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[Drama 2013/2014] A Little Love Never Hurts (Give Love Away) 사랑해서 남주나

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Guest livon123




Title : Give Love Away or “Will You Love And Give It Away” Saranghaeseo NamjoonaEpisodes: 50Broadcast Company : MBCCast : Hong Soo Hyun, Lee Sang Yeob, Seo ji-seokAiring Period: September 28, 2013 - ???Airing Time: Sat. & Sun. 20:40PD : Kim Nam WonProduction Company :Official Website : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/mine/
Storyline/Synopsis : “Will You Love and Give it Away” is family drama written by the scriptwriter of Ugly Mooncake and PD of Queen of Reversals. This drama is described as a heartwarming family about about two families who are brought together and forced to become one big happy family unit after their parents marry each other. How their grown-up children will re-act and deal with this new situation will be fully addressed in this drama.Read more at http://beatuscorner.com/hong-soo-hyun-lee-sang-yeob-casting-news/#5mWlZx4Qu6CwPymK.99 
MAIN CASTHong Soo Hyun as Song Mi Joo (송미주)Lee Sang Yeob as Jeong Jae Min (정재민)Shin Da Eun as Eun Ha Kyeong (은하경)Seo Ji Seok as Eun Ha Rim (은하림)

  • Nam Bo Ra as Song Eun JooPark Geun Hyeong as Jeong Hyeon Soo (정현수)Cha Hwa Yeon as Hong Soon Ae (홍순애)Han Go Eun as Jung Yoo RiYoo Ho Jeong as Jung Yoo JinKim Seung Soo as Kang Sung HoonJo Yeon Woo Yoo Ji In as Lee Hye ShinKang Seok Woo as Song Ho SubChoi Soo Rim as Sin Soo Jeong (신수정)Kim Na Woon as Lee Yun HeeSuh Dong Won as Song Byung JooOh Na Ra as Kim Ji YoungChoi Jung Woo as Eun Hee JaeJung Jae Soon as Eun Hee Ja
    Information so Far....There will be a love triangle among Hong Soo Hyun's character, Lee Sang Yeob, and Seo Ji Suk, you can also call it a square love since Sin Da-Eun will fall for Lee Sang Yeob.HSH's character Mi Joo is a hardworking girl in the modern society, a young and sincere person, and contracted employee of a bank.LSY's character JM is a immature looking character, but deep thinker, and he held on to memories from his youth that are painful of his parents.SJS's character HR is a chef and restaurant owner, who is bight, and romantic but holds a lot of pain inside.SDE's character HK grew up in a wealthy family, shelter away from the real world, but always positive and no prejudice toward others, even though her honesty might seem rude.
    Please contribute as much as you like. Can't wait to see this series!
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Guest livon123

Posted on Aug 13, 2013 in Casting News

class="titles2" style="margin: 0px 0px 10px; font-weight: normal; font-size: 24px; line-height: 30px; font-family: Verdana;"Hong Soo Hyun & Lee Sang Yeob cast on “Will You Love And Give It Away”

Last week, Hong Soo Hyun was confirmed to headline the upcoming MBC weekend family drama “Will You Love and Give It Away”. The good news came earlier today, she will be reunited with her fellow Jang Ok Jong, Live in Love cast, Lee Sang Yeob who is confirmed to join this drama! Big hurray, I love them individually as well as together (they were really cute & had a great on-screen chemistry in JOJ, LiL).

Hong Soo Hyun Lee Sang Yeob bc2 Hong Soo Hyun & Lee Sang Yeob cast on Will You Love And Give It Away

Lee Sang Yeob bc2 Hong Soo Hyun & Lee Sang Yeob cast on Will You Love And Give It Away Hong Soo Hyun bc2 Hong Soo Hyun & Lee Sang Yeob cast on Will You Love And Give It Away

Hong Soo Hyun bc1 Hong Soo Hyun & Lee Sang Yeob cast on Will You Love And Give It Away Lee Sang Yeob bc1 Hong Soo Hyun & Lee Sang Yeob cast on Will You Love And Give It Away

“Will You Love and Give it Away” is family drama written by the scriptwriter of Ugly Mooncake and PD of Queen of Reversals. This drama is described as a heartwarming family about about two families who are brought together and forced to become one big happy family unit after their parents marry each other. How their grown-up children will re-act and deal with this new situation will be fully addressed in this drama.

