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Kim Go Eun ♥ 김고은 ♥ 金高銀 ♥ คิมโกอึน ♥ キムゴウン - Upcoming Movie: Hero Upcoming Drama 2021: Yumi's Cells

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Name: 김고은 / Kim Go Eun Profession: Actress Birth date: 1991-Jul-02  Birthplace: South Korea Height: 167 cm Star sign: Cancer Talent agency: BH Entertainment / Naver Official Instagram

hai everyone.. you have all your favorite language information at your fingertips, all in. hence, everyone can watch full movie "UNTACT" on youtube.  "UNTACT" short film by award-winning writer a

hai everyone.. "if you catch a falling maple leaf, you will fall in love with the person you are walking with." these lines playing back touched my heart.  four years ago we fell in love with Ji Eun

These 7 KDrama stars are not only good at acting, but they can also sing.

Intan Dvi | Sunday, 11 Apr 2021


If you look at the growth of the Korean entertainment industry in recent years, it's no surprise that Korean celebrities tend to try different jobs and hone other talents. Like K-Pop idols who started out as singers, but many of them ended up trying to get into acting as well.

Not only are K-Pop idols gradually glorifying their name in dramas, there are many talented drama stars who also have excellent singing abilities. Many of them have made a name for themselves in the soundtracks for the dramas in which they appear. Who do you think actors with beautiful voices are?


Kim Go Eun


Goeun’s cover of “Breathe” [Happy Together/2019.08.29]



Kim Go Eun is an actress who has received several awards for her acting talent. In addition to showcasing their acting, the stars of Goblin and King: Eternal Monarch also showcase their singing talent.

He first showed his good voice on the soundtrack to his first drama, Trapped Cheese, The Attraction. Not only that, he has also showcased his voice on various TV shows or even on his Instagram account.


Translate from Indonesian google



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The unchanging beauty of Korean actresses as revealed through their graduation photos



Recently, the school graduation photos of various actresses were revealed, gaining attention from various netizens.

On April 13th, a post was created on an online community titled, "Graduation photos of actresses that are out of this world." In the post, various graduation photos of actresses such as Lee Yeon Hee, Moon Chae Won, Han Hyo Joo, Park Bo Young, Park So Dam, Kim Tae Ri, Go Ara, Kim Go Eun, Jung Yoo Mi, and more were included.

These photos are quickly gaining attention as these actresses are boasting exceptional beauty even as students that is unchanging over the years. So here are some of the graduation photos of these beautiful actresses.


Kim Go Eun





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The Success Story of Goblin Star Kim Go Eun, an Olshop Model who Becomes a Professional Actress


Edited by Irene Radius Saretta 18 April 2021




One of the most beautiful and talented Hallyu Stars of this century is Kim Go-eun. The woman who was born in Seoul, July 2, 1991 has been around for a long time in the entertainment world. This year he competed acting with handsome actor Lee Min Ho in The King: The Eternal Monarch.

Previously, the figure of Kim Go Eun was increasingly recognized thanks to her charming appearance in the Goblin (2016) series. Her clever acting also captivated fans in the films Coin Locker Girl and Memories of the Sword (2015), Monster (2014), and A Muse (2012).

Thanks to her expertise in acting, this woman who also works as a singer and model has won various awards. Among them are Best New Actress from the 2012 Grand Bell Awards, Best New Actress from the 2012 Blue Dragon Film Awards, as well as the Baeksang Arts Award in the Television category: Best New Actress 2016.




This woman with a height of 167 cm has been interested in art since she was a teenager. When he was three years old, he had lived in Beijing, China. Living in China for a decade, it is no wonder that he is able to speak Mandarin fluently.

Until one day, Go Eun watched Together — a drama genre film that aired in 2002. Since then, she has fallen in love with acting and dreams of becoming a director and producer.

His desire got stronger after getting to know acting and theater. As a result, Kim Go-eun immediately enrolled in an art school upon his return to South Korea. Later, Kim In Gi's daughter took her education at the High School of Arts, Kaywon.


