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[Drama 2013] Sincerity Moves Heaven 지성이면 감천

Guest reijaye

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lauren2b2 said: i just finished this drama on dvd and it really is bad!  at first i thought it was an updated version of 'all about eve'  an earlier drama dealing with rivalry in the broadcast industry.  se young is unbelieavably noble,  ye rin did so many things and she never really got mad!  if i were the adoptive mother,  i would beat her black and blue to make her come to her senses.  there is no real warmth between the biological mom and se young.  also i skipped several epis,  what everhappened to the real mom of ye rin?  if things were happenng to se young  then she should have moved on to a new broadcast company where ye rin will be unable to reach her.. s there were so many scenes of going to one knees and begging forgiveness.so many slapping incidents and they were let go.  in my country a slap is considered a major insult.  i hate the grandmother, the over sexed dad, the stepmother,  yerin's mom the only redeeming  character here,  the only one not over acting.  they're not real people,  they're cartoonish characters.

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Guest LovableS

Sincerity Moves heaven is one of the best dramas in kbs of 2013... Sad ending because of Yerin (Lee Haein) dies of being good woman... This show is same in good drama as You are the best which her bestfriend IU is a lead role... Lee Haein and IU were both good actresses and singers of KPOP....

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