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  1. Thank you all for the insights/opinions/recommendations. I think all of us here can be "relationship counselors. If ROY couple will only be able to read all our posts they will learn so many details about life, love and relationships. Actually when it comes to relationship, HJ is the experienced one since he had long-term relationship with JiAh. I think it's five years or more. And as per his GJ hyung said also that he even had relationship when he was in his middle school. When it comes to JH she said the word 'love' means sadness for her because
  2. Just wanna CONGRATULATE Record of Youth for topping the rank on this latest Good Data ranking. I hope this lasts till the final two episodes but will still be grateful for whatever number it will be in the ranking in the coming episodes. [Competition between dramas is so tough at this time. So many good dramas] Cheers to Park Bo Gum for #1 and Park So Dam for #8. cr: good data IG @realistic2280a Bogum is a tall guy, nearing to at least 6 ft tall but I think RJY is taller than him by 1 cm. 182 and 183
  3. Park Do Ha is originally from the big agency which bought LTS's small agency. When they merged, LTS became the agency director and manager of PDH. Eomma receiving message from Hyejun and knowing their debt gets paid is also one of my favorite scene. A parents won't wish anything but for their children to be grateful. HJ loves her eomma dearly. Laughing here. I always feel that the PD and the writer are always playing with our emotions. I don't believe in the teasers. Ep13 showed JH called HJ but didn't answer afterwards she called HH. Maybe HJ called JH but she wa
  4. Annyeong ROY chingus Got to finish the last two episodes. I enjoy reading all your insights here. I learn from the different opinions. What I love with ep12-13 are: 1. HJ did a meeting with the Hollywood PD and he liked HJ's personality so they would be collaborating in the future. He is shooting another drama with Jin SeoU (LeeSungkyung) at the moment. He will be appearing on his first ever fanmeet overseas. He was able to get a client for JH. He might be GJ hyung's bank model. He kept his promise to eomma about paying their debt and he has his own room now, no
  5. Curious to know what kind of plant is Hye Hun holding.The name is China Doll Plant This one is the place where the ROY couple went to and prayed. - The Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Namyang. If you are curious and want to go to after this pandemic has left us. http://www.namyangmaria.org/index_en.htm In addition, interest in 'youth records' has led to curiosity about the filming location. Baegot Hanul Park and Namyang St. Mary's Castle are mentioned as filming locations for'Youth Records'. In addition, netizens
  6. F-U-N-N-Y & AMAZING !!! Captions: I love Bogum's Korean fans! So witty and cheeky! They edited the tvn released photos of Sa Hye Joon. Turn it into Preview pics. Preview pics are usually released by "Masters" in a fandom. These are fans who take pictures of stars in High Def of official events, airport pics, etc. of stars. Most of Bogum's beautiful pictures are also taken by these "masters". They made a pseudo master for Sa Hye Joon too. They named it "Four Fox". This is because of Sa Hye Joon's nickname "Sa Fox". Sa is Four in
  7. Lovely fanart I don't see any flaws in her acting. I love the simplicity of it, just the right flavor for me. She is a Korea movie industry princess. She is the best in acting.
  8. Annyeong chingus... I'm more than happy that HJ is now getting known and winning the award although he is basically starting in the acting industry. That being nominated for Best Actor category, won the award and being the scene stealer in the movie "Catch" because of magnetic acting - these all remind me of one and only Park Bo Gum. Most parts of this drama is Bogum-like life. Most fans are delighted for not mentioning / thanking his appa but as a parent myself I think it's better for him to thank his father because he is his father after all. Like he can say thankin
  9. Everyone has still the hangover of this scene. The Swoon "All it takes is the right person to change your whole outlook on rainy days-say, a dance partner for instance. From soggy to romantic in a heartbeat."
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