Debut Playing in Adult Movies

Unexpectedly, the actress's debut debut was an erotic movie entitled A Muse (Eungyo) in 2012. In the film that became a box office, Kim Go Eun, who was 21 at the time, dared to do a scene in bed.

In the same year, he actually also starred in the film Comfort and Yeong-a, but was still less popular than A Muse. Despite causing controversy and criticism, Kim Go Eun finally won more than ten prestigious trophies and awards.

Regarding the various blasphemies directed at him, he made it a positive criticism in order to become a better actor.


Had Vacuum For Education




After his appearance went viral and became famous, Kim Go-eun actually had a chance to vacuum from the world of film. Indeed, there are many film offers that come to him. But at that time, he prioritized completing his education.

It is known, he returned to study at the Korea National University of Arts and majored in Drama Theater. However, the hiatus did not last that long. Two years later, he returned to greet his fans and starred in the thriller film Monster.

Since then, he has successfully starred in more and more films. Apart from Neverdie Butterfly (2013), he also played in Memories of the Sword, The Advocate: A Missing Body to Coin Locker Girl (2015).

In 2016, Go Eun starred in Canola again, which was followed by the romantic comedy Sunset in My Hometown (2018), as well as Hit-and-Run Squad and Tune in for Love (2019). The latest in 2020, Kim Go Eun is reportedly playing in Hero and Untact.


Hockey Got the Main Role

In the drama series, Kim Go-eun has done a number of titles that are not less. His appearance as a drama series star began in 2016. At that time, he became the main player in Cheese in the Trap with Park Hae Jin who was the co-star.

Thanks to her great acting in her drama debut, she also won the Best New Actress (TV) award. After that, his work continued smoothly. Luck almost always comes to greet him by making him a major player.

In Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) which aired from 2016 to 2017, Kim Go Eun was a huge success and is increasingly being counted as one of the hallyu stars.

The success of the series practically catapulted his name. In the drama series that aired on tvN, he had the opportunity to compete acting with Lee Dong Wook.

Later this year, the actress who worked under BH Entertainment has performed a new drama entitled The King: Eternal Monarch with Lee Min Ho.


Entering the Music Industry


Kim Go-eun also tried out the music industry by singing Hip Hop songs. In 2015, he sang the song Sun, Moon, Stars and Us which was delivered in a duet format with Shin Seung Hun.

Then the following year, he returned to sing Attraction and hooked Tearliner as his collaborative partner. This song is the OST for Cheese in the Trap. In addition, he also often sings cover songs, such as his duet with Henry Lau for the song I'll Never Love Again.

Twisted Tajir and High Social Spirit
With a brilliant career, Kim Go Eun managed to amass a total wealth of up to 5 million US dollars (equivalent to Rp74 trillion). From the endorsement field, he is also involved in cooperation with a number of brands. Like Beanpole Bags and continues to make it profitable.

According to reports, Kim Go-eun recently contributed 100 million Won (equivalent to Rp1.14 billion) regarding the current pandemic situation. The aid was disbursed to help residents of Ginseng Country who had difficulty buying masks.


From an Olshop Model to a Professional Actress




Now, Kim Go Eun has become a great actress with a great income and a myriad of achievements. However, not many people know that in the past, he was a model for online shops and shopping malls.

In one interview with Soompi, Kim admitted that he wanted to continue to develop and grow personally and professionally. That is why he decided to pursue his dream and enter the entertainment industry.

That's why he wants to continue working on films, dramas and exploring his acting skills by trying to portray a variety of characters. Along with his increasing popularity, Kim Go-eun thinks his responsibility is getting bigger.


Achieve Dreams with Seriousness

He also becomes motivated and motivated to maintain the success he has achieved. Especially if you remember that the actress until now still wants to fulfill her other dream, which is to become a film producer and director someday.

It doesn't matter where you come from and whatever your previous profession is, you can also achieve success in the field you choose. Especially if it is done with sincerity, totality, commitment, and seriousness which is carried out with full consistency.