This drama follows “I Summon You Gold” and will premiere in September 2013.

Cr: Nate & dramabeans; Pic Cr: SBS

©2013 Beatus Corner – All Rights Reserved

Read more at http://beatuscorner.com/hong-soo-hyun-lee-sang-yeob-casting-news/#5mWlZx4Qu6CwPymK.99 

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Seo Ji-seok in "Give Love Away" with Hong Soo-hyeon

Actor Seo Ji-seok is starring in the new MBC weekend drama "Give Love Away".

Seo Ji-seok's agency revealed that he'd been cast for the drama along with Lee Sang-yeob, Hong Soo-hyeon, Park Geun-hyeong and Cha Hwa-yeon.
Seo Ji-seok stars as Eun Ha-rim, a restaurant owner and chef who opened his own restaurant for the sake of cooking his way and a plutocrat. He's a bright and romantic man but he holds much pain inside.
Seo Ji-seok will also create a three-way romance with Hong Soo-hyeon (Song Mi-joo) and Lee Sang-yeob (Jeong Jae-min).
Meanwhile, "Give Love Away" is a warming family drama about family love through the process of remarriage.
To be aired at the end of September after "Gold, Appear!".

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Guest livon123

I'm excited about this series, while it might be longer than usual, I think I summon you gold is only 50 episode, it give more time for character development, and storyline progression. I can't wait to see the preview and script reading, oh and press conference.

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Sin Da-eun cast for “Give Love Away”

Sin Da-eun has been cast for the upcoming MBC drama “Give Love Away” as the lead role.
“Give Love Away” is a family drama about remarrying and Sin Da-eun takes on the role of Eun Ha-kyeong. She’s back with a drama in six months and will fall romantically with Lee Sang-yeob.
Eun Ha-kyeong grew up in a wealthy family like a princess and is ignorant of the world but she’s professional when it comes to work. She might seem rude as she is very honest but she has no ill-thoughts or prejudice about people. She’s also very positive in everything.
Sin Da-eun has pulled off many roles in dramas, “Lights and Shadows“, “New Heart” and more.
Sin Da-eun said, “I am happy to be in a drama with amazing and respectful actors and actresses and I am going to work hard to create an enjoyable weekend viewing”.

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Guest livon123

haha I guess it is a little early to talk about the pairing in this series. I am pretty torn because Soo Hyun and Sang Yeob this will be their 3rd drama together, 2nd time pairing up together, not sure if they end up in the first one, but they have great chemistry. While Ji Suk is awesome too, I think the pairing would be awesome. However, reading the news about Da Eun, it look like perhaps Yeob will pair up with Da Eun? ahhh hope there is some pics soon. The official website?

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Guest eeldeerlove

class="title"“Jang Ok Jung” Stars Takes Lead Roles In New Dramajhjdhe20130813110301_I_02_C_1.jpg

Lee Sang Yeob and Hong Soo Hyun were cast to play the main characters in MBC’s upcoming weekend drama “Give Love Away”. Drama surrounds the story of a couple who remarried in their twilight years.

Actress Hong Soo Hyun will play as Song Mi Joo, one of the daughter described as thoughtful and cautious despite her young age. In the meantime, the actress has been recognized in portraying  strong and colorful characters in her various dramas. Especially, this “Give Love Away” she will be acting as a woman with a strong personality who has to live in present day’s society and expected to show a realistic role.

Meanwhile, Lee Sang Yeob was cast to play the character as Jung Jae Min who’s going to be Song Mi Jo’s Daddy long legs. He cannot find a proper job, but he greatly values Hong Soo Hyun’s character in his heart. He’s also facing an outwardly wounded childhood memory from his parents – another story will be featured.

Both Lee Sang Yeob and Hong Soo Hyun recently appeared in SBS Historical drama “Jang Ok Jung” as Prince Dongpyung and Queen Inhyun.


“Give Love Away” is scheduled to be broadcast on September to replace “I Summon You, Gold” in its weekend time slot.

