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[Variety] tvN First Day of Work 오늘부터 출근

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Guest adikkeluangman

g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung Has Become the Hottest Trend in Variety Shows

On September 27, g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung uploaded a photo of himself onto his personal Instagram. In the caption, he said, “Wow…Around 11 p.m. tonight there will be two programs on at the same time~ tvN’s ‘First Day of Work,’ and MBC’s ‘Quiz to Change the World’…Whew~ which one are you guys going to watch on time and which one are you guys going to download?” The photos posted are Park Joon Hyung’s stills from both “Quiz to Change the World” and “First Day of Work,” which will be aired simultaneously.
Meanwhile, Park Joon Hyung is gaining much popularity through his humorous personality on many different variety shows. He is also a recurring member on SBS’ “Roommate Season 2.”

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I watched the first episode with chinese subs and find myself getting annoyed by the naivety and lack of common sense of some members. I understand that they have been away from the "normal" life for too long but I wish they treat their work more seriously and not take it as, "Oh, It's just a variety show". I'll be annoyed if I am the employee that work with them cos they're dragging me down.
Somehow I can understand why knetizen always criticize celebrities if they get preferential treatment to get in into university... because some of them really lack the skills but only get the placement because of their status. The company they're working for is a huge company and I think it's hard for normal people to get accepted so I hope they can cherish more of this chance (which normal people don't usually have) and they should throw away their celebrity mindset and focus on work. I remember how nervous I was in my first day of work and how I tried my best to do the work because I don't want to make a bad impression and drag the work of others... I really think it's common sense to research what time should we reach work, what outfit should we wear before we go to work and ask if there's any doubt... some of them are really lacking common sense.
The concept is interesting and hopefully, the members improve because I feel like they're just playing at work.. sigh..
Edit:Watched ep2... I think the members did better than the first episode. They seem to improve after getting scolded by their supervisors. I think PJH is a smart worker but he's too westernized, he might have a problem coping with the Korean culture. I'm also shocked by how strict they are when it comes to ranking, they even have to divide the chopsticks according to ranking, higher-up first then the following subordinates. I heard about this culture but really think it'll be tiring to work in Korea. I also don't understand why they have to make the gathering dinner after work like an additional overtime work. They seem to hold dinner gathering very often, that'll be very tiring if employees have to read the situation and be cautious in front of their supervisor. The drinking culture is really bad too, how could you go to work the next day after drinking so much during dinner. I have my utmost respect to those who are working in Korea.

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@c_gunawan541 Hello there! I think the members are trying to do their best to do better each time. 
As for the company dinners (회식 = Hoeshik), it's really a thing in Korean culture and people do consider it as some sort of overtime, trying to get along with their bosses and all that.. everytime there is a company dinner, they're pretty much obliged to go.
I hope Park Junhyung could learn better cos it's not like he's not aware of how it's like in Korea. Especially with him working in a Korean corporate place. I felt bad watching him get scolded like that, but he was kind of asking for it. 
Thing I'm wondering about is, aren't they supposed to get even a very simple orientation about what they should know about the company? Like what time they should be at work, proper attire, what they should work on in general? I know they got a little meeting, introducing themselves at work but informing them a little more so that by the second day, they would be fully aware at what they need to know. 
I'm yet to watch the second episode completely though, I've only seen some parts here and there.
I'm glad to see Yewon being encouraged by the Team Leader after she saw Yewon improved from the first day.. and LOL at JK Kim Dongwook for being the ultimate early bird. And jinho's outfit being compared with the model girl.. :)) That was really funny. Roy Kim and Jiwon are doing a lot of field works. I've noticed Jiwon always leaves earlier than their getting off time most likely for another schedule. 
Wow I really wish this could be subbed in English! T_T

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Guest adikkeluangman

′First Day of Work′ to Inroduce New Employees Kara′s Gyuri, MBLAQ′s Mir, Bong Tae Gyu and More
A special episode highlighting the first round of challengers going through the rookie employee experience on First Day of Work will air. 
The October 16 broadcast of tvN′s First Day of Work will include highlights from its past four episodes, along with extra segments of various themes chosen by actual corporate workers in a poll. 

The first group of employees for First Day of Work included Kim Sung Joo, Eun Ji Won, Roy Kim, g.o.d′s Park Joon Hyung, Hong Jin Ho, JK Kim Dong Wook, Lee Hyun Yi, and Jewelry′s Kim Ye Won, who worked at a telecommunications company as real employees for five days. 

As outsiders of the corporate world, the celebrities went through a series of events that occur daily for regular employees. The program gained much praise from viewers with the celebrities slowly getting used to the workforce. 
The different characters of the first round of rookie employees also caught attention with Park Joon Hyung, the workforce outlaw, Eun Ji Won, the humorous but detailed and responsible worker, Roy Kim, the youngest who continued to climb mountains despite sweating profusely, JK Kim Dong Wook, the blue chip of variety who exploded with his sincere and adorable charms, Lee Hyun Yi, the fashionista of the office who received loved from her co-workers, and more. 
Not only will this specific episode put an end to the first round of employees, but it will also tease the second round of employees who will be hired for the show. 
The episode has raised expectations with Kara′s Park Gyuri, MBLAQ′s Mir, Baedoosan′s Kim Do Gyun, and actor Bong Tae Gyu joining the workforce. 
The episode will air on October 16. 

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