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[Drama 2013] Nail Shop Paris / Nail Salon Paris (네일샵 파리스)

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Guest mianie


Title : Nail Salon Paris / Nail Shop Paris

Hangul: 네일샵 파리스

Romanization:  Neilshap Pariseu

Episodes: 10,  60 mins each

Director : Park Soo Cheol

Writer : Sung Min Ji

Channel/ Network :  MBC Queen, 
MBC Drama 

Broadcast Schedule : Fridays, 11 pm KST  (MBC Queen)
                                  Saturdays,  11 pm KST  (MBC Drama)  
Broadcast Date: May 3, 2013, episodes 1 and 2
 (MBC Queen)
                           May 4,  2013,  episodes 1 and 2  (MBC Drama) 
Official Website : http://www.mbcplus.com/program/paris/index.html

Official Twitter :  https://twitter.com/nailshop2013

Synopsis :

A romance drama about the happenings between pretty boys based around a nail shop.


(Credits to the uploaders and also to the people sharing the videos)


*Nail Salon Paris Workers:

Park GyuRi   as  Hong Yeo Joo (25)
She's a fantasy (gumiho related) online /internet novelist/writer. Growing up without a mother, she lived in a countryside with her dad when she was young.
She's very smart,  outspoken and confident  but lacks real life romance/dating experience as she is stuck in her room most of the time with her computer. An issue arises when a case of plagiarism appears. The accusation bruises Yeo Joo's pride and she tries to create a new novel because she doesn't want to be accused again as a copycat and quit as a writer.
One day Yeo Joo sees Alex encountering a dangerous situation like a modern day hero and interested in the hero, she decides to trail him and finds that he's a nail salon specialist. Wanting to write a new novel using him as material ,  she decides to cross dress and get a job at the Nail Salon Paris.  As a guy, her name is Hong Ki Joo and nicknamed as Ba Ni (Bunny).


Song Jae Rim as Kang Jong Hyeok, age 27,  his nickname is  Kei /Kay ( K ).
He's is second eldest of the three nail specialist / artist of Nail Shop Paris. With a masculine image, he has a strong sense of justice and is known to keep a cool visage in front of customers, earning him the title "ice prince". With his strong sense of justice he has a tendency to act before he thinks and this ends up working against him as the situation usually gets worse. This leads to conflicts between him and Alex, who is more thoughtful.
As an artist and art student, he has a sharp eye and is considered the best nail artist in the shop. Originally disliking the idea of having Ba Ni work in the shop due to Ba Ni's 
suspicious behavior and  "his" feminine looks  but  K ends up finding his heart beating at the sight of Ba Ni. "   

Jeon Ji Hoo as Kim Ji Heon, his  nickname is Alex , age 28.

He's the eldest of the three nail specialist / nail artist of Nail Shop Paris.He's  intelligent, sweet guy with handsome looks and a caring personality.  He used to practice traditional medicine but after hurting a patient he gave it up due to his guilt.

In the nail shop, he is like an elder brother and mediates the conflict between others.
He and K have a brother-like relationship and due to their different personalities, they fight at times.
K is more expressive with emotions and Alex is usually calm and reserved, but their relationship is one of mutual acceptance and understanding.

He also watches over Ba Ni/Yeo Joo as she is begins her training and helps her when she makes mistakes due to a clumsy nature. In addition, he praises Ba Ni's sense of color and design.

Met with a misunderstanding surrounding a beautiful woman president, Alex believes he's in love but has never admitted it to her.

(Additional Info (Yeo Joo,K &Alex)   Source : buinn of AKP , Thanks also to @uglypearl who  shared the additional character information to this forum)



Park Sang Hyun (Cheondoong, 23)  - Member of  MBLAQ ;  Acted in drama Padam Padam (JTBC/ 2012)

He plays  Jin , Paris' maknae (youngest) of the  three flower boy nail specialist / nail artist of Nail Shop Paris .
A person full of aegyo (cuteness) and has a very sociable personality.
A very cheerful person also the atmosphere maker in Paris, he is one of the people that receives lots of love.


rowing up without a father, he was brought up by his mother who works as a medium.


. Because he has experienced many things and hardships , he is a very good listener and he also share and gives good opinions. Because of his blood relation with his medium  mother, 



can help his customers with supernatural approaches, however, there are also times he make mistakes.

He is the maknae among all the nail artists, He met Yeo Joo once but didn't recognize her disguise when she came back in the Nail Shop Paris. As the both of them are of similar ages, they  become good friends. He's attracted to Yeo Joo's roommate Ji Soo. He's been pestering the heroine to be friends with Ji Soo and they become a really cute couple.

Additional Info : MBC     

Translated: RisingSilence

Posted: Cαssie-Ann (애니) @ MBLAQ✫OFFICIAL PAGE Facebook  (thanks also to @maea18  who posted about  jin's character information  on this forum )

Other Casts:

Han So Young as Kim Ji Soo, Yeo Joo's best friend and room mate . She's also Jin's love interest (girlfriend). She works as a make-up artist in a broadcasting company.

Byun Woo Min as Woo Min,  the owner of the restaurant  where the leads usually hangout and also the trio's (Alex K and Jin) mentor. He is into occult things (mythical beings, magic, astrology , etc) and he also a tarot card reader,  people asks him about their future.He is a fan of Ba Ni's work /novel and helps her for new novel she's writing.

Kim Chae Yeon as  Geum Mi Ryeo,  the  Nail Shop Paris  president and has a mysterious aura .

Guests / Cameos:

Song Young Gyu as a husband of one of the 
clients  of Nail Shop Paris who has conflicts with his wife (Episode 2)

Ahn So Young as a female shaman and Jin's mother. She helped saving one of the clients of the Nail Shop Paris (Episode 3)

Yoo Ji Woon as Gyu Min , the boyfriend of one of the 
clients  of Nail Shop Paris  (Episode 3)


Lee Seung Yeob  (Member of A-Jax)  as Lee Hyeon Woo, son of Alex's former patient when he was still practicing alternative medicine.  He looks up to Alex.
  (Episode 4)

Yoo Soo In as  Hwi Yeong,  Hyun Woo's girlfriend and working part time for a month at
Nail Shop Paris  (Episode 4)


Gil Eun Hye  as Jeong Mi Hye,  Yeo Joo's  nail art classmate and first customer  who has  "Alexithymia"  (Episode 5)

***Drama and Cast information above will be updated / edited ***


Please follow the soompi rules, I don't have to mention them here. 


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yeah! first!
yes! finally! can't wait for this drama! ♥♥♥♥
i'm looking forward to this! 
yah, yeorobun! 
please don't be just a lurker. be a poster/replier/commenter.
let's put this forum on the first page! 

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Annyeong :)

Thank you for this thread. I definitely gonna watch this drama especially for Song Jae Rim. Like him since The Moon That Embraces The Sun. In TMTETS he was serious 24 hrs no smile at all. So coming to this thread and saw all the pictures here of him smiling is a big treat for me :). Mani gomawo.

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