Source: http://dramabucks.com/drama/jang-ok-jung-stars-takes-lead-roles-in-new-drama/

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Guest livon123

Another news 
class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 20px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-size: 2.4em; vertical-align: baseline; font-family: inherit; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); line-height: 1.375;"Hong Soo-hyun, Lee Sang-yeob to Pair Up in New DramaPosted on 2013/08/14 by Kang Jung Yeon in TV with 0 Comments


Hong Soo-hyun

Korean actress Hong Soo-hyun. [TenAsia/ Chae Ki Won]

Lee Sang-yeob, Jang Ok Jeong

Korean actor Lee Sang-yeob. [TenAsia/ Gue Hye Jung]


SBS’s hit series “Jang Ok Jeong” stars Hong Soo-hyun and Lee Sang-yeob will be portraying a loving couple in a new MBC drama.

Hong and Lee have been confirmed to take on the leading roles in MBC’s new weekend drama “Love Doesn’t Go Away” (translated title), the channel said through a press release Wednesday.

The actress takes on the female lead Song Mi-joo, who has considerate and careful personality despite her young age. Though she is a contract worker in a bank, her diligent attitude makes her parents proud, MBC explained.

Lee will play the male lead Jung Jae-min, who looks immature but is considerate. He is jobless, which makes the character seems childish and perky, but he has sincere feelings for Mi-joo.

The drama, centering on a couple’s remarriage in the twilight years of their lives, will premiere in September after MBC weekend drama “Pots of Gold” ends its run.

Reporter. Kang Jung Yeon atoz@tenasia.co.kr
Photographer. Gue Hye Jung photonine@tenasia.co.kr
Editor. Lee Hye Ji hjlee@tenasia.co.kr

<ⓒ Korea Entertainment Media Co., LTD. (www.tenasia.com) All rights reserved.>

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Guest livon123

one more, lol I feel a little different than what the author of this article feel. Even if their parents get married, the girl and guy are not blood related at all, it might be a little weird at first if they need to explain to people that they just met, however, afterward I don't think it is confusing or weird. --------------------------

DRAMA CASTING & NEWSHong Soo-hyun gets her leading menby girlfriday | August 17, 2013 | 65 Comments


Hong Soo-hyun’s new weekend family drama Will You Love And Give It Away has cast her love interests. She’ll be reuniting with Jang Ok-jung co-star Lee Sang-yeob, who scored himself a leading role this time. Seo Ji-seok (High Kick 3) will be the other leg of the love triangle, but this is one second lead who might have a fair shot at getting the girl. Why, you ask? Because the leading man might end up being her new stepbrother. Yeah, they’re doing that. Groan.

The new weekender comes from the PD of Queen of Reversals and the writer of Ugly Mooncake and Just Be Like Today. It stars Park Geun-hyung (aka Halbae Number Three) and Cha Hwa-yeon (Hundred Year Inheritance, I Miss You) in a sweet twilight romance. He’s a retired prosecutor and a regular customer at the neighborhood restaurant that she runs, and the two fall in love and decide to Brady-Bunch their families together. So far, so cute.

Here’s where things get potentially dicey though. The heroine (Hong Soo-hyun) is Mom’s daughter, and her leading man (Lee Sang-yeob) is Dad’s son. A*&GGG$&#* WHY. We already had Love Rain. Why do we have to do it again? The show keeps being called heartwarming family fare though, so maybe it won’t go makjang on us? In any case, she’s a responsible bank employee while he’s a jobless loser, but he’s sincere when it comes to his feelings for her.

Seo Ji-seok, on the other hand, is the total opposite. He’s a restaurateur, a chef, AND a second-generation chaebol. Of course he is. He’s described as cheery and romantic, which basically means he’ll be Mr. Perfect. But maybe if Sincere Slacker ends up her brother, Mr. Perfect will actually get to sweep her away? One can only hope, because the alternative involves breaking some laws.

Will You Love And Give It Away premieres in September on MBC.

Via TV ReportHankyung


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Guest livon123

Looks like more cast confirm. I might be wrong, but I think this will be the first sister. Hong Soo Hyun is 2nd sister, and 3rd sister is Nam Bo Ra.

and Koala's playground updatehttp://koalasplayground.com/2013/08/17/mbc-weekend-drama-give-love-away-casts-hong-soo-hyun-lee-sang-yeob-and-seo-ji-suk/

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Guest livon123

Awesome, yeah finally get to see the script reading, that mean feeling will start soon, and we will get to see a preview in a few weeks haha.
Hope there are more pictures. The cast look like a happy bunch and good atmosphere eh?

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