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  1. So did they start their contract relationship after yoo jung angrily told him to stop?? Or as real couple after he said sorry?? Or not yet anywhere...just missed one point here coz both looked fine n just move on after arguement....i think ep 7 will tell us then... Perhaps they overwhelmed by their excited joyfulness of being in love that they dont realize what kind relationship they have and sunghoon must ask him in ep 7 preview.....it is for real or fake ?? Haha n he carelessly choosing whatever...where is cha who yeon ssi we know that very strict n firm in principles go??? On preview She dont believe sunghoon will dating a woman...so she ignore his acts lol...poor him
  2. he dont need extra effort to look funny lol....the most annoying face but its ok supporting cast
  3. ROTFL and awesome posts from all of you...daebak !! Thank you for live recaps and translating the story n preview @angelangie and @xxPeepsxx and @Jemrie the gif so cute hoping for another roller coaster next week
  4. @curiousyeh i also find the blog really interesting... happy coz everyone at drama forum very enthusiastic and give their insights to YEH’s comeback drama
  5. I have seen their chemistry since the behind of scene photos leaked by knet...i can see how compatible both standing n walking holding hands...n my guess was right And i agree with @lonetwilight CJM isnt always had good chemistry with her costars... but he is a great actor....YEH n CJM have a good teamwork in love alert eventough the stories have many cliches but everyone who see it most of all suprise they can deliver the story very well...n im also thankful its him as her leading man.. As someone said in drama forum....most of korean dont care about how some knetizen comments in news portal...so dont expect too much from their opinion... haters gonna hate...just stay away from them.... i think YEH still stealing their attentions are a good sign...means even bad publicity also a good marketing...We should realize YEH already passed her peak as an artist...so i hope we dont worry too much... She can handle her life really well...i pray she will meet her soulmate n be happy... just to remind us... a couple years back i was pessimistic when YEH took a long hiatus n the sad thing was...she never updating her social media anymore...she like forgetting her career as artist...so when she show up again...and start her instagram....im happy she start to open up again n now doing a new drama!! What a surprise n big reward to us that all this years still stand by her....so lets cherish it all n be happy with her...
  6. Her little smile started on 58:40 after she heard woo hyeon convo with hjm just checked its because my eyes trick me or my heart said so lol
  7. Yes she did haha...not too over excited...just a relief that someone stand behind her...and helping to build her confidence...that way of love dont show us Lately in kdramas...
  8. And he glancing when she found her card in the book to see her reaction n smile @Lmangla u describe it very well
  9. @Anna Tan i like how the romance between our lead capture our heart...not only both CJM n YEH did their excellent job..the love plot genuinely working for two people in love...not too rush...not easily grabbing n other skinships lol...even just eye contact n lingking their pinkie are soooo much sweet and meaningful than actually dramas show us lately in leads’s love department lol... his awkward smile n gestures. how she lean on n listening him...n understanding how he is n said sorry sending flower... n he is fall coz detail thing like that...haha n so on... n they repeatedly say “its too early!” Response to the reporter’s make me laughing hard...
  10. Same thought...in preview there is one old man that want to meet WH n ask him why he can dating an artist...i guess that man who save him n close with are YJ’s father... i dont know how Woo hyeon n yoo jung can overcome this matter...it should be a big love for Yoo jung to erase this missunderstanding....Can woo hyeon handle this???
  11. I agree... woo hyeon is a gentleman type who protect someone he really care...hwang jae min already got his gripping on phone..lol yoon yoo jung also curious about his suddenly mood changing...i guess he start to fall for her..
  12. @36807D yeah he is soo lonely...everyone mentioned why he didnt hug yoo jung when she cried...i think he confused to handle such situation....someone who strict in his own but slowly need one yoo jung to fill in his cold heart start from yoo jung miss entered his car...drunk yj entered his house...now entering his heart haha...yoo jung already taken a ‘force’ act to enter his life...unconscious
  13. @sava2sava if her father did that...there is something in future heading our couple...my guess her father did something in fire accident that coz her mother died as to help young woo hyun...both her mother n woo hyun had in same place?? havent watched ep 3...dont know her father already mentioned or not..
  14. @Lmangla i guess sunghoon has a lot risk to announce as her boyfriend...one company to be with are like management’s invention...too good to be true lol.... hmmm when i think again how about some couples in same management that announce in real life back?? Is it true?? Well
  15. Poor sunghoon....failed in last minute lol... and who send the bouquet at yoo jung’s mother grave?? Is there any connection to woo hyeon?? Hmmmm...
  16. i watched several dramas of CJM...my first thought when the news broke...wahh daebak and FINALLY hehehe.. his acting are more manly roles....love alert is my first time seeing him in this sweet kind role lol...glad eun hye has a versatile actor to be her leading male... havent watched ep 3 waiting patiently til ep 4 sub out....watching live made me smiling like fool n screamiing with these two lovely explosive chemistry :)
  17. @Lmangla nah thats something alot peoples dont do it with kdramas now...Haha...too much comparison in each dramas...high standar high expectations...dramas these days are beyond my imaginations lol...
  18. Comical cutiee Yoon Eun Hye are back all...she is soooo hilarous...she dont mind too look ugly at all...jezzz how long we miss her...i super love her acting...when she took hiatus i go around following some dramas n young actress...there is something in her acts that i havent found in others eventough i love their dramas n saw it to the final episode...but they dont make me laugh just like Yeh did hahaha...few episode ahead i believe she gonna crack us more
  19. Some comments in dramabeans were decribed Top Actress with how glamorious their real lifes n how perfect clothes n stuff in daily So Yoon yoo jung’s character less stand out n seem off..perhaps back from some characters top actress before...viewers tend to have just one perspective...yoon eun hye said she delivering it with another view not like same character in other drama.. if u look for some actors actresses’s socialmedia their daily life is like yoon yoo jung...casually. Living a normal life n so on... i havent looking korean actors show his her glamourios life...sometimes they just put mask n no makeup.. n show how humble the life they live in... so the character Yoon yoo jung potraits by YEH is a realistic n most close to real life of An Actress.... i get it now when YEH said it on presscon...this drama wont get us on same perspective again...wow those arent cliche at all...perhaps some of the acts discribing herself too i replayed ep 1 n ep 2 even it had some cliches in some places but i dont feel its something bad just like dramabeans’s recap said...yes its charming...i relieved YEH n CJM show great acting skill ...cant wait for the next episode... from the highlight love alert we will see more cute n comical acts from otp...hopely we can treasure how romantic comedy drama had us back then in early hallyu was made... No too much drama...just two characters falling in love in a very natural way...i guess this drama will show it... ☺️
  20. thanks @Syanzi Ana both YEH n CJM looks good n relax in eachother... i can see why she told that she is working with good peoples now...glad to see her as herself...n she like peanuts more than chocolates n spicy food..
  21. Very agree with @curiousyeh the love seem more realistic n mature...we are forget why we love kdramas first for lol...
  22. Hello fellow neris...finally the character yoon yoo jung little remind me how shin chae kyung find her true heart to prince shin..not demanding but close to him step by step...romantic drama this day seem to forget how realistic two humanbeing being close with n how to grow feelings...not three second n voilla.. i hope u all understand my limited english.. just be happy n enjoy the drama with whatever result... dont mind haters also...its our time all.
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