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[Variety] tvN First Day of Work 오늘부터 출근

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Guest adikkeluangman

I so can't with this show. Hope it will get subbed. Does it mean that we can see them in Roommate too since JoonHyung also in that show now? 
[Photo] Eun Ji Won, Roy Kim, Park Jun Hyung and More Get Ready for the ′First Day of Work′
The stars of upcoming tvN variety show First Day of Work gathered for a production presentation, held at the 63 Convention Center in Seoul′s Yeouido on September 15.
More photos here.

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I really liked the first episode! :)

I wish I could understand more, but it was fun anyways.

So there were 2 members placed per team..

Eun Jiwon and Roy Kim
Yewon and JK Kim Dongwook
Hong Jinho and Lee Hyunyi
Park Junhyung and Kim Sungjoo

The two ladies went to work wearing those extremely high heels.. X_X That was such a torture to watch! It must've been too painful! Well, perhaps by the next episode they will do better. Yewon got late and was reprimanded for it..

Junhyung was really funny in this ep but too playful for an office environment.. saying "Wassup!" to everyone.. :))

Jiwon's so cute together with Roy Kim! Seems like they will do field work by the next episode.

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Guest adikkeluangman

'Office D-1' Park Jun Hyung drops a selfie taken with Kim Sung Joo

A photo of Park Jun Hyung and Kim Sung Joo from 'Office D-1' was revealed.
On September 20th, g.o.d's Park Jung Hyung uploaded the photo on his Instagram, and wrote, "Yo~! Tonight at 11:00 PM on channel tvN's 'Office D-1.' Please do not forget watching it."
Park Jun Hyung also tagged all of the members of 'Office D-1.'
The photo shows Park Jun Hyung and Kim Sung Joo posing for a selfie together in an office.
Park Jun Hyung is showing a serious facial expression while Kim Sung Joo is a showing a surprised look, and many fans and viewers are showing explosive reactions.
Meanwhile, Eun Ji Won, Roy Kim, Park Jun Hyung, Kim Sung Joo, JK Kim Dong Wook, Kim Ye Won, Lee Hyun Yi, and Hong Jin Ho are appearing on 'Office D-1.'

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Yeah.. it's been so quiet here... :( Have you guys not seen the episode yet?

I've been quite busy but I was able to sub another cut a few days ago..

^Eun Jiwon and Roy Kim cut

I'm not really good at translating so I really couldn't do much even if I wanted to.. unfortunately.. :(

There'll be a new episode again tonight! So yay for us!

But they're not gonna do office work forever it seems... so it's either they've decided that office environment is pretty boring for a show... OR they always wanted them to do different jobs.. Cos next job is at a toy store.. (unless they're gonna work inside the company itself.. *shrugs*)

Park Junhyung will probably get scolded in this episode..
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