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  1. on ep 19, ZF is employ as designer in SL company tho she has broken up with him. Not sure is her original voice or dubbing sometimes is so low and normal. Someone mentioned her lipstick are so bright and red yes it is and not sure is she endorsing that lipstick color, i dont find it appealing. In Sweet Dreams drama bts deng lun ask her why is your lipstick is so red at night... ZF doing her presentation with a group of partners/colleagues and seriously all are old men like just anyhow get some men to sit there....somehow this scene is a failure....only younger man SL is there...haha
  2. Lol I have the same thought open and close door? did they do it? the scene makes no sense. Yesterday episode SL was drunk and Luna was in his room and next morning someone sent ZF the photo. Who sent her the photo? i guess is SL PA. Yes seems whole casts using same ring tone? Bts bridge SL/ZF kissing, Cao Yu Chen was telling the director "am i suppose to stand here the whole time watching them kissing "haha..as if like a pervert there...really crack me up...
  3. I am enjoying this drama bcos of reba and also the clothings. Whats bugging me is Johnny's voice and i am not sure is his original voice. (no offence) His voice is so low or is he suppose to act this way. Kind of dull. The ending song is sang by Johnny? Yes he carry reba with one arm.....only guy can carry her. Regarding the 2nd Ml Cao Yuchen gentle and good looking.
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