Translation from Indonesian google



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7 types of super powers in Korean movies: Seeing a ghost that is protected by a beautiful uncle like Kim Go Eun, everyone is grateful!


The magic element is always the spice that many Korean moviegoers love. Seven "mutants", presented below, rocked the screen with their superpowers.

One of the factors attracting a large number of Korean moviegoers is the supernatural and magical element. This is considered to be the highlight that makes the plot of the film more vivid and attractive. Let's take a look at the characters with the special powers of the Korean film world!


3. Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) - Goblin


Not only is he able to see ghosts, but Ji Eun Tak (Goblin) of the goblin is also destined to become the goblin's bride. Goblin revolves around a love story between Eun Tak and Kim Shin (Gong Yoo). Incidentally, on her birthday, Eun Tak had a wish and, more surprisingly, she was able to summon Kim Shin. The outfit of fate brought Kim Shin to Eun Tak's side. From then on, she could call out to Kim Shin by blowing out the candles, and then together they wrote a beautiful but tragic love story.









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Yumi Cells (2021)
Revealing the image of Kim Go Eun leaving her "hometown" on a stupid rooftop after a handsome guy in the new film.


Ahn Bo Hyun and Kim Go Eun's strange portraits in the drama "Yumi's Cages" are revealed.


Celebrating for the first time the on-screen charm of Ahn Bo Hyun and Kim Go Eun, Yumi's Cells began showing some images on set. No longer the handsome young master of Itaewon class, Ahn Bo Hyun is black and thinner seen in the T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops that are typical of a country boy, especially his beard and long hair. Looks much older. Ahn Bo Hyun accompanies Kim Go Eun as Yumi, a funny girl with flat, straight hair, short hair and "good girl" clothes. It's like stepping out of a webtoon, but the couple still makes netizens laugh because they are so stupid and look a little "poor."























Netizens laughed and didn't recognize the acquaintances of Ahn Bo Hyun and Kim Go Eun after seeing their new looks:

- Crying like a river, not noticing then young Ahn Bo Hyun.

- Originally, Woon wore a flip-flop T-shirt all the time, creating the same uniform.

- Well, Jang family member is so poor.

- Kim Go Eun looks so cute with her hair!

- Creation of the correct image of the original man.

- It looks so funny.

Source: Lac Deep Bich


Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, Yumi's Cages tells the story of an ordinary office worker named Yumi (played by Kim Go Eun) in terms of the brain cells that control her thoughts and feelings. Ahn Bo Hyun takes on the role of Goo Woon, who loves Yumi and is an indifferent person who is actually very romantic.








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Ahn Bo Hyun And Kim Go Eun Were Caught On The Set Of "Yumi's Cells", Their Appearance Was Amazed!




In the stills of "Yumi's Cages," Ahn Bo Hyun And Kim Go Eun Perfectly Transformed Into Their Characters, Una Yumi. What Do They Look Like?


WowKeren Team April 22, 2021

WowKeren.com - Photos of Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun filming the webtoon's drama adaptation of "Yumi Cages" were circulated to the online Pann community recently. According to the OP, Ahn Bo Hyun does indeed fit the role of Goo Woon.


In the shared photo, Ahn Bo Hyun is wearing the same shirt as Goo Woon in the original webtoon. Not only that, because the haircut and beard were similar as well, making him perfect for the character.




Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun has been spotted wearing an elegant and simple outfit with a short hairstyle typical of her character Yumi. Even though Kim Go Eun cut her hair for the role, some netizens thought she was too different from the original webtoon character.




After the photography became widespread, international fans also responded. Many of them watch this drama on the small screen with great enthusiasm. Check out some of the following fan comments:

“Ahn Bo Hyun looks very suitable for the role of Una. And I'm glad to see the appearance of Kim Go Eun, ”wrote netter. “Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun really look like Yumi and Una !! I'm very glad they dyed their hair black, ”added other netters.


