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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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Edited today at 09:48
- [Kiss Me] 

Please enjoy the 80th special program of my brother's work 
                - Li Zhongshuo's dangerous special 

Forever JS  Li Zhongshuo  
 log logo logo  reproduced, please indicate the source 哟
L your sixth hand chocolate microblogging video

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..off topic with ...............HEARTS....:heart::heart:...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

Imagine similarÄImagine similarÄImagini pentru lucifer gifImagine similarÄ  Imagini pentru lucifer gif

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[ @ Lee Jong-suk ] 190,529 "good morning [breeze]"   
# romance with separate volume appendix #  Lee Jong-suk 
. 2013.11 THE STAR Making Story L JShine Lee Jong-suk FanClub seconds to shoot video
More video poke here [憧憬]: O Web links  

small daily task, a touch of morning sun, small touch of a finger ah: 
[flowers]microblogging words directly over the point  Lee Jong-suk sign 
[flowers]hundred / one day three of flowers O link to this page 
[flowers] Weibo monthly membership collar flower flowers O link to this page 
[flowers] Weibo, then directly over the point  Romance is not book Appendix sign 
[flowers]microblogging words directly over the point  romantic is not, Appendix  attendance 
[flowers]Korean forces standings bell Shuo Home   O link to this page 
# is not romantic, Appendix # Romance is a separate appendix #更更好的李钟硕#

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Today's archaeological 130529 listening to the press conference
[130529. # Lee Jong-suk # # # heard you make will be published - Lee Jong-suk & Li Baoying PhotoTime] within the video update station → O link to this page online → O Web linksReview together in the cold end of the summer brought us through the repair, along with Christmas Eve the repair summer spent with [Too happy][Too happy]SBS Awards we all have to refuel ah[awesome][awesome]

Li Zhongshuo 2012 " Listen to your voice"   
Park Xia Xia is really the most beautiful little milk dog in my heart. "Aquarium Kiss" is still beautiful to heartbreak.
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