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[Drama 2014] Mama 마마

Go Seung Ji

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Mama - Not Afraid of Anything in the World


Title: 마마 – 세상 무서울 게 없는 / Mama – Nothing to Fear
Chinese Title: 妈妈-世上无所畏惧
Also known as: Mama – Not Afraid of Anything in the World
Genre: Family, Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 24 
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2014-Aug-02 to 2014-Oct-19
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55








A melodrama about single mother who doesn’t have much time left to live, and genuine friendship formed under unusual circumstances.

A successful painter, Han Seung Hee (Song Yoon Ah) raises her son alone for years. One day, she finds out about her terminal disease. In order for her son to be adopted into a nice family later, she seeks her former boyfriend’s family and in the process, become his wife’s best friend.




  1. "Mama - Not Afraid of Anything in the World" takes over the MBC Saturdays & Sundays 21:45 time slot previously occupied by "Hotel King".
  2. Song Yoon-A last acted in a drama series six years ago in SBS drama "On Air".





    Song Yoon-A as Han Seung-Hee

    Hong Jong-Hyeon as Koo Ji-Sub

    Moon Jung-Hee as Seo Ji-Eun

    Jung Joon-Ho - Moon Tae-Joo

    Yoon Chan-Young - Geu-Roo (Seung-Hee's son)

    Choi Song-Hyun - Na Se-Na
    Jeon Su-Kyeong - Kwon Do-Hee
    Choi Jong-Hwan - Director Kim
    Jung Soo-Young - Jin Hyo-Jung
    Kim Hyun-Kyoon - Moon Tae-Hoon
    Jang Seo-Won - Assistant Manager Lee
    Jeong Jae-Sun - Park Nam-Soon (Tae-Joo's mother)
    Park Jung-Soo - Kang Myung-Ja (Ji-Eun's mother)
    Jo Min-Ah - Moon Bo-Na (Tae-Joo's daughter)
    Kim Jung-Wook - Seo Young-Jin (Ji-Eun 's younger brother)
    Jeon Jin-Seo - Seo Hyun-Soo
    Jeon Joon-Hyeok - Kim Hyun-Se
    Park Ha-Young - Bong Min-Joo
    Son Seong-Yun - Kang Rae-Yeon
    Lee Chae-Eun - Miss Jung
    Park Ah-In - Soo-Ji
    Juan - Rachel


    Production Credits

    Production Company: Pan Entertainment
    Chief Producer: Kim Kyung Hee
    Producer: Kim Hee Yul
    Director: Kim Sang Hyup
    Screenwriter: Yoo Yoon Kyung


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Thank you @Go Seung Ji for starting the thread....

"Mama - Nothing to Fear" script reading with Song Yoon-ah


The new MBC weekend drama "Mama - Nothing to Fear" started script reading.

Song Yoon-ah, Jeong Joon-ho, Moon Jeong-hee, Hong Jong-hyeon and other casts gathered together for two sessions of script reading.

MBC director of dramas says, "There have been many debatable dramas in MBC but "Mama - Nothing to Fear" is exceptionally hopeful".

Yoo Yoon-kyeong the scriptwriter says, "I worked on this for 4 years with producer Kim Sang-hyeoband I'm more attached to it because it's about those my age".

The script reading was just as good as the real thing. Song Yoon-ah takes on the role of Han Seung-hee, a single mother who is terminally ill. She made everyone forget that she had been absent for the last 6 years. Moon Jeong-hee takes on the role of Seo Ji-eun, a bright and innocent woman.

Song Yoon-ah chatted with fellow actors and actresses Park Jeong-soo, Jeong Jae-soon and others.Park Jeong-soo said she was comfortable working with Song Yoon-ah as they have worked together before.

Jeong Joon-ho takes on the role of Moon Tae-joo, Ji-eun's husband who is the perfect 'wannabe husband' but commits adultery in the end. Hong Jong-hyeon is Koo Ji-sub, a quiet and blunt younger man.

"Mama - Nothing to Fear" will be broadcasted after "Hotel King" in August and it's about a woman who struggles to make a family for her only child.

Source: Hancinema

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From AsianWiki

First still images added for upcoming MBC drama series MAMA - NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING IN THE WORLD (literal title of "Mama-Sesang Mooseowool Ge Eotneun"). Drama series stars Song Yoon-A, Moon Jung-Hee, Hong Jong-Hyeon & Jung Joon-Ho.

Story for MAMA involves a single mother (Song Yoon-A) who learns she is terminally ill. She attempts to find a family for her son before she is gone.

MAMA - NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING IN THE WORLD first airs this August in South Korea.



Source: AsianWiki

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