“Can't wait to see this,” other netters said. “Their style is very cute and I like it,” said another. “I really can't wait to see this, so I can't wait,” concluded the other members of the network.


Meanwhile, "Yumi's Cages" tells the story of a lonely career woman named Yumi who doesn't know how to express her feelings. Through romantic relationships and work, he grows as a person who is content with his daily life.


Yumi has cells in her brain that represent various expressions such as love, violence, rationality, good and bad. The tiny cells of his brain are actively working on him, and they will overcome all their emotions and problems.


Translation from Indonesian google


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Happy 9th Debut Anniversary Kim Go Eun, the most talented, beautiful, humble and charming actress ever existed. 

Love you to the moon and back my darling. Keep on shining. Waiting for more amazing years of your excellence to come.






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Kim Go Eun declares herself a fan of Vincenzo and Woo Do Hwan surprises her on IG


Apr 24, 2021




Kim Go Eun hosted a special broadcast for the anniversary of her acting debut. Photo: Instagram / SBS line-up


The affectionate interaction between the cast of The King: The Eternal Monarch has delighted fans. Kim Go Eun celebrated her ninth anniversary with a live broadcast.

On April 23, charismatic Kim Go Eun celebrated nine years of her creative life with a live stream on Instagram. While talking to her fans, she was surprised by her roles in the drama King Eternal Monarch, Woo-Doo Hwan.

With short black hair, Kim Go Eun has revealed a new look that makes her Yumi, the star of the new Korean drama she is filming with Ahn Bo Hyun. As a token of gratitude to her followers, she prepared a couple of songs that she sang live.


Kim Go Eun Singing in her Insta LIVE [ 23.04.2021] Eng Subs



The goblin star also couldn't resist the Korean drama that is currently a sensation. When asked by viewers, Kim Go Eun recommended Vincenzo as the series she is currently watching.

The actress exclaimed, "Vincenzo Zhang!" (Vincenzo is the best) between laughs.

Woo Do Hwan, who now serves in the military, did not miss the opportunity to say hello to his colleague. He commented on the broadcast to show that he was listening to her speech.

Seeing his username, Kim Go Eun named him after his character in the 2020 series, “Oh, our Eunseop is here! Woo Do Hwan, Do Hwan, are you okay? - she said.




Woo Do Hwan in The King: The Eternal Monarch


Kim Go Eun as Yumi


A year after she became Lieutenant Jung Tae Eul in her K-drama with Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun again played the webtoon heroine. A few days ago, he began filming the series "Yumi Cages", based on the very popular graphic history in South Korea.

Yumi is a regular office worker, in her thirties, and the story shows her life in terms of her brain cells. There is an expectation of how this theme will be adapted to the television format.






Translation from spanish google




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Kim Go Eun celebrates 9th anniversary of her debut with fans




Kim Go Eun's agency BH Entertainment shared their impressions of the actress's 9th anniversary debut.

Having started her artistic career with the film Muse in 2012, Kim Go Eun has gained recognition for her roles in films such as Monster, Chinatown, Grandma in Spring, Tuning in for Love, and Hero, who won love of fans and viewers.

In particular, the actress has played a major role in the tvN dramas Trapped Cheese, Goblin and The King: Eternal Monarch, alongside popular actors.

To mark the 9th anniversary of his debut, Kim Go Eun had time to meet and chat with fans through a special live stream on his official Instagram account. The actress recalled the work done and thanked for the support. And I promise to keep trying.

It's been 9 years since I debuted. I will continue to be a hardworking actress with more acting responsibility. "

Meanwhile, actress Kim Go Eun began filming the online drama "Yumi Cages" as Yumi, who completely changed and perfectly synchronized with the character. Actors Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Yoo Bi, and Park Ji Hyun are also part of the cast.

The drama will air in the second half of this year.


Translation from spanish google


https://kpoplat.com/2021/04/26/kim-go-eun-celebro-con-sus-fans-su-noveno-aniversario-de-debut/?php bloginfo('url') ?>

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