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[Official] Jung Joon Young ❤ Jung Yoo Mi : Jung-Jung Couple ❤ PocaGuri Thread❤

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On 2/13/2018 at 5:48 PM, Queenny Galarosa said:

hi guys, i'm still watching the WGM, Pocaguri is the best for me, i hope somebody will give us a latest news about them. (JJY & JY) 

 I am starting to decode hints and trying connecting the dots even there is no spoken words from them as this soon....;-)....the star is still shining brightly;-)...hahahaha.it.....sometimes there are things to be kept and make it an known in perfect timing.....;-)


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Oh my!!!it's been 2 years when I last logged logged in ehehe


 miss to see them together and ofc BELATED HAPPY ANNIVERSARY POCAGURI!!! 3 SEPT 2018 


so excited too coz Guri- JJY will have a fanmeet in the Philippines this coming 22 Sept 2018...hope to see him Live!in person!even if it's too far, wanna support him...it's like, I'll imagine that Poca is with him...Poca as his fiancee :wub:

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During the Fiancee fanmeet in Manila, Guri was asked to describe his ideal girl...then it suddenly reminds me of Poca!!! Jung Jung couple!


Jung Joon Young's ideal girl:
- around 165cm-169cm in height
- red lips
- no glasses
- shoulder lenght hair
- wearing sneakers
- wearing jeans
- with earrings


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Just recently discovered wgm and  loved this couple. Couldn't help but get back to writing fanfiction after years of being inactive. 


Some of my fanfics have their way of coming into real life in one way or another. Here's hoping that could happen for these two.


Title: It's Love, Actually 

Link: https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1384857

Only chapter 1 is up. I wanted to write more but I'm getting dizzy.


Please be nice to a newbie :)

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