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[Drama 2013] Marry Him If You Dare 미래의 선택

Guest msmall

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Guest koryandramalover

YONGHWA - soooooooooo handsome . i hope your acting improve this time. peace y'allLEE DONG GUN - My goodness im soooooooooo excited for your comebackYEH- I like you girl but whats with the hair?
whose gonna end up with who? I mean whose the OTP? im hoping it would be LDG- YEH. as to YH i ship him with other..kekeke im a yongseo fan. LOL

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finally thought I was going to die so expect some new news ~X( ,and woaaa I love what I see, so handsome LeeDonGun Yonghwa and do not know which to choose me=P~ ,and my girl tannn looked cute :x,I'm sure will be a new trend, but only be for a while, I wonder what kind of hairstyle will be later, she is very brave to makeover, it shows how professional she is, she is not afraid of the changes so far do not favor, my girl is amazing so the I admire so much, by the way, I can not wait more, this drama is killing me, please, please let it be October already.

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YEH-LDG-JYH-HCA-CMG-GDS's Passionate First Script Reading Unveiled

On the 4th, at the KBS drama practice room, the first script reading for the new KBS Mon-Tues Miniseries "Choice of Future" (W:HJA/D:KKH) took place with actors YEH-LDG-JYH-HCA-CMG-GDS-OJS-LMD, pleasantly signaling its first steps.

Although the practice continued for over 4 hours, the actors immersed deeply into the script with special affection for "CoF", reading it as though they are actually acting. 

More than anything else, YEH-LDG-JYH-CHA seemed to have already completely analyzed the script and finished their preparations, looking as though they have been possessed by the characters. 

...JYH also brought alive the undercover boss Park Seju who hides a secret underneath his gentle charisma, capturing the staff.

While continuing the serious practice with explosive energy and realistic expressions, the actors burst into laughter and clapped when comical scenes came forth. When the opposite actors try ad-libs, they answered with witty responses, creating a friendly atmosphere.

At the practice, writer HJA and KKH PD were also present to carefully direct every detail, coordinating for the first time with the actors. HJA remarked, "It all started from the whimsical imagination of 'What if I went back to my past self and make recommendations for my life?', I hope it turns into a beautiful drama where everyone becomes happy." KKH PD expressed her infinite trust toward all casts, "I'm thrilled to work with the best actors, I'll do my best to create the best work."

Production company, Annex Telecom said, "It seems that the actors are perfectly in sync with the characters and forming a great harmony with each other. Despite being the first reading, the actors showed unexpectedly great synergy and talent. Please look forward to this new time-slip drama that will lead the viewers into happy and fun land of imagination."
"Choice of Future" will begin broadcasting on Oct. 14, following "Good Doctor."

cr. http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1378680998569337002

Trad : Justjyh

Font: Tv.Daily

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Yoon Eun-hye, Lee Dong-geon and Jeong Yong-hwa in one place


The reading session for the new KBS 2TV series, "Choice of the Future" had a script reading session.

Actors and actresses Yoon Eun-hyeJeong Yong-hwaHan Chae-ahChoi Myeong-gilKo Doo-simand others gathered at the KBS 2TV Star Hall. The reading went on for four hours but no one complained about being tired.

"Choice of the Future" is a new kind of time slip drama where the future 'me' returns to the past to aid and advise for self development. Also the life and work of people in the entertainment business will also be looked at in a new angle.

Yoon Eun-hye takes on the role of Na Mi-rae. Bad tempered but having strong belief in himself is Kim Sin by Lee Dong-geonJeong Yong-hwa takes on the role of an undercover boss named Park Se-joo.

The first reading session was overwhelmed with the passion and reality of the characters. It was way more than expected and everyone was satisfied.

To be aired on the 14th of October after "Good Doctor".

Source : starin.edaily.co.kr/n... ( English )


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>:D< thanks @NEWMARIO for the photos I have been waiting for. well, the wavy hair is new and needs time to adjust, but it's YEH so I think she can carry the look very well. and it's for a new drama, we need to see her in another "new look". LDG and JYW really has awesome resemblance, ahhhh... both are handsome.  :\">
hoping more BOICE will join the thread.

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Wow! thanks for the photos!!! I can't wait for this drama to start! I just watch all of YEH's dramas and movies...I love them all.
I've seen LDG and YH act...i have no complains at all.  Plus! I noticed that everyone that acted beside YEH does extremely well.
So looking forward for this!
Thanks again for sharing everything here!!!

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Guest mslex2014

Just a friendly reminder, so as to maintain the peace and order in our thread, please refrain from mentioning irrelevant people, pairings, topics etc. I'm sure other pairings have their own forums. Let's keep the thread focused on the drama and the casts. Thank you :)

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