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♡ BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread [#BBHot100No7 #Dynamite19thWin #BEIsComing]

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It has been a busy week and with me focusing on the Army Dynamite streaming goals, I didn’t have a chance to come here. Been singing all day. It is a lovely surprise to see new fans join the thread he

Tencent Webnovel First BTS Writing Competition in planning!


Dear International ARMYs,
Hello everyone! This is my first time greeting ARMYs from all over the world~
I have exciting news to bring to you! But first, let me introduce myself.
I'm Sunny, I've been an army for 4 years. I started to know BTS from 2013's TV programmes. But at that time, I didn't fall in love with them... Later in 2014, I was surprised to listen to their song I Need You again. It was just gorgeous! After that, Dope, Run, Blood Sweat & Tears, I became a big fan of them.
Now, after graduation, I am a content editor under Tencent's international literature website, Webnovel (www.webnovel.com). You might not know my team, but actually, Webnovel has been online for about 2 years, having attracted over 20 million cumulative visitors! Furthermore, there are nearly 30,000 novels being released on our website.
To me, as a big fan of BTS for 4 years, what surprises me the most is seeing nearly a hundred stories on our website related to BTS! This made me suddenly realize that my job can actually spread BTS to more people and make them love this bunch of forever youths!
We have had recurrent big writing competitions at Webnovel, so I have always considered having a writing competition for Kpop and have pushed for BTS to be the main topic and kicked off our first Kpop-related writing competition. Yes, that's the good news I wanted to share with everyone! Webnovel first BTS writing competition is in the works!
The beginning of the writing competition is set to begin in early May 2019. Since there's only 3 months to the 6th year BTS anniversary from now, I hope that it can start before that and be used as a show of support for them. What do you guys think?
In addition, I know that there are actually a lot of nice stories regarding BTS from all the different countries. But due to a language problem, some stories aren't translated, and even if they are, there might be mistakes in the translation. Due to my previous role at my job, I have more than 200 translators from all around the world, so I'm thinking of hiring some of them to translate these awesome stories and provide them for free to everyone. I wonder if anyone is interested?
Anyway, I will update news on the competition with everyone here. It's my first interaction with international ARMYs, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, especially on how it can bring out BTS' charms to the world, I really welcome you. I believe with my years of work experience and my love for BTS, I will be able to make the writing competition a success! Please support my idea to make it a reality!
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Thank you @Sunnnyyy for the eleboration. I wish more will come forward .The competition does look interesting. 


FYI, there are quite a number of lurkers here too. So please don't be upset if there's no response here. The most active  ARMYs are in the world of Twitter.



Credit to the owner

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For those who are waiting patiently for #PERSONA the day has come, it is 12 April technically where I am.  Only a few more hours before  6 pm KST. Even Hobi is saying "Good morning" and showed us some move:


What is interesting is he got a response from the singer himself.



Credit to the owner


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