash Landing on You", this is the most royal love story. "I didn't see it right away. I wasn't sure what I was doing. My favorite Korean drama ranking changed I felt like I was watching a movie blockbuster", "The healing effect of Park Bo-gum's smile is unusual
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