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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2014] Bu Bu Jing Qing 步步惊情


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"If you leave here one day, I'll go and look for you in your world"四爺BBJX.jpg

Details:Title: 步步惊情 / Bù bù jīng qíng
English title: Startling Love With Each StepSequel of: 步步惊心 (Bu Bu Jing Xin)/ Startling by Each Step
Genre: Drama, Modern, RomanceDirectors: Linyu Fen, & Zheng WeiwenScriptwriters: Xu Yiliang & Wu Yingying
Episodes: 41
Production Company: Hunan TV
Broadcast Date: April 22, 2014 - May 7, 2014Replacing: Best Time 最美的時光
Cast:Cecilia Liu as Zhang Xiao and Lan LanNicky Wu as Yin ZhengSun Yi Zhou as Kang Si HanAnnie Liu as Ma Yi NuoJiang Jing Fu as Kang Si YuDamian Lau as Kang Zhen TianYe Qing as Meng Xin YiZeng Yi Ke as Ling DangChen Xiang as Huang DiYe Zu Xin as JackCai Ya Tong as Mo Xiao HeZhao Chu Lun as Han Qing
Synopsis:Zhang Xiao is a white collar female worker. By chance, Zhang Xiao finds work at "Zhen Tian", one of China's most famous internet companies. Like any other ordinary newcomer to the business industry, Zhang Xiao is ostracised by her fellow colleagues. Luckily, her superior Yin Zheng sees her as a talented worker and helps her avoid difficult situations. Slowly, Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao develop unspoken feelings for each other, but before it can progress any further, a gentle and considerate Kang Si Han enter's Zhang Xiao's world. It turns out that both men are candidates to the successor of this company and Zhang Xiao suddenly finds herself in the centre of a power struggle.
Watch here with English subs when it comes out!
English Subbed Trailer:
(credit: 4796894 & Lingglu)

Opening theme: Mayday - Step by Step 步步

Ending theme: Cecilia Shi & Jia Jia 家家 - Dust 塵埃http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=m44o9LzKTu8

Insert theme: Ding Dang 丁噹 Not Up to Us 身不由己

Insert theme: Chen Xiang 陳翔 - That Period of Time 那一世http://youtu.be/FzOLU8KCu1g
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GOOD NEWS COMING FOR 4TH PRINCE AND ROUXI SHIPPERS OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu have confirmed their real life relationship on Weibo. No wonder they have so much chemistry on BBJX. Congratulation to them both, and hope this will last despite the huge age gap. 

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Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu Confirm Romance

Excerpt from: Sina Entertainment

Translated by: sparkles_n15 @ asianfanatics.net

Nicky Wu made an announcement on his Weibo on November 13 at 2:06 AM to confirm his romance with Cecilia Liu. "Thank you for everyone's concern and well wishes, we both cherish this hard fought relationship. I really hope everyone will respect our privacy and give us more time and space. Thank you for your understanding. @liushishi" At short while later, Cecilia responded to his Weibo by saying: "Thank you for everyone's concern. I believe that heaven will make the best arrangements for us." After portraying couples Scarlet Heart (Bu Bu Jing Xin), the modern day sequel Bu Bu Jing Qing, and Incisive Great Teacher, Nicky and Cecilia have often been rumoured as a couple in real life. While they were widely speculated to be in a relationship, it wasn't until Entertainment Weekly Magazine posted photos of them on a late night date in Shanghai that it seemed confirmed. In fact, the location of their date was none other than Cecilia's apartment and lasted 8 hours! Fans of the 4th Prince and Ruoxi pairing are undoubtedly excited to see their romance blossom off screen.

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Guest sicknine

Good news! Thought the broadcast date has been cancelled. Can't wait for the first episode. It's 2 days more.

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