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  1. Park Bo Gum Our National Event's MC During the event, the Navy will perform military band performances and demonstrations of honor guards every day from 1 to 2 pm, and on the 11th, a host country concert will be held with actor #ParkBoGum as MC, who is serving as a Navy Corporal. ctto : pics and captions
  2. Belated Happy Children's Day to all the children in the world. (May05) Here is the cutest child we ever know. cr:Park Bo Gum photo albums @KimchiNoonaAll I know is Kim Jin Hyuk's bday. I'll check the drama again. Maybe I missed it.
  3. What Gong Yoo said is absolutely true. I don' t really care about getting older now.You can't go against it, can you? You have to accept it.You may miss your youth when you get older, but you don't have much trouble at the moment. But there's something different. In the past, when seniors talked about youth, I didn't understand the phrase, "You're pretty no matter what you do." But not too long ago, I saw Park Bo-gum and Su-ji shooting on the set of "Wonderland" and I knew what that meant. They didn't do anything special, but the freshness of youth was really pretty.(Laughter)" - G
  4. FanArts credit: logos Bogummy noonas and chingudeul Happy Sunday! I finished watching Seobok. Thank you for all the reviews and reactions. I like to read the different reactions. Although I read different reviews from web, positive and some negative, what I'm thankful for is that the opening day of the movie happened already. It is like a fish bone stuck in my throat. I am relieved that this happened already and the movie has positive numbers of movie goers. Thankful also that it revives the cinema as I read @gumtaek's post. The new coined term 'Seobok Effect' is really a
  5. ctto @U-Çan @gumtaek I read that interview article of the screenwriter of RoY and it was clearly stated there that PBG is the ONE for male lead wc means JKY character - the supporting role and that he turned down went to BWS.
  6. To all Noonas of Bogummy: I feel sad after knowing he isn't included again in the nominees of BAA 2021. Let me/us just think that his time will come one day and that will be sweeter victory than today. That is quite a good statement dear. @rahma92 good to hear from you again...
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